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>took the "effort" to Limit Fusion Destiny even though he's not out
Good news: they care a little about the state of the game
Bad news: this banlist did jackshit so every new banlist will do shit either
Extremely bad news: if they took the effort to limit cards based on the future it means we won't get a banlist for another 3 months

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Ban everything
Free nothing

I just collect the physical cards.

no do the opposite :)

I'm considering taking out malicious for celestial and denier please stop me.

but I've barely had time to acclimatise to the last new cancer we got

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Explain to me how hurting a decks consistency won't make it noticeably worse in a Bo1 format

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Free nothing
Ban everything

>introduce this thing into the game
>then synchro event

what were they thinking?

I had 3.4k gems saved up. got so bored just blew em making shitty decks. whens the next event happening? its Fusion next right? how much gems could I get to by the time Burst of Destiny comes out assuming im a good little boy and start saving from this day forward? probably like 6k at least right?

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that it would boost sales of the new pack
and they were right

same is gonna happen with DPE and a fusion event

> we won't get a banlist for another 3 months
So you want a fucking retarded pace of banlists like once a month? It sounds more like you’re a reactionary manchild demanding a card be banned the instant it’s marginally inconvenient.

Other cards from bode might be coming as well right? Can't wait for gunkan and penguin supports. and also swordsoul

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Why is he taking public transport when he can fly?

Since Demise is okay for stunkeks to use, might as well give combochads this card back

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Im hoping for some zombie support desu

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>Got a baronne while rolling for another deck
Is it possible for me to sneak this guy into my ignister deck
It's the only deck i use that has SYNCHRO SHOUKAN


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unironically the most soulfull and skillful card ever released. So many options:
>d hero choice (you cal always experiment with other d heroes if you dislike dasher or celestial)
>do you even make verte or hope you draw one of 3 d hero fusions (in tcg before semi limit)
>do you run scythe
>More counters than dragoon

More room for handtraps or even a going second card like a Kaiju or Droplet (before you consider other ways to continue your combo line instead of flowcharting) and only three decks that were hit to replace more than one card. If these decks were less consistent to begin with it might do something, but a lot of these are extenders anyway like Laolao, Analyzer, Torn Scales. Fraktall is like the only combo starter besides Adamanceptors hitting Rocksies less often. And they can fit in more shit like the Koaki Meiru Rock Stun boys to stop you from interrupting them and likely still keep playing afterwards.

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A.I. Meet You locks you into Cyberse monsters so no

>the banlist doesn't even mention knightmares, orcust or Ib

fusion event when

I quit the game in the latterr half of the pendulum format.

I started playing again when master duel came out. 100% F2P

Thoughts on my decks? :)

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>noo I don't want to adapt! my crutch!
nigger you already playing a bo1 game where eldlich stomps

>can be stopped by War Rock
I'm supposed to be impressed?

Use the red cases for WIP decks, use the Monarchs case for competitive decks, use the Oblivion case for “No fun allowed” decks, use synchro case for pet decks, and use the Gem-Knight case as a list cards to craft.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Remove excalibur and replace it THE LIGHTNING BABY

Based advice

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4k a months from daily + rank up

Better yet, remove mst and excalibur, replace then with double or nothing and utopia double

I got the little guy and I can't cope any more, literally just want to fuck trannies in life and I got handed fucking lemons.

Maybe, this is all speculation based on the banlist and the way they've been organising content

You need license to fly in a city.

kys bugman

It's so funny seeing my opponent pull off Nibiru but then have no out so they just surrender.

So what are my options for Light Machines outside of Cyber Dragons? Is Gradius viable as a pure light machines deck?

hand traps ruined this game for me. Cards shouldn't be so fucking broken that we need hand traps.

what's going to happen to that eldlich player that fully blinged out his deck? Will konami give him a refund?

Imagine running this much floodgames, go into 11 turns and still lose to a drytron deck

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Drytrons (minus Heralds), A-to-Z

take the light insect pill

>guys own floodgate screws him over

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What is that card just before imperm?


Bro it just has 2 less conquistadors now, it's not the end of the world for eldliches

Just wait for decktraps, and later handtraps again but you cant respond to the activation

altergeist materialization

he's going to an hero

Im personally waiting for pocket traps and the point where every single card that can't be activated from hand is too slow for the game

>and later handtraps again but you cant respond to the activation
And then much later with regular cards that can't be interrupted by hand traps or deck traps

Toon support when

Altergeist manifestation, basically altergeist call of the haunted that can banish itself from grave to do some bullshit

You know stun decks would like that even more right? Shit true draco would fucking love that card.


Right after dragonmaid chamber dragon form

actually impressive he pushed the drytranny shit for 11 turns lol what shit drytranny pilot.

I was the pilot. He opened with Ash+MaxxC+IO. while I brick with 2 Alphas

>limit conquistador
>doesn't limit Eva
>doesn't semi-limit Eva
>doesn't ban the shitcunt for that matter
You fucking faggots, Konami.

One time this Eldich flipped vanity something so i went and grind his LPs with a Chamber 500 damage per turn because i still couldn't draw another monster in that time.
I could have bounced Vanity but it would probably unbrick his hand more than mine. But also Eldichman could have used the same vanity to get his Dorito back to hand

You're playing drytron and complaining about your opponent not allowing you to play the game? Fuck off

this is the most repulsive thing ive ever seen

Even the GX anime cheated that cards detriment using Emergency Provisions to remove it

lol troon

Yes please, this will give my Eldlich deck more draw power to get IO & skill drain :^)

I don't get the conquistador limit, one targeted destroy, lol lmao oh noo i'm so scared