Will she die?

Will she die?

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No but she'll be another oversexualized character to appeal to a common denominator.

I saw your deleted post faggot

the vidya butts?

Is this the new "flabby butt" autist?


What is this illness called?

Is that a new Valkyria Chronicles??

No, but Mio will.

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god I wish.

Nothing wrong with that. Most people like big tits so it should be a no-brainer to add it to your game.

It's clearly a terminal stage of faggotery

That's Ayyylma.

Oh thank god

Only teenagers care that much about breast size.
The older you get the slimmer you like your women.

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Will Eunie get blacked or not?


you mean the gayer you get, the more boyish you like your women

Mio at the moment is the only character with red flags

The first vidyabuttslike

Oh, come on.
>mentor figure
>adult woman
>big tits
Ethel is so dead.

roger roger masterpon

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Can you fuck off already from Xeno threads?

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I beat the first aera of Xenoblade 2 where you escape from that ship. I know Xenoblade 2 is only connected to 1 but right at the end, but does 2 take place in the sky while 1 on the ground?


No, but she might kill me

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No, Xenoblade 1 takes place in a separate universe than Xenoblade 2’s that was created as a direct product of Klaus’ failed experiment.

why are her eyes so far apart?

Both Xenoblade 1 and 2 takes place on tall titans far away from the ground of the planet.

So 2 is the original universe?

>Both Xenoblade 1 and 2 takes place on tall titans
Ah sweet

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Yes, Morytha is the remains of human civilization from before the experiment, and the Guldo are what’s left of the “old humans” who happened to have the core-crystal implant.
The rest of humanity was killed and grinded up into either, or sent elsewhere like Galea, Alvis, and (half of) Klaus.

No, she will be a party member alongside Cammuravi and these two will Interlink together

No, she will join the party and be the most overpowered member

Only in NG+. I hope it's going to be free NG+ and not a part of the inevitable DLC.

Strange, the older I get the more I want to bury my face in some giant tits and the less interested I become in feeling up a ribcage. Are you sure you aren't just a huge fag?

No, you are. Youngest and flatter, the better

You're just a manchild that is missing maternal love. That why you are attracted to"mommies".

She'll fuse with the other red eye dude from Agnus.

>no tits
>no ass
>probably wouldn't settle for someone taller than you so she has to be sub 5 foot
just admit you want to fuck kids

Why does it seem the Xenoblade 1 faction have bigger tits and ass in 3 now than the Xenoblade 2 faction?

What red-flags does Mio have?

If the Xenoblade 2 faction was created/run by Nia they should all have small tits and fat butts

Isn't Nia the butt queen or at least had very wide hips?

Snoy cope lmao


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I'm convinced the snoy cope is real to an extent if only because the previously Playstation exclusive xenogears and xenosaga ended up floundering while xenoblade under Nintendo actually established a solid footing for the perfect works ambition to finally be realized

When tackling a somebody away from a laser, is it better to target the body, or wrap your arms around their neck?
Another question:
Isn't a girl wrapping their arms around a guys neck a sign of sexual attraction?

she will turn into a fog monster and be sent through a rift

Code Vein 2?

God i want to rub her body through the frumpy suit until she can't take it anymore and has to reveal her secret

I don't care just show me her panties.


Go back to retardera. Xenoblade 2 is the best game in the series btw.

It is best to go for the highest point if you are smaller because your force will have more leverage to topple them.
Eunie and taion are not a couple you spamming shitposter. Kill yourself.


No, she'll join the party once they dispell her mind control. She's the seventh party member.

Ethel will:
>hunt you for the whole game
>be encountered multiple times like zeke
>be an unwinnable boss
>be escaped from in cutscenes
>appear unexpectedly after the "final" boss like gort
>still want to kill you
>be beatable this time
>win in the cutscene anyway
>run out of time before she can land the killing blow

you probably jerk off too much and have low test, that's why you want to be protected by a mommy.
normal men want to protect others instead. try to stop fapping for a week and see if you still dont like slimmer women.
or continue down your path and troon out, whatever.

eyes too far apart

>Eunie and taion are not a couple
They literally are though. Cope.

Project your insecurities harder, my dude