Oh, what is it my apprentice, what has you so mesmerized?

oh, what is it my apprentice, what has you so mesmerized?

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you're cute! cute!

open legs now


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and for our next lesson...

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She’s still like this in my game. What do I do

just keep playing, I guess

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Guidefag that shit cause it will never happen naturally
Even with a fucking guide i had trouble making shit trigger.

Go find the kamehameha spell then talk to her.

Nah, she thinks he's an asshole and freak and he made a fuckdoll that looks like her

I wish i could save her and marry her

Gotta beat Radahn. The guy organising the fest will meet you in the duegeon.

imagine cumming in the mask and her wearing it.

>I want glintstone sorceries that open our minds, unbound by terrestrial taboos. No matter what we give in return. My apprentice.
She wants to be a giant ball of heads

She did until she turned into one and realized it sucked.

So did Renala come back and fuck her up or was it her own fooling about with forbidden magic?

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the latter. Becoming a ball is the end result of glintstone research, the dumbasses don't realize how much it sucks until they're already a ball

why does she wear the mask?

What is this expression trying to convey

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Reminder that Seluvis is a puppet owned by the creepy disheveled little weirdo that sells stuff hidden in the manor

>she looks completely content here
>if you talk to her it sounds like she’s in agony
is this in the game?

could you use one of those soul stones to take her out of the ball and put her back into another body?

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I want to kiss a beautiful girl's feet

Its not the only fem face on the thing.

Of course. But that would mean giving a character an ending that isn't horrifying or depressing.

is it the only one with that glintstone crown or is hers the only female one? I can’t remember

Sorceress Sellen's Sweaty Soles

isn't she a body hopping witch?
bet she was some disgusting hag originally

Your bush-I mean your bush, NO I meant your bush, wait no I meant your bush ah fuck your bush

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Get Comet Azur and then tell her projection about it.

There's a spell in Mt. Gelmir that you need to talk to your teacher about. Then there's a hidden dungeon that you're probably never going to find without a guide because they straight up tell you to go to the wrong place afterwards.

It's probably my least favorite sidequest of the game just by how convoluted the framework of it is.

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I don't understand how this played out at all.
So when you arrive there and Renala isn't there, what does that mean? Did Sellen kill Renala or was Renala just taking a walk? If Sellen became that ball by her own hand then did Renala just stumble upon it as she returned to her room and didn't even pay attention to it?

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so these niggas got all fucked up because of the primal sorceries and she still felt like messing with it would be a good idea?

she was still there, just behind a bookcase

Imagine a route where you put her into the mini Rani doll and at the end when you can summon Rani you can have Sellen take possesion of the actual Rani and start your own magic school in Leyndell.

So, what, did Renala just told Sellen "Yeah, sure, take the academy..." because she knew she would turn into a ball sooner or later?

If you didn't know, Renala kinda smoothbrained that she probably won't react to anything. Sellen probably just pushed her out to the side

Fucking wish we got an 'Age of Primal Sorceries' ending with Sellen.

Renala went crazy due to cucking ages ago. She's not all there.

>no Age of Rot with Millicent wife
Shit game

Imagine coming inside her helmet several times before she has to stand around wearing it all day, haha.

I'd rather cum in her several times in that library while Renala watches

>Seluvis is a puppet
I thought somebody made him drink his own puppet potion.

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I want to sniff Sellen

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When you find Seluvis's body, you can hear Pidia below pleading to the soldier-puppets around him about how HE made them. It seems fairly clear Pidia was behind Seluvis all the time.

I wonder if my apprentice is thinking about me, ooo I'm giddy as a school girl

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Thinking about Sellen all day every day. But don't tell her.

I want Sellen to have hot yuri sex with my character

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