Is there still a reason to play Genshin Impact besides being a coomer user?

Is there still a reason to play Genshin Impact besides being a coomer user?

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There is no reason to play at all because fanart is way better anyway.

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You posted it

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Cunny and exploration

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if you're too poor for zelda, just make sure you don't end up even poorer

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Not really, unless you enjoy really mediocre gameplay

god i fucking HATE mona

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I only play to watch Mona/Shenhe kill shit and strike poses. Skip past all the story.

Why, user?

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fpbp, all the good parts of genshin are free

Then don't fuck mona, simple as

why would yo do that?

The game will die unless they start giving Klee new outfits.

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Not even worth it for coomer shit because China keeps censoring everything.

We're in the doujin window right now. The time after coomers paypigging the real game and before the existence of modded private servers ("coomer's paradise")

she's just stupid!

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She knows how to get the attention she wants with her outfit alone, that must require some thinking

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Just follow artists and fap to the latest art.
The game is ass.

and that's the ONLY thing she knows

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There's nothing wrong with only doing one thing so long as you're the best at it

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imagine being the best at being a SLUT

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That doesn't sound like such a bad thing

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It always looked so bland and the character switching was gay as fuck. Kinda glad I never got into it.

Feels good that I can enjoy the best part of Genshin Impact, the sexy girls, without ever even downloading it.

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jacking off rn

that's what a slut would say

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Have fun, user!

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Is it? I'm just saying, hypothetically, getting that much attention must have its perks

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if you consider being covered in cum a perk

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I would, yes

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about to cover my desk in cum

I'm afraid you need correction

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Sounds fun.

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Sounds scary..

Try not to ruin your keyboard or anything, okay?

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don't worry, you'll be corrected in no time
if you don't, there's no saving it

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Alright, if that's what you think is best..

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Exploration is fun but I quit doing that cause they put too much dialogue and no skip button. I also like to know the lore/story but it's so fucking boring and saturated with boring, unnecessary text so I think I'm just gonna quit. I swear not germany was nowhere this bad. Fuck I'll take not china's amount of dialogue before the not japan update.

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of course it is, we can't allow sluts going around disturbing the peace, specially boysluts like you

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I don't see how that's disturbing the peace, if anything it's enhancing it by making anons happy!

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you ARE disturbing the peace. i should be playing videogames now, but you're keeping me here, also look at all the keyboards you ruined in this thread

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Oh, sorry user.. I didn't realize

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now to make up for it, you should have your mouth wide open, so I can make you feel what the keyboards you ruined felt

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Of course, I should take responsibility!

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there you go! now i better not catch you being a slut again or we're gonna have to do this all over again! now if you excuse me, i have to uuh... go wash the dishes

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Having low iq and/or shit taste in vidya

Thank you for letting me off the hook!

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That was nice to read.

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What is with all these Monas

That but i really love they start to give us more coomer content soon!

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How does Mona go to the bathroom quickly when she’s in that outfit?

I always miss the sluts in these

This, I WISH it was half as lewd as some of the fan art. The power of coom can't keep me in a game for long but it's a start.

Can I get some real answers on this

Did all the CENSORED designs that fit posted everywhere actually come to Global?

Poor, late user...

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I enjoy fighting the common mobs in the world. Sadly that enjoyment dissapears as soon as I start farming domains.

>start playing genshin for mona
>make a point to hang back on the story until i get her because i want to experience it all with her on my team
>she gets censored before i even get her

I'm still here, if you're referring to me!

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I know... I never get teased..

I'm just referring to sluts in general in these threads that tease anons..

I see, I'm not a fan of teasing to be honest. I don't see the point when I could just be upfront

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How sad... Everyone deserves to have some fun here.

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Upfront with what?..

Helping anons relieve themselves, of course!

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Thanks... Maybe eventually a slut will come and tease me in one of these

You sound like you really need that.

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Be upfront about that with me!

I do...

>grindy, micro transaction, botw for coomers

Sadly I can't stick around much longer.. I wish I could though! Maybe if the thread's still up once I'm back

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I bet all these pics make you really happy.

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I understand, if we are both still around by then I would still love it!

They really do!
Being surrounded by Mona really makes me squirm!

Maybe i'll post few more then.

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Please do! It feels nice being posted at with Mona!