*blocks your path*

*blocks your path*

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Why was Cerberus the big unit for the Atlanteans?

fuck you

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>Have hundreds of mythologies to pick from for an expansion
>Decide to use their oc do not steal shit that's half ripped from greeks anyway
what was their problem?

He wasn't. He was the greek one. Atlantis had the crystal titan.

Atlanteans had big cyclop golem thing

This god power was basically all or nothing right

Should have been an Indian or Chinese one (we got Chinese eventually but you know, it was a bit lame).

>Play skirmish
>AI is super passive, rarely if ever attacks
What were they thinking?

I was used to AoM skirmish and got a wakeup call when I played AoE Online where even standard difficulty was way more aggressive and was attacking you by Age II

Can't you set them to aggressive?
Also titans were godawful once you've actually played a few games. I always play with titans disabled. Fuck, I'd disable atlanteans too if I could. Shit-tier faction.
Egyptians were based though.
>Insane production time
>lategame Egypt can literally produce an army within seconds
>get enough chariots, you can shit on enemy titans
>constant stream of chariots and camels pouring out of your base

Garbage tier game...
WHo else agrees with me ?

Favorite myth unit? I LOVE Lampades!


Golden Colossi were devastating, but I personally have a soft spot for the simple cyclops. Seeing him pick up a dude and chuck him half the screen away for the first time has imprinted on me.

Researching would take so much more time and effort just for an expansion than simply making an OC donut steel one.

for me, its medusa

Why are there so many threads for old classics on Yea Forums suddenly? This thread is gonna 404 in a few minutes isnt it.

I remember having about 5-7 gorgons and all I did with the AI is freeze and run. It's fun

>every single villager turns into a hero
>no economy whatsoever, only a fuckton of villagers high on acid with godly power

Fuck off

Hydras for that head growing mechanic

basically you'd better win with that big attack or you're boned

textures make it looks like he's got a dick

why is cerberus a furry

Automatons for that a e s t h e t i c

Colossi had those tree/gold eating mechanic to heal themselves that was cool

*jumps over your defenses*

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Yeah but they need a target to jump to


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You didn't beat the game if you killed the poseidon statue with god arkantos

I'm partial to the Fire Giants

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This, I remember The Mummy 2 had just come out on video and I would spend all day playing Egyptians and watching both movies back to back, Anubites were so cool.

Set bros, where are you?

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Anyone know why the ball-suckerup thingy in the extended edition causes the game to crash if it sucks up too much stuff?

>enemy's scout getting chased around by hippos, crocodiles, gazelles of Set

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All Set players are furfags


Sorry, Lokichad here


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I liked the crocodiles with fricken lasers on their heads

Son of Osiris was the coolest unit ever
Too bad he couldn't heal

>Lovecraft mod
>STILL not finished
Any day now


Age of Mythology Definitive Edition fucking when?

Haven't heard about this, will look into it.

Hel was so fucking cool
>All the giants
>Best Myth upgrades
>Plus a Dragon
Loved her.

I loved using them against my noob friends because they didn't knew how the fuck handle them

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Hydra, Scylla, Medusa, Kraken, Mummy.

Will it fix the chinese civ

What's wrong with it? Never played it.

get that shit away from me

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Stop playing on easy AI difficulty?

I never enjoyed the gameplay of the Age of... games. Should I give it another shot, when does it 'click', am I missing something?

>yfw 10+ horns blowing at once


based einherjarchad

Always liked these fellas although I wish they were faster

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Wait a second, Atlanteans, Chinese?
Was there an expansion or something?
Haven't played this game in 15 years