Are the bots mostly gone from casual mode?

Is tf2 casual playable now? I'm so fucking tired of highertower and 2fort

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nope, still got the bot issue

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No, bots are still here.

It's all based on luck and time of day.

You can get some amazing matches and only have to kick one or two near the start.

Other times you will see an entire server full of them, repeatedly.

I don't know what the bot creator's goal is.

>getting tired of Skial 24/7 32 player instant respawn 2fort
Might as well just call it quits on the whole game

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play community servers
uncletopia, skial and furry pound are the big ones but there are other one-off vanilla servers that are sometimes populated. learn how to filter tags with the server browser and blacklist shit servers

TF2 is dead for, Deep Rock Galatic is my new boyfriend now

>no a single server that acts like a normal fucking server from pre-MYM with sv_pure1, crits, sprays and no class limits
The game is fucking dead Jim

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adorable and entertaining

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too jiggly

You are entitled to your opinion

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Australium was a bad idea and Sniper being skinny is a retcon.

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me no care
seeing porn on the wall or an anime girl decal on a rocket launcher stops being entertaining after the first 1000 hours. i just want to play the actual game

>me no care
I agree with you on sv_pure but no sprays made me shout NIGGER at my monitor and put the neighborhood into DEFCON 2

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Spy alive numbr one #1 in scoreboard ....fuck the pyro ,..FUCKk ashol pyro no good i spit in the mouth eye of ur class and team. spy aliv and real strong class kill all the pyro farm aminal with cloak magic now we the spy rule .ape of the zoo Gabe Newell fukc the great satan and lay egg this egg hatch and pyro wa;s born. stupid baby form the eggn give bak our fun we will crush u lik a skull of pig. spy greattst class

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part of the reason why i dont care about sprays being disabled is that there will always be the objector, which is basically sprays that you can force people to look at via the killcam

people who play this game are mentally ill

I do agree but also NIGGER!!!! NIGGER!!!! AAAHHHH

change your ingame name to "nick ger" so you can hear other people say it

Post the image on your favourite Conscientious Objector

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sauce me nigga

Mannconomy killed TF2.

CS:GO is what really did that, it keeps Valve's attention almost 24/7 to the point of hawking anybody that might want to work on TF2

Play uncletopia
>bbbubut twannies!!!
Learn to accept you lost the culture war and grow up retard

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>*blacklists* fempyro

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I refuse to play on those servers purely because I think Uncle Dane is an autist

We got to get around to making it.

Uncletopia is fine. I've been enjoying them a lot more since they implemented the KotH/5CP dedicated servers.

We can at least narrow it to four possibilities:
>because they can and want to simply grief
>elaborate scheme to get everyone onto community servers/dane poaching the community for his servers
>elaborate scheme to get valve off their ass to fix or update the game
>to kill the game
Really feeling the first one desu but who knows

No, and its amazing Valve didn't sue this faggot into oblivion for essentially causing it

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you can look up the interview with one of the bot runners


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CS:GO is still popular? That game became tired well back in 2015 or 2016 and even then has one of the most cancerous communities so I'm suprised it even lasted that long

proof that no matter how much you lift you can't hide that you're a nerd

why the fuck are people still paying for bots
like what is even the endgoal

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what drives people to make the exact same posts here, day in and day out?

just need to neckmaxx and jawmaxx dude

Remember that server where they reverted TF2 back through each update? I'm trying to find out who made that plugin so I could try and get it working myself.

and there ain't anything wrong with that

Still the most popular game on Steam. Hey, if TF2 survived for the better part of 20 years

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Uncletopia has got gay fucking server settings.

Didn't read a single word.
PyGOD the GODro.

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>say one meany word and get permabanned
naw nigga that shit's gay

Quick Rundown?

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The offensive pictures people put on the conscientious objector remain one of the most incredible aspects of the game to me. It's an incredible bit of free speech in the world, and to see it remain untouched for so long gives me hope.

It's somehow balanced by not being too visible. It's not easy to see what someone has, and you can kill them if they're on the other team to stop them from waving it. It's a good bit of unique personalization to the game.

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Rarely get bots in games and they get kicked almost instantly every time.

Source? Can't seem to find it.

You would have been correct some years ago however valve have been killing CS:GO as well over the years and only caring about DOTA 2.

>shit server settings
>still thinks i want to play on it

you'll find it

I will never understand how i don't have access to gelbooru but i do have access to this.