This is an actual in game armor in Baldur's gate 3

This is an actual in game armor in Baldur's gate 3

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Okay and?

>The animation of her about to get fucked by 3 futas

So? Are you guys really such sexless incels you see a woman in a revealing armor and suddenly you feel the need to talk about it non stop? Get a gf you str8 trash incel.


Don't make a white male.

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Not really, right? It's the Nightsong's armor, you can't get it on your characters. This picture is modding it in so Shadowheart can wear it, but if you're modding to equip Shadowheart with skimpy armor, guess what? You can mod her completely naked. Equally irrelevant to the content of the game.

You're in Yea Forums. Most people here don't make white males, for some reason Yea Forums is full of trannies that play as women so fat chance they'll ever make a white male protagonist.

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>that jaw

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Why can't mods keep you rangebanned?

>Come on guys, play as this half-fiend disgustingly evil Tiefling that should be genocided on behalf of its abomination-of-an-origin and the fact it's literal the spawn of satan and deserves immediate death but we're disgusting faggots who like to push degeneracy and diversity regardless of the implausibility of it


>self inserting
I just made a hot elf. For some reason even though it's easy to make someone look good in this game, the devs made all the party members ugly.


Where is the damn chair?
I want the chair!

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I don't get why Yea Forums seethes so much about this post

i love this pic. they're all about inclusion and needing representation for everyone because people have the need to selfinsert. and they 180 if it fits them

The chair will be present on release. It's a day 1 mod if they're foolish enough not to include it.

> I roleplay not only I'm a woman but a woman i find attractive! I turn the story into a feminist powerfantasy having a woman kill men, lead a party and save the world AND i go around walking in female animations, being adressed by female pronouns, etc. Oh also my character is a huge dyke! tee hee!

Why are you trannies so creepy?

something to do with the company just calling 99% of their entire player base boring looking instead of just being happy for people playing their game like jap devs do

Because a company went out of their way to harass their players and call them boring for playing the game the way they wanted to?

If you liked the game and enjoyed it why would you want to have the people who made it start insulting you and seething because your character is a white man? Add up to that people are fed up of it being so normalized to shit on white men.

That all sounds incredibly based to me. Also, I'm not sure the player is the one being addressed with female pronouns. Are you struggling a bit with theory of mind? Do you know what that means for you?


> Feminism and larping as a woman is based

It's kinda sad how Yea Forums, the seat of gamergate, got filled with feminist trannies like you.

proof that Yea Forumsirgins self insert (how they wish they would look)

i'll make a dwarf warrior with white skin and red hair and norse name and there's nothing you can do to stop me

Human Male Fighter-CHADS, we just can't stop winning, can we?

How many blacks wrote it?

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Bitch almost looks cute in tiddy armor.

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Yes, designing a hot woman and dressing her up in skimpy outfits is "feminism" because a fat guy on an anime forum said so.

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>self-insertfags think everyone's like them

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> Dude my protagonist is not feminist because she makes my pee pee hard! So what if she goes around breaking gender roles, killing men, leading a party and saving the world? That's not feminism because SHE HAWT!!!!!

Why are you so pathetic? Why are you so ashamed of being a male feminist that you try to hide it by saying "A-actually my female protagonist i roleplay as just kills men because that turns me on, KILL ALL MEN!"

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You're right user, everyone is a feminist if you say so. Good luck!

woman moment

> NOOOO REEE YOU'RE SELF INSERTING! I am not self inserting because i roleplay i'm a strong empowered lesbian woman that goes around killing men! SO THAT'S NOT ME!! (Even though i wish it was me tee hee!")

Why do you guys literally cry about SJWs and feminism all the time but when a game gives you the choice you make the protagonist a SJW feminist?

> Believes in every idea of feminism
> Intentionally turns games into feminist powerfantasies



>actual full meltdown

where did this shitfit even come from lmao

this is legit?
what show?

>you're self inserting because I can literally only imagine playing the game as a self-inserter
Fuck off, retard, not everyone's as brain-poisoned and self-centered as you are.

Jazz Jennings.

Why are you incapable of making a male protagonist without thinking of self inserting? Why the only reason you play videogames is to turn a story into a feminist fantasy and roleplay you're a woman? What brings you so much enjoyment of roleplaying you're a girl?

This Is Jazz, there's regular Yea Forums threads about it every week.

I was planning to make an Dragonborn anyway

I just make whatever character I think is cool/funny/suitable to the setting at the time you stupid nigger, you're the one thinking everyone makes characters that they secretly want to identify as in real life like they're closet trannies or something.
Seriously, get some fucking help and learn to differentiate between real life and video games, Yea Forums isn't the place for your dumb faggot meltdowns.


Stop replying to the gay avatarfag jesus

>Are you guys really such sexless incels you see a woman in a revealing armor and suddenly you feel the need to talk about it non stop?

>No abs


> I think a woman is the one that fits best for this setting! Women can be strong, empowered and be heroes too!! They can lead parties and slay monsters and smash the patriarchy!

Dude. Look around you. Look at the real world. Real women are SEETHING when men in wigs win at their sport. There's a war in Ukraine and women LITERALLY RAN AWAY to make tiktok videos in france while the men got drafted and killed.

You can't seriously think women make for good protagonists unless you're a mentally ill rabid feminist. And if you are one, i don't get why you're so ashamed of it. Why not just admit you're a creepy male feminist and move on?

Why do you feel the need to justify your feminism with
> It makes my pee pee hard to see a woman kill men and slaaay!
> A w-woman is just what fits the game best! Men couldn't really save the world or slay dragons! that's a woman's job!!!

Seriously, consider suicide, feminist creep. People like you always end up as a suicide statistic or in jail over child porn or rape.

are they going to add variant human?

I mean they are right. That is fucking boring regardless of which side you sit on with the woke shit

>60s pulp novel cover art armor
snooooore mimimimi snooooore mimimimimi


>Journey through a city of faggots and faggotry, written by towel heads and spooks

Oh boy, just what I want to not read and completely ignore!

Sweatie, pic rel is how the average bg3 Tav looked like, not Yea Forums Tav.
Yikes, assumed too much, darling.

does it respect the new lore?

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I love her body so much it's unreal.

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Cute! She dressed well in it!

What’s with all the BG3 shilling over the last wee while? We getting a release announcement soon?

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