Comfy Switch thread

Let's shoot the shit, tendies.
>Currently playing
>getting Switch Sports or nah
>game recs

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also triangle strategy

Okay but, what if Zelda was a horse?

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Zeldahorsebar forgive me...

Eponafags btfo?

>Currently playing
Kirby, I don't know if I like it the music kind of sucks
nothing. The past few years it feels like nintendo is making every decision specifically to spite me
>getting Switch Sports or nah
no lol
>game recs
The only game on this thing that I've liked is mario odyssey. Dragon Quest 3 and 11 are on switch I guess, play those

It's really funny how you keep posting in every thread XD

No user, Switch Sports is unfinished and the new characters looks like mobile game tier shit. I'd recommend sticking to WiiU Sports

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my switch may arrive today :)

You have shit taste, so Nintendo spiting you is based

>xc2 Torna and Splatoon 2
>Strikers, Sunbreak, Splatoon 3, Pokemon Scarlet
>Ace Attorney

>Currently playing
botw 2, xenoblade chronicles 3, maybe the new fire emblem but looks shit so far
>getting Switch Sports or nah
99% no
>game recs
fucking nothing. The switch has been dry for ages but finally we get some interesting shit

Oh and XC3 for anticipating.
God these next couple months are packed.

Splendid! What are you playing first?

>8yo me
>go to friend's house after school'
>spend hours playing wii sports with all the boys from the block
>some of my fondest childhood memories

>old me
>have a switch
>no friends
>no one to play with
>mario kart doesnt bring me as much joy as before because my friend is not sitting next to me
>see switch sports
>realize I will be unhappy if I buy it

is this what growing up is like?

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Probably ring fit since I want to set it up first as I plan to play it daily and then perhaps SSBU. I want to save BOTW for when I have an extended period of free time like a three day weekend

I am at chapter 8 and it finally became marginally interesting. Will be glad wgen it is over

This is only what growing up is like if you stop having friends you can play with.

Where's Lee when you need him

>Currently playing
Rain World. Trying to finish it up so I can return to Triangle Strategy and start 13 Sentinels
Strikers, Splatoon 3. May get XB3, if it isn’t a fucking mess like 2. Some interest in Pokemon, Bayo and AW
>getting Switch Sports or nah
Yeah, demo was very fun
>game recs
Triangle Strategy. It kicks the shit out of FE3H and disillusioned me from the small bit of positivity I had for that game
Miitards are so pathetic

>Currently playing
Just finished 100%ing kirby and the forgotten land, so im now playing ACNH a bit more, unlocking characters in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and I might finish Disgaea 1 during these weeks

Mario Strikers Battle or whatever it's called, also xenoblade 3

>getting Switch Sports or nah

>game recs
Yes, I strongly recommend Astral Chain and Slipstream (this one is an old school racer like Out Run, amazing art style and music).

Life is good, guys

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I finished 13 Sentinels, and 2 playthroughs of Triangle Strategy. Idk what to play next

I've had a Switch for 5 years but I've been sitting on BotW until I play more Zelda games for series context. But it looks like fun, should I just crack it open and go?

Yes, you don't have to play Zelda games in order

>You have shit taste

There are a lot of good Switch games, Kirby and the Forgotten Land has good music, and Dragon Quest is a dull series


I never got the hype for [console] Sports. The original Wii Sports was essentially a tech demo, yet it caught on like crazy. It may be the boomer in me speaking, so idk.

I’m thinking there’s no way in hell that switch sports is going to control as well as the wii version and it’ll be so disjointed because of it that I won’t enjoy it at all.

>Dragon Quest is a dull series
Opinion discarded

Well I apologize for being elderly and not a teen

>Currently playing
Xenoblade 2: Torna
Xenoblade 3, TTNT, Bayo 3, Pokémon Spain, Splatoon 3, Switch Sports
>getting Switch Sports or nah
>game recs
Zelda BoTW.

>liking toriyama shit
Manchildren closet weeb


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>closet weeb
Try again

The “if it looks like shit and was old, it’s sovl” crowd poisons the well for discussion of actual soulful games

>Pokémon Spain
I lost all hope as soon as I saw the leak

Rise was such a massive let down and I already played the shit out of XX on my n3ds so my switch is just collecting dust.

I need a handful of games to last me until october (job overseas), I have already played MHR (waiting for the expansion) and the usual exclusives (botw, odyssey and whatnot)

switch users are literal children lmfao. you need to get out of here while you can

>Currently playing
Been jumping between NEO: TWEWY and Binding of Isaac: Repentance to try and chip through my backlog a bit.
Silksong, BOTW2, my OLED that I ordered
>getting Switch Sports or nah
Undecided, gonna see how impressions are of it.
>game recs
Play Undermine. Very good top-down roguelike that is a top 3 for me.

>Currently playing
Just started RE4 again since i can't for the life of me get it going on my PC. Elton John Ring has taken up all my time since it's come out, so i skipped Kirby.
At the minute, Xenoblade 3. Think I'm even more excited about it than Bayo 3.
>getting Switch Sports or nah
>game recs
Nothing that hasn't been mentioned a million times before.

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Currently playing Disney Classic Games Collection. I rewind scumed, but I actually made it past Can't Wait to be King.

Running about the starting area of Xenoblade Chronicles: DE on Yuzu runs like shit. Drops to 21fps at one point. I wonder if the Switch version runs like that.

>Currently playing
Animal Crossing
Luigi's Mansion 3
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Mario Strikers
Splatoon 3
>getting Switch Sports or nah
In the future, yeah

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>since i can't for the life of me get it going on my PC
>Nintendies are techlets

I mean, every solution there is out there just doesn't work, but if it makes you feel better, sure, even though PC is my main platform.

Tormented Souls
Patiently awaiting Bayo 3
>switch sports
No, I don't play baby games or sports games
Famicom Detective Club
Kowloon Highschool Chronicles
No More Heroes series
Deadly Premonition 1&2
Astral Chain
Monster Hunter Rise
Record of Lodoss War
Call of Juarez Gunslinger
Return of the Obra Dinn
Esp Ra. De. Psi (ton of other awesome shooters as well)
Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary
- Any and all of the game collections
- Pretty much all of the Neo Geo titles available

>currently playing
Nothing at the moment because I’m focusing on job training
>looking forward to
Live A Live. After I finish my job training I’m going to grab it as a reward

When I migrated my data to the new Switch I lost my Miis. I guess I can make new Miis. I didn't have much.

>Currently playing
Dadgum-RonPaul 1, West of Loathing, Burnout Paradise
Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Bayonetta 3
>getting Switch Sports or nah
Probably for multiplayer with my friends
>game recs
Bug Fables, if you haven't already.

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>currently playing
Picross S4, Sega Picross, Crown Trick
Mario Strikers, Xenoblade 3, Advance Wars, maybe Pokemon Violet
>game recs
Picross forever
But some others I'd drop would be Astral Chain for that sweet action + police investigation
I'm waiting on a possible Neo Geo Vol 2, but is the card game really good?

>Currently playing
Atelier Firis
Grim Grimoire and for Neptunia/Senran to go on a sale. Also about to get A hat in time
>getting Switch Sports or nah
>game recs
Ender Lilies

>he named his horse Epona rather than his childhood dog.

>12yo me
>Go to friends house after school
>Spend hours playing mario kart

>Current me
>Kids come home from school
>Spend hours playing mario kart

If only you had procreated...


>he doesn't play MK just for the 200cc cups and time trials
adults dont have friends user its all ruse

No games.

>Currently playing
Just finished GTA:SA. Back to playing Issac and RoR

Unsure, mario strikers looked neat but not £40-50 neat.
>getting Switch Sports or nah

>game recs
Unholy Heights. It's an appartment/tower defense game

growing up you enjoy video games less but I think it's not just that they are worse (objectively they are except for graphics), but that you have so much experience with them and that you are more mature you are unable to connect with inherently childish concepts unless they are well done. I've noticed that games I would have completed in youth I drop 30-70% of the way through because they are not at least a 9/10. I know have along list of things to check before even trying a game: user reviews, good ost, gameplay videos of it online to get a taste. Even then I drop some titles that are great games but the older you get the more you realize how valuable your time is and you want to waste as little as possible

>Currently playing
klonoa 1 on ps1 emulator, LOL

live a live remake

>getting Switch Sports or nah
one of my good friends is going to buy that switch sports so.....

>game recs
part time ufo is really fun, Good purchase for 8 usd or something... Also NEO TWEWY is Really cool