Elden ring lore thread

Elden ring lore thread.

Explain the Destined Death timeline Edition

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OP is a superqueer edition

Have you finally stopped pushing the Elden Ring is just legal laws thing now then?

the erdtree's blessings of grace are directed by marika, see erdtree's favor talisman and albinauric bloodclot and

[100041000] Very well. In Marika's own words.
[100041010] My Lord, and thy warriors. I divest each of thee of thy grace.
[100041020] With thine eyes dimmed, ye will be driven from the Lands Between.
[100041030] Ye will wage war in a land afar, where ye will live, and die.
[100044010] Then, after thy death, I will give back what I once claimed.
[100044020] Return to the Lands Between, wage war, and brandish the Elden Ring.
[100044030] Grow strong in the face of death. Warriors of my lord. Lord Godfrey.

yes, she obviously took grace away from godfry so that he could die, that was literally her plan. she said grow strong in the face of death, then i will give grace back to revive you so you can return and and take the throne (also for the tarnished, same deal, they were with godfry)

don't be dishonest
it's legal laws + influence on marika/erdtree + a very powerful artifact

people get hung up on the laws part cuz they want the "laws" to edit the fucking universe like Matrix source code

Sad dumb fucking retard.

+ a weird summon flies spell incase you pick Fia ending

The Rune of Death goes by two names; the other is Destined Death.
The forbidden shadow, plucked from the Golden Order upon its creation...
Unleashing the rune now would be unthinkable...

Headcanon general, yay

Is the lord of the Shaded Castle lending part of his castle to his crush's forces?

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maybe the halig knight is there looking for a prosthesis

>plucked from the Golden Order

Do you want to know why this line doesn't make any sense?

I mean, maybe it makes sense if you are translator just looking at a spreadsheet of lines to translate in a weird fantasy game. But to anyone that knows the games lore, this line makes no sense. How do you pluck out a rune of the Golden Order? The GO is not the ER. Also if you know the timeline in the OP, you'll now that Maliketh "plucked" the Rune of Death from the GEQ.

Here's the big reveal:

>"A shadow taken and sealed away at the beginning of the Golden Order."

Discussing the lore of this game in English is almost impossible at this point

looks like it says about the same thing to me

That's like saying these two lines are the same:
>Al Capone was taken and imprisoned on the same day that the aliens invaded.
>Al Capone was plucked from the aliens and imprisoned on the day of the invasion.

I would say it’s more like the difference between
>the heretical texts were plucked from christianity upon its creation
>the heretical texts were taken and sealed away at the beginning of christianity

I mean

they are

taken and imprisoned, same day

plucked and imprisoned, same day

the rune of death was taken from the GO at the beginning

the rune of death was plucked from the GO.

none of these are contradictory in any sense

you only get added context in terms of WHEN it was taken, but that can be inferred from other item descriptions too.

>muh mistranslations
Man, it is so annoying that this shit gets in the way of putting everything together.
Does anyone know what the Japanese fans make of the story, or if they care at all?

Why were all of the Black Knives women and why were all of these women specifically stated to be Numen, same race as Marika, as well as being called "scions" of Nox. Scion basically means a "noble" heir or successor indicating that the Nox were the first great human civilization in the Lands Between and the Black Knives as Numen are their descendants yet the game also explicitly states the Numen are NOT from the Lands Between.

How does this make sense?

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they play in english like everyone else
the only people who give a fuck about this kind of thing are insufferable lorefags

>yet the game also explicitly states the Numen are NOT from the Lands Between.
>The face of the Numen, supposed descendants of denizens of another world. Long-lived but seldom born

>indicating that the Nox were the first great human civilization in the Lands Between
There’s nothing that indicates they were the first, unless you’ve seen something I haven’t, just that they were before the GO.

>GEQ did not take DD from the Elden Ring
This assumes the Elden Ring begins in Marika and has no prior history, which is clearly wrong. ER starts out as the Elden Beast and "later becomes" the ER, which implies a transition period before it winds up inside Marika. There's clearly room for different people to try and claim their pieces of the Elden Beast in the manner of hollows claiming souls from the first flame. The history of Marika defeating other potential rulers who held different powers sounds a lot like a unification struggle which ended with Marika becoming the vessel. We also have differing images of the Elden Ring showing more runes than are currently shown, implying the contents of the ER has been modified over time.

The main takeaway from your image is that "The Golden Order" implies a particular form of the Elden Ring, created later by Marika which doesn't include death, and is not the original or complete set of rules.

Elden Ring Lore threads - where the most autistic loremongers vie for who can put the most retarded image in the OP

see below

you are completely ignoring the most important word.


(heh, pun not intended).

Saying "The ice cream I ate was dispensed." and "The ice cream I ate was dispensed from someone's asshole." are two very different things.

In the original Japanese it doesn't say who or what it was "taken" from.

In the English the TRANSlator decided to just make it up and specify that it was taken from the "Golden Order" even though that is NOT what it says and does NOT make sense from a lore point of view

Why do you think the Nox aren't the oldest human civilization? The Sellians and Linurnians both learned magic from the Nox, worship of stars and the moon seemed to stem from the Nox's belief in their God, "The Lord of Night" which is probably why astrology was the most prevalent religion in the Lands Between/world BEFORE the Erdtree worship happened. At least in my eyes, it seems like they came first and their magic and religion of the stars trickled down to other less advanced humans like the Linurnians/Carians and the Sellians.

Also remember that Caria and Lyendell both came well AFTER the Nox had been destroyed/banished underground by the Greater Will for the calamity of accidentally summoing the Astel and Malformed Stars to the world.

>is not the original or complete set of rules.
not OP here but yes, there is no “complete” Elden Ring it is malleable and could exist with many different configurations of Runes

>i wrote text on an image therefore i am right

This is my personal favorite blog about it.


A lot of them tend to get pretty head-canony and make wild ideas based on like the color of a gem or something, but this one is quite grounded

>Why do you think the Nox aren't the oldest human civilization?
Because there’s no ingame proof
The beastmen of the dragon civilization also existed a long time ago, for example, and who knows what else

Is there any lore explanation for why fire giant dies as soon as its phase 2 starts? Happened to me last night.

If your claim is that DD was part of the Elden Ring at some point then it necessarily was NOT removed by Marika, it was removed in some earlier conflict.

So people claiming that Marika "Removed DD from the ER and sealed it away in order to do X" are just wrong. She took DD from the GEQ

his god denied his sacrifice

>The beastmen
That isn't a race. We only know of the dragonmen, who seemed to be born between the dragon worshipers (humans) and dragons taking on human forms; story even directly says this was a religion and cult tolerated by the GO, not that it was a civilization.

Every living thing in the world is made of silver. In the beginning all life was melted down as silver and mixed together within the crucible. The three fingers is the deific embodiment of the primordial crucible, that revives the crucible and returns the world to silver in the flame of frenzy ending

The flame of frenzy is what is depicted in the crucible armor.

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>The main takeaway from your image is that "The Golden Order" implies a particular form of the Elden Ring, created later by Marika which doesn't include death, and is not the original or complete set of rules.

Agreed, but only with the update from Additionally, if the Elden Ring was dissembled as compared from its form with the Dragons, it also follows that restoring it would have been a priority for the Two Fingers, so pushing the wars against other pre-GO shardbearers makes sense.
The GEQ could have had that death section, and when Marika retreived it and incorporated it into the Ring she realized what that power meant, and could start the Golden Order and the reign of Marika the Eternal by forcing a power play against the Two Fingers.

OP's insistence that Marika couldn't have been the host when she fought against GEQ isn't supported by lore, its all headcanon this far out.

>does NOT make sense from a lore point of view
Why not though? The Golden Order is the religion founded by Marika, which is why I used christianity in my example, and I think it’s a good comparison to what we’re talking about here. They’re slightly different wordings that get the same idea across

>Curved greatsword of colossal size forged of dull iron and wielded by the beastmen of Farum Azula.
>The blade is incredibly heavy, but well-balanced. Comparatively easy to wield for the damage it delivers. It's clear the beastmen possess knowledge beyond human ken.
Don’t say “we” when you mean “I”

The Flame of Frenzy is an evil entity solely focuses on ending all life. It will make any lies needed to ensure it reaches this goal.
Its the only ending forced on you, if you meet the Three Fingers
Its the only ending that forces you to pick it.
You can't back out unless you jump through many hoops to get the Needle, and even then the Needle itself is Frenzied Flame propaganda to trick you into thinking you can seal it within yourself, when its just a temporary solution.

Its not connected to the crucible or anything else. All the descriptions of the Frenzied Flame come from its followers, or from Melina. And Melina has nothing good to say about it.

Beastmen ! = dragonmen

>The flame of frenzy is what is depicted in the crucible armor.

I like this theory.

Crucible is also highly associated with Chaos and strength


So we know from this text:
>The five fingers are symbolic of the intelligence that was once given to the beasts.

Five fingers... So beasts gradually acquired intelligence in the process of deriving life from the crucible, and that the two and three fingers were still one entity (= five fingers) at that time.

The 3 fingers wants all life to return to being "One" again.

That "One" thing was likely the crucible. That was when 2 and 3 fingers were a single one thing, 5 fingers. The three fingers, however, believe that the birth of life from the crucible resulted in despair, suffering, and curses, and therefore state that it is necessary to bring everything back together.

3 fingers was the chaos side of things, 2 fingers was the order side of things. If you look, it even looks like the 3 fingers has a thumb and the two missing fingers from the 2 finger creature.

There was also the war of the giants, which was a war between the giants and the 2 fingers. Meaning that either 3 fingers was controlling the giants or was at least their ally. It could have very well been the thing that gave the giants the power of fire (since they seem to have powerful fire of their own, and when you do the frenzy flame ending you use the "giant's fire" to burn down the Erdtree)

>Why not though?
Because of DD's timeline, see the OP image

It’s a bug introduced in the recent update


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This is a disagreement over the interpretation of english vs japanese, both of which place the timing of Death being sealed at the beginning of the GO, so I don’t think a timeline has anything to do with it.

what the fuck is a geq

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Gloam Eye Queen, leader of the godslayer apostles

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Need it to make water.

Gurranq Eating Queers (like OP)

that reminds me of the description of the finger slaying blade, it has a quick line about it not being able to be used by those 'without a fate'.

The hidden treasure of the Eternal City of Nokron; a blade said to have been born of a corpse.

This blood-drenched fetish is proof of the high treason committed by the Eternal City and symbolizes its downfall.

Cannot be wielded by those without a fate, but is said to be able to harm the Greater Will and its vassals.

The timeline does have to do with it. The timeline in the OP is basically proof that Marika didn't remove the RoD from the ER. Sure Maliketh may have been the one to seal it away, but from what the text says he took it from GEQ. So people saying he (or marika) took it from the ER are just wrong

1. this is not part of the game
2. there are lines in the game that aren't even canon (cut content)
3. miyazaki made both the cut content and this interview, it doesn't mean either are part of the game
4. anything not part of the game is not canon
5. on top of that, a lot of the confusion surrounding this is a mistranslation and your post is clearly a screenshot of a bad translation, they didn't even get destined death's name right

That’s not what we’re talking about at all, we’re discussing trannylations, please don’t intrude on our trannylation talk

>The timeline in the OP is basically proof that Marika didn't remove the RoD from the ER.
>The demigods are immortal because of the removal of fate's death from the Elden Ring.

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Holy fucking cope.

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see The english that says it was taken from the GO is wrong, that line doesn't specify what it was taken from. So what do we do when that information is lacking? We search elsewhere. That elsewhere is the item descriptions in the OP

You do realize the usage of "keen" doesn't mean anything about civilization right? It just means a talent or skill.

you retards realize this interview doesn't even say marika removed it right?

im just here to laugh at you bro

That begs the question, what exactly is a “fate”? Astrologers and other magic-associated people are said to have read their fate in the stars, while the Golden Order’s version of fate seems to be more imposed by the power structure.

t. (you)

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So who are Marika's and Maliketh's parents?

I think the Destined Death/Death Rune being sealed was therefore Marika ensuring biological/functional immortality for gods and demigods. The ancient dragons were said to be from "outside" of time and immortal but they still died even without the Destined Death/Death Rune empowered people killing them.
Malekith isn't Marika's brother.

I burned the Erdtree before the Leyndell sewers, Haligtree, Consecrated Snowfields.
How badly did I fuck up?

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yea it seems to be an element that was probably discussed more than it was laid out in the story, maybe more things reference it that i'm missing? i usually just go by things i see as opposed to scouring for every little reference
it seems to me like these demigods are bound to fate, Marika maybe less? 'Destined' death takes a greater context when viewed through that lens as well, but I don't really want to start ranting about the jist of things.

>Malekith isn't Marika's brother.
Isn't he her half-brother?

Fate from the stars is also imposed via power.
Radahn literally stopped the stars so that fate couldn't affect him and the Carians anymore

>[216050010] So Ranni's fate is kept in stasis by Starscourge Radahn...

>The mightiest hero of the demigods confronted the falling stars alone—and thus did he crush them, his conquest sealing the very fate of the stars.

>[224050040] With the stars of fate set into motion, a certain sorceress is dispossessed of her immortality...

You mean “ken”? I was merely pointing out that the beastmen are in fact a race, contrary to the earlier claim (by you?)
>>The beastmen
>That isn't a race.

Then I am tripping just like that user is, I could swear there was an item that says he is her half-brother.

He was created by the Greater Will.