We wuz legends of tha apex n shiet

we wuz legends of tha apex n shiet

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Trailer was okay, glad respawn knows most mirage mains are shit

How to they go through life with lips that look like that?

by sucking whitey's d**k

Who cares about this dead game?
The game has been diverse since launch too marketing faggot shill.

More like ape x legends

Japanese women love this game



are niggers okay with having gigantic lips like that?
i'd fucking hate that

dick suckin lips ass nigga

They unironically dont have a sense of self

>dead game
>Fifth most played game on steam
Here's your copium canister user

buff magie
2 drills
shotgun capacity up
wrecking ball hit should do 100 damage

>battle royale game
Into the trash it goes
>b-but control
They keep removing it so there's no point investing time into it. Abilities are cringe and people are stacking as well.

>Apex Legends
>Rarted T
>Adds tons of LGBT shit
Does the Don't Say Gay bill affect rated T games too?

Japanese women


Japanese women do

Loba is the only thing this game will be remembered for

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old news he was leaked months ago

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ape legends

I wanna plus Uplink

And she was ruined by making her a lesbian.

we did it bros

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oh Apex you're cute when you pretend to have a story

Oh shit we're in

actual DSL (Dick Sucking Lips)

I played this in a while
He looks like Mirage and Robocop fused together

isn't loba bisexual so maybe valkyrie can fuck off from the game

But can allies shoot while getting dragged? Otherwise there is really no point

>Japanese women do
when will yellow fever fags learn?

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would be better if his lower mouth was covered.

Looks like Tessa Thompson

honestly it could use be useful if you get snipped or have a caustic so you can stay alive inside a small room more better


You sound jealous

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She's clearly bisexual


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LOL at the screenshot!

Most don't have lips that big.
Funnily enough, most of the time they're only a little bigger than white lips

>dead game
Why do people insist on lying? It doesn't make you look cool, or prove your point. But you're probably a piece of shit off the screen as well.

Seems like every new character is either
or a combinaction of two or three of these, huh talk about real diversity

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If they could take out useless legends like maggie seer and rampart then this game would be better

and by whitey's d**k i mean fuck their hot women of course

umm sweaty, wipepo can't be diverse, okay??

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Most white women look like bulldogs, so I fail to see your point. There are exceptions to every rule, minus you being a fsggot. You'll always have that going for you at least.

>cause an outcry
>leave your job
i dont get why they dont force niggers to fire them

Then he desperately needs to get help before he hurts himself or someone else. It's really not hard to talk to someone about your problems.

reminder if you dont play
youre not allowed to post here

>playing nigger games in the first place

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its the best fps available

>everyone having a good time drinking and acting chummy with one another
>start murdering each other not even 30 seconds later
Did they ever explain that?

>playing nigger games in the first place
Maybe I'll take that seriously when Yea Forums drops Blizztroon games.

>I'm not racist when I'm horny

its wwe with guns, everythings kayfabe

Why is there no diversity in that Black Panther movie? It feels heavily biased towards niggers.

this place is so painfully underage

God damn look at those DSLs

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I sometimes wish I could have enjoyed this game a bit more but I just can't get into most BRs. I miss spamming revenant's huge sniff voice line.

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i want battle royale games to end so badly
i hate the genre and there are no other popular fps to play

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>underage for not playing a battle royale that's barely over a year old
fuck off

>not liking fotm zoomer twitchbait is "underage"
you're trying too hard



>CoD is shit
>BF is shit
>CSGO is shit
>TF2 is a shell of the past
I think the age of good FPS games is dead user
Every game is going to be the BR bullshit and if it isn't it's going to be pumped full of SBMM and algorithms to manipulate matches and players

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I pray to God everyday it does, or one bill does at some point, hopefully soon

The game is 3 years old. Not even gonna reply to the other kid. Lmao.

Me too, but this shit doesn't seem like it's slowing down anytime soon. I just gave up on AAA shooters entirely by now honestly.

>is sane
>kicked out

How will thinlips compete?

I actually have ho idea what apex legends is despite how apparently popular it is. Its just Fortnite or what?

I want to DP the ex apple diversity chief

Just another battle royale.

>Loba is gay
When was this


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The minute I saw the thumbnail on YT I was absolutely certain that a thread like this one existed on Yea Forums. So I came here to check and whaddayaknow

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No idea. Stupid choice too.
What is a girl gonna do with all that ass? Spread it and look at it?

Honest question: why? BR's are just way more fun than normal multiplayer shooters, to the point most would find very hard to go back

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what a based bill desu

br in titanfalls universe. guns arent hitscan like titanfall so it filters babs

I don’t know

people still enjoy skill based fps, BR thrive on randomness

>wander around for 30 minutes
>camp in a corner for 10 minutes
>lose to someone that got lucky with RNG and got better gear and weapons

How to tell you never got gud at BR games in one post

Except it barely has any lore related to Titanfall and the Apex writers constantly shit on it. The 2 main writers "left" Respawn. Only one left.

This is a monumentally stupid post, and it's a phone screencap on top of it.
If anything, BR games feel like a waste of time. And this is from someone who loves Apex.
How the FUCK can action feel pointless when it's the main game? There's no downtime. It's aim 24/7.
You don't loot, you spawn with a gun. I don't even play arena FPS, this apply to Counter Strike as well.
Yes, you wait a minute on death, but you spawn knowing there's action near. It's a shooter. You can literally go 10mins without seeing action in Apex. You can drop and not see a gun you want to use or practice with.
How the FUCK can you feel like a game where you spawn and fight is pointless?
It has to be bait. Nobody can genuinely feel this way.
I'm mad I even typed this post.

>thinking a M rating will affect it in any way

>just be luckier, bro :)

>no retort
if you just want to bait and get (you)s /pol/ is an easier place to do so
just be prepared to be called a kike a lot