Do you care how your PC looks?

Do you care how your PC looks?

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aestheticbar forgive me...

i care about its air flow, size, components but not the look. its hidden under my damn table where it should be.

Nah I have a 3090 in a $50 case. Looks like dog shit but who cares

I care only that it doesn't take space and is quiet

i'm the only one who looks at it so it could have gay porn and marvel movie stickers on it for all i care as long as it functions

it collects more dust if it's closer to the ground

No, I am not some zoomer streamer that feels the need to show off a tower of components with a bunch of LEDs slapped on it.

poorfag spotted

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It's a black windowless brick full of equally black components except for my ram sticks which are red because that was the cheapest kit at a decent speed when I bought them
(PSU has since then been changed to a be quite pure power 11 700w gold)

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I feel the same way and I got a 3080 in my rig

even If it's true you're just a lazy retard and nothing more, you don't have to be vapid mongoloid to enjoy seeing things looking clean

No, function over form now and always

a little bit, ever since I got a case with a glass side panel.

No. Any case that has a window is cringe.

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what the fuck is this case?
>top mounted vertical power supply
>mobo turned by 90°, IO at the top in the middle of the case
>writing and markings on the case imply its in its intended orientation but 3 out of 4 fans inside pull air from the bottom, one just blowing at the hard drive caddy for no good reason

because it will reflect your face?

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how does not wanting LEDs = i don't want my rig to be clean

hard drives need some love too

I do not. In fact I should dust off the case. I also always get big cases so its easier to swap out parts.

nobody ever said anything about LED


no, also RGB shit is gay

i make great efforts to clean up my cables and have everything as neat and tidy inside as possible only to not have a glass sidepanel on it and putting it under the desk to the left of me.
i plan to build an SFX case some time in the future with custom length self made PSU cables only to not have a window on that either and probably cramming it behind my monitor or something. makes no sense but i just enjoy doing it

>1600W PSU
explain yourself.

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got it with discount

Not if you keep it simple. NZXT h710i with nothing but black and white components is nice.

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I do, I don't want an eyesore blasting RGB lights.

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nice setup gramps, you might want to invest in a better hearing apparatus

Power supply is stash in the back half of the case, 1300 w. Same with the hard drive and ssd's.

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fuck no.
gimme a plain black case with good airflow, no windows, no RGB on any component and a basic backlight for my keyboard.

Also, I wish straight orange leds were more popular, I would go all in on the led meme if I could get everything in orange.

>not chromax black

I have the Torrent Nano case with a 5700g/1080ti with RGB. Works fine.

No. No window and the outside is a black monolith which fits in everywhere. Pic related from when I was cleaning.

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>Torrent Nano
what are you saving space for, collection of dragon dildos?

Cases with side fans no longer exist because of the stupid window trend. I've still got my old antec 300 stored away, maybe I'll give it a fresh coat of paint one of these days.

Typically side fans do very little.

Looks like you didn't peel off the film from south bridge.

I get that for cooling but that case was a lot better than my current one as far as dust. I hate cleaning dust.

I put goofy stickers on my case and don't give a shit about cable management but I keep the desk clean and dust all the time to keep airflow going well

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Proceeds to put lights behind the tv..So all the time you watch the screen, you have to stare at the lights. Lol ok

cute sadako sticker

I was gonna call you a fag but then I saw Ito so you get a pass this time user.

I like Noctua brown.

I do
All my RGB is set to a single color that I change sometimes

looks completely out of place

Yes. Do you often put together things that you are passionate about than act like a slobby fuck is being cool?

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Yes actually. No transparent side panels, no RGB lights.

Only children wast money on LED lights.

Ik. At the same time the pc window faces a wall, so I don't have to look at anything.

I think you need more passion into your pc build.

I could not sit that close to a TV that size. Also do you have the audio on low? seems a bit dumb to have decent speakers and sitting that close to them when turned up.

Oh fuck you're right, I never even noticed there was a peel there. Previous boards only had standard, more basic looking heatsinks so no peel on those

overall it doesn't look great, I assume it's an ampere card, 3070? It probably gets really hot under load

No, but my latest build used a case that was fucking stupidly overdesigned because it made me laugh to look at

It actually stays surprisingly cool. When I was testing out the new resident evil, right after I received the card, I was in the 60 degree range, stable. I haven't overclocked it, though. Also yes, its a 3070.


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CPU coolers in the past had the weirdest shapes

as long as it isn't dusty, fine by me.

muh nigga