He's right you know

He's right you know.

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its OK when nintendo does it.

This is now an elden ring thread, what do you put on your wondrous physique mix?

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Infinite MP+ The free hit.

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Whatever faglord

He’s right.

If Demons Souls had released in the west same time as Japan, it would’ve gotten destroyed by critics. 4/10’s everywhere. But since everyone writing reviews already knew that it was a beloved game people had been waiting for, and it’s reputation as super hard but rewarding, the reviews reflected that.


How From rigged it? Nigger tons of companies get the free faggot bonus from these faggots. Its called if you give the game a bad review they don't give you a free early copy and whatever comes with it anymore. So your gay little review site loses normie clicks and falls behind. So more journos/faggots give them high reviews.

Its been that way for years. You have to be either a truly tragic game or some indie/lesser title to not get this kind of treatment. And even then most of then won't give a COD game despite how much i heard faggots shit on the new COD below an 8.

Suicide bomber

Zanzibart... Forgive me...

Same, I just go full jihad and put two of the burst tears in it, as a last resort.

The reusing assets argument is so retarded, thats like saying zelda reuses assets because link is always in a green tutu. If youre a fan of the devs you want the door opening animation to come back its what makes these games what they are, and saying they release the same game over and over? Its the fucking genre, elden ring is not a 10/10 if it comes out 8 years ago, but it came out during a time where every game is a souless cash grab that takes zero risks and completely broken that makes elden ring a 10/10 it shows you can still take risks with a triple a bugdet


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Holy shit, how hard did western game devs get destroyed that they of all people are crying about game journalist giving unfair reviews?

>To me, Elden Ring is a masterpiece
stopped reading there

I stopped playing it. Good game but the combat is shit, it is unbalanced and has broken mechanics. The game still has bugs that all souls games have had and they still haven't fixed them in ER.

It is a good game but it is a 7/10 at best.

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>7/10 at best
>353 hours
people like this are actual lunatics

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So many of you niggers didnt even give the article a once over and you're all stupid retards.
Allow me to provide a bullet point list
>Due to the nature of From games ( difficult, obtuse) many reviewers (read, fucking shitters) can't even come close to completing the game in a week
>Due to the length of ER MOST people can't complete the game in a week (I know it took me about a month to do it all in a playthrough)
>some whining about how the fanbase doesn't tolerate people shitting on the game
>but because of this reputation in the fanbase, many reviewers would rather avoid the game entirely
>this has allowed From to cultivate a critic base made entirely of people who love the genre and will sometimes overlook some problems
>also legitimate criticisms like the broken questlines are often missed during the review window allowing From to dodge critique from that angle
There we go. Now we can discuss

There is definitely something going on
Youtubers are threatening to sue each other over their opinions on Elden Ring

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Did you even read the fucking thing?

I feel like that's more a commentary on the pitiful state of western game reviews than some gotcha against Fromsoft or some argument that Demon's Souls doesn't deserve its praise. And to one of the points of the article, I see people who like a specific established sub-genre of games being the ones to review them as a good thing. If a new capcom fighter came out and the community considered it one of the best they had made, people would be rightfully upset with reviews that gave it a poor score because "I found having to hold back on the dpad to block and charge up attacks to be very unintuitive and the game really struggled to feel fluid as a result" when that's a core feature that's been tightened and designed around and expected in those types of games.

It's 96 now but what the actual fuck is this review? I can't find its site either and I'm getting nothing on google.

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no lost runes + bomb

wait so you're telling me there are critics out there that

1. are bad at video games
2. get whiny and don't review games that have a passionate fanbase
3. don't want to improve
4. don't want to review things honestly in the face of overwhelming disagreement for their own journalistic integrity

and you're saying it's a BAD thing these people aren't reviewing more games?

get fucked idiot, these people deserve to be thrown out of a plane

It could explain why it's so front loaded. I doubt any journo would make it to the mountain of giants in a week.

It’s a 7/10 or a 4/5. It’s a very good game and I bet it’ll be GOTY.
I still can’t help but say that I was a little dissapointed with it.


wasn't usa today literally created as a magazine for brainlets in the 80s?

So it's a skill issue?

The only thing I agree with is that the broken questlines were retarded. Everything else is them whining that journos literally aren't good enough at games to properly review fromsoft games. No shit the fanbase doesn't tolerate journos shitting on games when they're always trying to push that they need an easy mode for everything.

how much damage does the bomb do? is kamikaze viable against bosses?

Pointing out the fact that the game has a lot of content being a flaw is a room-temperature IQ take, though. Furthermore, if we are looking at "professional" game reviewers, setting aside a week to play this game alone not only seems perfectly fine (If we take 8 "working hours", multiply it by 7, we get 64 hours, which is more then enough to beat the game if you're not a complete shitter).

Not only that, doesn't the week thing also highlight an inherent issue with the reviewing process if you need to get shit out on that week, instead of one with FROM itself? Mind, ER isn't perfect, far from it, the incomplete questlines on release were just fucking confusing, and there is a palpable dip in quality and balancing effort from the Mountaintop onwards, but the actual points being made bitching about it are more about "muh fanbase", rather than actual game quality.

Also, it's written by someone who seems to have been thoroughly filtered if I'm honest.

Bitch at the guy that wrote the article, not me, I'm just helping you illiterate monkeys understand what the article is about so this thread won't just devolve into smug frog posting.
I think he has his points, E;R really is so long that the typical review structure doesn't work, and From's vague bullshit with quests is made far worse due to the breadth of the game.
Hell I had the wiki and the threads and I still fucked up a couple of quests

>Most journalists and reviewers admitted they didn't play more than 10 hours before handing out the 10/10s

Yes we all know gaming journalism is a scam that only matters when my favourite game gets good scores.

It's slightly over thousand holy damage with both tears so not that great outside of earlygame bosses

the execs at sony hated it at first too, before it had a chance to find an audience. i hated dark souls the first time i rented it. i didnt get it. wasnt until i saw other's reactions and realized I must be missing something, so I went back and took the game on its own terms.



A lot of the content is shit though, it's almost like they frontloaded the game to prevent people from exploring the game before the review period was over

As far as i'm concerned ER pretty much got the same treatment as Return of the King did reception wise in Lord of the Ring film trilogy. Think about it, while its good, its the weakest film of the trilogy but got the highest score in the review score and got the most awards (11 Oscars as an example) because critics perceived it as the culmination of work that was put into the LotR film trilogy at the time. I think the critics think the same thing with ER because there's this notion that its the culmination of all Souls games FromSoft has worked on and considering that most of their games are functional and good enough, they think that ER will certainly surpassed these games thus the high critic score right out the bat.

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1750 holy damage, can be increased by holy boosting items.
Against bosses? No.

what questline was broken?

Clickbait title, do not open.

Vyke's one to get the frenzied flame ending.
Nigger wouldnt spawn

Well, what did you find shit? Also, this isn't new to ER, almost all of the Souls games suffer from that same exact issue where the content become quite a bit worse lategame.

It's probably also no coincidence that the opening hours of the game had the most content. Unique side dungeons, tons of NPCs, tons of quests, cool bosses, teleporting chests, non recycled assets, etc. Then you hit Atlus plateau and the cracks start to show and by the time you get to mountaintop the house comes falling down.

>game gets good reviews
Lol shills shilling.
>game gets bad reviews
Lol git gud you got filtered.

Debating reviews on Yea Forums is pointless anyway.

No, most souls games aren't as front loaded as elden ring, you're wrong

>From plays the “What are you, a casual card?”
>Yea Forums declares them villains
>Every pozzed studio plays the “What are you, a homophobe?” card for decades
>Somehow what From does is groundbreaking bad form
Don’t hate the player, hate the game

You don't need Vyke to get the Frenzied Flame ending just to complete Hayetta's quest

>b-but Nintendo

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You need to kill him to get the grape bruh

Alexander, Kenneth Haight/Neppheli Loux/Gostoc, Diallos, and maybe a few others I can't remember weren't properly completable until like patch 1.02 which came out a couple weeks after release.

Pic rel is the damage done by the explosion alone but you can still boost the damage with stuff like a Sacred Scorpion Charm and the Golden Vow incantation.

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>7*8 = 64
Ask me how I know you’re American.

Nepheli's was incomplete.
As was Kenneth's.
One of the invaders didn't spawn do you couldn't get all the Shabiri grapes for Henriette.
Patches literally disappears from the game.

>DS1 falling apart after you get the Lordvessel
>DS2 with the embarassing mess that are the memories of giants which are thoroughly half-baked, with sequentially bad after bad bosses
>DS3 where the final area literally doesn't exist and it was just a boss, with the intended area itself only being made on the final DLC
>Bloodborne with it's aborted moon cycles

Every Souls game is frontloaded apart from maybe Demon's Souls and Sekiro. Hell, most games are, period.

you put in 353 hours in like 2 months and you think its a 7/10

you are so retarded you shouldnt be allowed to exist

>game has horrid input queue that will fuck you over if you mash, making you do attacks or rolls after having been staggered thus making you eat another hit usually
>at the same time the game has a horrible problem with input drops meaning that you often times have to mash in order to get the game to fucking operate
>i.e. you get fucked for mashing and you get fucked for not mashing

This alone doesn't get brought up enough honestly, its fucking horseshit

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Fuck me, that is extremely embarassing, I have no excuse.

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Yeah no, you're misinterpreting potentially purposeful frontloading for something else

the real issue is people would rather have a fast and timely review than a thorough review that might not be available on day one
until reviewers and review readers/watchers stop encouraging that shit the review process will always be flawed and shitty

As opposed to "We wanted to finish the game but just couldn't?" They're functionally the same thing, and you're associating intent with no proof, dude. Fuck off if you're not actually going to argue your point.

All you need for Frenzy end is to visit 3 fingers and not cure the Frenzy, ending will always default to Frenzy

What are you even on about autist?
I said I liked the game, but instead of being a npc fromdrone I can accept that it isn't a 10/10 game and it has massive flaws.

7/10 isn't a bad score, it is just a good game but not a great one as it is made out to be.

Best part of all these games is the second half. All of them.

Not finishing the game is not the same as front loading to boost reviews and opinions, you may be retarded

>usa today
Huh? Isn't that a newspaper's website? Why are they publishing an opinion piece on a game that launched months ago?

Not this time. The first time through Leyndell is the peak of ER