Games with gays in them?

Games with gays in them?

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Hideo Kojima games

Omikron The Nomad Soul

Aaaand he's cancelled

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Nintendo games

This guy is the living embodiment of Twitter brainrot

fags don't do monogamy.


Part of me wants to agree, in that they are so devoted to having sex with each other that they are willing to die doing it. But another part of me says sex and love aren't necessarily the same thing and there's an argument to cast it all aside as gross degeneracy instead.

more like the concept of AIDS lmao

Never liked the shitty game he did music for, gays only exist because of molestation by older men. Gays are notorious pedophiles.

Replace gays with priests, rabbis, and imans and you have an equally correct statement.

Yea Forums - Video Games

There's no point user, Yea Forums is too far gone.

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>Naganuma: I want to marry a beautiful woman
>replies are full of trannies posting selfies
Why are twitter trannies grooming Naganuma?

Never been molested
Saw a dick on an anime girl in 2006

they also all happen to molest boys, which is inherently gay

They want to marry him. Possibly after converting him.

If a grown man gets groomed it's his own fault

This guy is beyond saving, so this is what happens when you are on twitter 24/7, a fate worse than death

every snoy game

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His response has been pretty based. I think most people, if they found out that tons of trannies liked their music, disproportionately many, they would at least try and figure out why. Not Naganuma, dude knows his fans are his fans, what they are is not his doing nor his responsibility, and it's not going to affect how he makes his music. He can either choose to love his fans or not love them, that's the only choice he needs to make, and it's easy.

The molestation in the religious communities is miniscule compared to in the gay community.


Imagine being a late 40s man famous for making a few overrated meme videogame songs clinging to clout from insane people in social media.

t. long nose small hat hands clasped



Aren't most gays really shallow on tinder and just have random hookups.

Look user, imagine if you will that not only do you have your normal libido but also the other person is just as horny as you. Now imagine there's no bullshit like dates or courtship necessary to solve your horny. Thats why promiscuity is so common.

I'm sad only two people are doing this.

The longnoses are the ones doing the gay stuff in that community lol. The longnoses are the ones telling you that priests are fucking tons of kids when statistically they are not. Gays are fucking kids

>hohol slurpers are trannies and gays
I mean not surprising

fags fuck in public bathrooms that isnt normal libido

Depends where. That's true of the gays in most cities, but even then it depends on the city. And random hookups can be had in the name of a different kind of love, a love of a full community.

Literally "What is free love? Free love was too tame for him"
You newfags disgust me.

Any game played by (You), OP

>oy vet wed neva fuck da kids, its da gays
sure thing rabbi

Should've stayed with him Yea Forums
You left him and look what has happened to him

Keep telling yourself that.

If you were in a public bathroom with a hot and willing chick you might. And frankly it does happen at clubs and shit all the time, most gay people don't do that like most straight people don't.

>russoids can't take a city 10km from their borders from a they/them army
pretty embarrassing ngl

wtf is wrong with this cunt why is he posting trannies?

You're not worth debating nigger

Elden Ring

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Phantasy Star II has the piano teacher that gives guys cheaper lessons because they're cute

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You're going to hell

You're already in hell

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My ex sucked my dick in a half full bus, what is your excuse tranny?

Post his best song(s)

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Fags can't make good music

You're not going to heaven

poop and aids is not love

Rock and Roll alone proves you wrong.

You mean the music that started (((their))) brainwashing of america?

He's an untalented retard and thinks people would let him keep the music rights. He's so far below Keiichi Okabe, who owns a proper studio and composes real music.

If you don't like Rock and Roll you're not American. Take your Reddit "((()))" and go fuck yourself.

Mutt cope

Proud to be a mutt, prissy purebred.

No wonder they keep getting ass worms.

Every fag I've met (they were all from college) admitted to having sex with one of their teachers in high school. None of them acted like it was weird they had been groomed at like 14 by their physical education teacher. They grew up to do the same im sure. Gays have no morals.

WoW has open gays and trannies, FFXIV has a gay mercenary couple played for humor who you can beat up and are considered in-world to be as abominable as tonberries.

Every fag I've met never had sex with their teachers, and I've probably met way more than you

and then they go molest more kids, you should give us their names.

any game (you) play

Every white I've met (they were all from college) admitted to having sex with one of their teachers in high school. None of them acted like it was weird they had been groomed at like 14 by their physical education teacher. They grew up to do the same im sure. Whites have no morals

It's (you), user. You're the child molestor.

>the Gay Station
how will snoys recover

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