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Post or ask for lists of good vidya

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>always start with the best game
why do you faggots keep doing this, it's the absolute worst way to get into a series

Image was made by a mongoloid. Game Boy Dream Land and NES Kirby's Adventure are both superior to their remakes.

it is what it is if you don't like it post your own or just fuck off

SS Ultra has a ton of variety so it works as a way to test what kind of Kirby game you want. Also PR & FL have surpassed it.


says a newfag

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Dream Land 1 has no direct standalone remake. A couple games recreate it within them like Super Star, and there's a reimagining in Blowout Blast, but no strict remake. The game is so short that you couldn't sell one on its own.

The version you posted is out of date, and I think even the most recent is too since it's pre-Forgotten Land

If they used Forgotten Land's engine to remake Dream Land 1 in 3D for the 30th anniversary and sold it for like $5, I'd buy it.

>for like $5
for a Nintendo game? no way, they would charge at least 40$

HAL is a little better with these things. The expanded sub-games on 3DS were $7 and Fighters 2 was $20. But yeah $5 is too low even for them, it'd cost $10-15 (but have an EX Mode and an Arena to add value).

as someone who liked great cave offensive - i didn't like the amazing mirror all that much. the one attack abilities killed it for me - and the world map is way too open.
the great cave offensive is much more linear and puzzle focused - utilizing all the different attacks you get from each ability and the partner you can create from them. this kind of style of gameplay is basically just every kirby game from return to dreamland onwards.

also i think there's enough meaningful difference between the original kirby's dreamland and the super star version of it. the original is not designed around having copy abilities and it shows.

>is there a chart you'd like to see but it hasn't been made yet?
Any recommendation charts for games where you can play as nazis?

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Request the image you want by posting its number.

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all of them ironically

unironically i mean

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DL is only superior to NiDL in the screen size and art direction.

306, 346

play world at war zombies, embrace mods, enjoy life


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Games for this feel?

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arigato, amigo-san

Hit me with that 139 and 140, master.

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this one is better

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Can't you just upload the whole thing somewhere? anonfiles dot com should work.




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I really wanted to like ultra but something about the way the controls felt ruined it for me. Kirby felt too light. Kirby in the SNES origibal felt more satisfying to control and felt like he had weight behind him.

if they did it would mean we could download all of them easily, but it would also mean the thread would die sooner, giving fewer people the opportunity to see these things. so acting like a query-bot rather than just uploading does have some advantage as it forces organic interest to generate bumps.

Here's a version that's less out of date

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99 101 139 140 209 299 487 581

116 and 129 pour favor


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How would you connect Forgotten Land to this chart?
I was thinking near RtDL but I'm not sure what's the connection beyond "I liked searching for gears".


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For _139_ & _140_ see

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Some poor choices there, user

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Phonebrowsing so can't see shit. Anything with tactical rpgs?

Pretty bad picks overall. I'm very disappointed in you.

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357 361


_116_ is too large to post, follow the link

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444, 445 for me thnx
skimming spies nothing, look at for a decent chunk of DS tacticals



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351, 352, 414 and 415 thanks


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Dreamcast recs games

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>AW 1+2


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fifth gen cartoons vidya

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And will spoil the rest of the games experience, starting with the most complete version will make the others way more boring in comparison, instead of the normal step by step progression.
But if you don't have time just play the best version, better than nothing at all.


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