ITT: actually good launch games...

ITT: actually good launch games, instead of "it's mediocre but I will pretend it's good since I have nothing else to play with my new toy"

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you literally posted the definition of "it's mediocre but I will pretend it's good since I have nothing else to play with my new toy"

I spent so many hours online in this game. Busyard bros [email protected]?

resistance 2 co-op was fucking incredible

I'm not going to say it was bad because I played it for like an hour but this is one of the first I think of when it comes to launch titles that were more or less forgotten within a year

I bought a PS3 just for this game like a year into the console's lifespan after playing it at a friend's. No regrets.

The only right answer

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Dead Rising

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Dead Rising is from 2006 though
the 360 debuted in 2005

Isn't this the third game in the franchise you stupid cunt?

and it sucks that there's nothing else like it

>launch game
what the fuck user

Pretty sure HALO 3 launched with the Xbox 360 right?

If so, then that. The 360 was the only console I ever got on launch. Then my dad set it up and played Halo on it while he made me do homework kek.

the only xbox that launched with a halo game was the original xbox lol

Halo 3 was supposed to be a launch title, but it came out slightly after the Xbox 360.

Oblivion was a launch title

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Hmmm well then my memory is fucked. Maybe I got my 360 when Halo 3 came out.

>Oblivion was a launch title
do people itt not know what a launch title is

Halo3 was included in the consoles that sold year two I think.

You got some shitty avengers game and forza if you bought the first white 360. My black one came with ODST

No but you’re retarted, short, and will never have sex lmfao

I'm playing this game currently on an emulator and it's alright. It comes of as the most apex BrownBloom game that it is possible to imagine. Unironically I don't think there is any bright primary colors in the entire game texture library. However the shooting is decent for a console FPS and they give you a generous auto-aim/autostrafe thing if you move sideways while shooting at an enemy, your reticle will track them quite well.

Resistance was always a dreadfully boring series.

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A mediocre Zelda game, but a good game nevertheless. I got it and a Wii on the first day.

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Im sure it would suck if i played it now, but Oddworld: Munchs Oddysee was fucking cool on Xbox. Also this

>first game for the system
>not only great for a launch game, but one of the best games on the system, and regularly brought up as one of the best in the series
How did they do it???

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This one was really good for what it was.
The sequel was fucking horrible though.

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The fuck does that have to do with anything? It seems neither of you know what a launch game is

>slightly after
nigga, 2 years

neither do you wtf

Halo 3 came out 2 years after the 360 launched.

Being a sequel has absolutely nothing to do with being a launch game you fucking retard

It was a launch game for Wii U

I unironically enjoyed the sequel in co-op.

Nevermind, I’m a retard. Special edition of Arkham City launched with Wii U.

>PS3 Release Date: Nov 2006
>Arkham Origins Release Date: Oct 2013
Releasing your game 7 years after a console's launch I think has it fall out of being a launch game contender you actual retarded person.

Ill do you one better.
>Launch title is the greatest game of all time

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Reminder that Capcom are absolutely retarded for not making another one of these in the age of autists and their Smash obsession.

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Good game, bad b8.
Not even the best 3D Zelda, nor Zelda game in general for that matter.

explain yourself you stupid piece of shit i gotta read this.

You made a completely retarded irrelevant comment and I said "neither of you know what a launch title is" which means including the guy who posted the game. Read before you respond and think your posts through, you fucking smoothbrained mong
It wasn't even a PS3 exclusive, holy shit you are retarded beyond words

>Power Stone
>House of the Dead 2
>Sonic Adventure

That's a pretty kino launch

Nigger, that isn't even the best game on the Switch

Payed the trilogy recently out curiosity and because i could find it for less than 10 bucks total at Cex, so here are some of my thoughts:
*1: it actually looks like a game made for the console rather than a slightly upscaled PS2 title, and it even runs smoothly almost all the time; not sure how they did it but it's impressive on a technical level. The presentation is reflective of the time it was made and it does fit the warn-torn UK of the '50s, but it's not super visually pleasing.
*2: much better presentation but the 2-weapons limitation and the regenerating health kill it for me. I also encountered a nasty bug that removes all the voice clips from a level until i reset, not sure how common it is.
*3: easily the best of the series gameplaywise: weapon wheel is back and they even bothered to put the upgrade system from Ratchet & Clank. The presentation i noticed is also slightly more cel-shaded, interestingly. Wasn't a fan of the different protagonist and his very american "i care so much about muh family so relatable af" characterisation.
*as you can imagine, i couldn't play the multiplayer and i'm not a major player for shooters, but i want to specify that overall i had a good time on all three titles; some were better than others is what i want to specify.
*i also enjoyed the overall difficulty, it never felt cheap but more like a puzzle i had to solve.

Ultimately the series is not as bad as i thought it would be, but i'm glad Insomniac did not focus on just this during the PS3 era.

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Actual kino

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user, I...

user, this was a launch game on exactly zero systems. What were you thinking?

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It wasn't a launch title on any fucking console, you unbelievable faggot

not that guy, but what is?

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Holy shit you're retarded

this guy's right and the entire argument can serve as a pretty good IQ test.

How is he retarded??? He's correct. It came out 8 years-ish after the 360 and PS3 came out and a year after the Wii U came out. And it obviously wasn't a PC launch title. So it wasn't released at the launch on any system it was on.
What the hell do you think a 'launch game' is???

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Actually read the full argument or don't I'm not explaining myself again
The absolute state of modern literacy

Super Mario World
Super Mario 64
Soul Calibur
Super Monkey Ball
Castlevania COTM
Tekken Tag

Honestly most systems used to launch with at least one good game.

But you haven't explained yourself, you're just calling people stupid for disagreeing with you.
This is some quality trolling, I admit.

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You're either a troll like the other user suggested. Or actually suffering from high level Chris-chan tier autism, hung up on my saying it was the third game in a franchise rather than specifically stating it was the third game of that franchise to come out in the same console generation. Which if you did have any social intelligence whatsoever, you would have been able to infer as my meaning. And now I've fallen into your fucking autism myself by trying to work out how your stupid brain works.

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