Is it even possible to save this franchise at this point?

Is it even possible to save this franchise at this point?

Will we ever get the soul the series had back during Gens 3-5, or even early Gen6?

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it went to shit during Gen 3, there was a lot of cool shit they could have but didn't do then

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You have the "soul" of Gen 5 right now. Gen 8 is what Gen 5 selling well and being praised got you. Graphic faggotry and story bullshit instead of content. Gen 1 - 4 have soul, the soul is incredibly minimal past that and in things that don't matter for a GAME.

take a look at the recent leak and find out for yourself

>Will we ever get the soul the series had back during Gens 3-5
those games were shit though

>play the game
>have fun
> noooo nooooo you see in **** they added thing I like
>you know the battle frontier oh my god that was so goood, but I never played it tho, why aren‘t these in the new gen?!!
>you know I still remember * game I played when I was a kid* these are the best new ones just suck
When will you retards stop crying and just move on. People meme about shills beeing braindead but it‘s honestly you and your thinking that anyone cares about your opinion


I just want a sequel to Stadium 2 or Battle Revolution at this point.

gen 8 proved that literal shit in a pokeball sells.
you are never getting another complete pokemon game ever again.


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yeah what was that japanese fakemon artist thinking drawing such a shitty design

>sequel to Stadium 2

they aren't japanese, the grammar sucks and the handwriting is ass

>totodile with gay hair and wings

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theres no such concept as "soul" in pokemon, every mainline game is basically identical but with a different wrapping and hardware

Nah, just a HD game to battle, store, and trade all Pokemon without modern Game Freak's incompetence.

>gen V

user how old were you when gen V came out?

>is it even possible to save this objectively bad franchise?
The answer should be an an obvious no.

>gen v
>story INSTEAD OF content
In what goddamn universe?

i just want another pokemon mystery dungeon bros...

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It literally just was. Arceus has the best single player gameplay in the series by a mile.

As long as the lolis are forthcoming, Pokemon is forever

Considering they're doing the entire next mainline game in the Arceus engine, the franchise is - for the first time since Gold/Silver - actually making updates to the game to progress it further.

I'm unironically stoked for whatever the fuck awful name the next ones are called. Arceus was a neat little tech demo that got old fairly quick, but Arceus "open world"/catching/battling with the traditional gym badges -> elite 4 journey sounds legitimately fantastic.

Open world and its consequences have been disastrous for the games industry.

Good thing Arceus isn’t open world then. Red and Blue are still the most nonlinear Pokémon games.

>actually making updates to the game to progress it further
>no breeding
>no abilities
>no hold items

Nonlinear =/= open world.

So just put them back? LGPE didn’t have those either, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t in the next mainline games.


>automatically assuming that because they weren't in Arceus, they're going to be missing from the next mainline in the game where breedint/abilities/held items play a massive role
Unless they flat out say "No eggs or breeding or abilities or holding items in S/V" then you're an actual idiot.

Endless walking, filler, and content re-use is, indeed, LE BAD.

I would take it any day over this

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post elo

>no [things that don't actually improve or change the gameplay at all]
oh no

>posting nu-freak
This is what we lost.

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>we lost a linear walking and rock destroying simulator
oh no

Open world didn’t cause us to lose that if it had already been gone for a decade.

this is one of the most poorly designed areas in any pokemon game

all those maps and there's zero gameplay beyond walking, going back to the bag to click on repels, and clicking A in front of rocks, on top of the entire thing being heavily railroaded so it's not even really explorable

Switch owners, everyone.

I think using some of Arceus' engine is a good idea, it's more immersive and makes the world feel more alive, especially if they give the pokemon more to do in the overworld.

The truth is, and a lot of autistics will be pissed at this statement, but the battle system needs to be scrapped, and a new, completely overhauled one needs to be introduced. It's too primitive and the little gimmicks do nothing to change that. It was built for an 8-bit machine, and they could do so much more now.

Those maps are literally in a switch game, retard.

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You must hate Pokémon then. Every route is hundreds of tiles long, you fight the same unavoidable filler trainer sprites using the same handful of Pokémon for the whole game, walk into the same copy-pasted Pokémon Centers in every town….

I bet you idiots like nu-doom too, you wouldn't know level design if it fucked your mothers.

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>Those maps are literally in a DS remake

walking while having shitty random encounters != good level design

Would've been cool to see a romhack of FRLG with updated assets and mechanics from HGSS.

Doesn't contradict what I said, retard.

It's a remake of a game from a time when Game Freak wasn't as shit as it is now.

DP is the worst game in the entire series lmao, wtf are you talking about

Gamefreak has always been shit.

>DP is the worst game in the entire series
How can you say that when Sword/Shield exist?

The only way to save Pokemon games is for it to fade out so they actually have to put some effort in. I thought this would happen a decade ago. Turns out pokemon is like Disney films

He's a zoomer that just parrots the opinions of his favorite ecelebs.

All they need to do is copy a hybrid system like ffvii remake, they don't even need to put their bigbrains together

No and you're a faggot who should kill themselves. Too many retarded fucking Zoomers eat yo whatever GameFreak shits out. The fact you excluded the best generation from your Soul category just shows how fucking hopeless the series is.

It really doesn’t, they just need to give everyone better teams across the board (they don’t even necessarily need to drop monotype gyms to do this, see the PWT teams in B2W2), and let some battle prompts happen simultaneously instead of one at a time. For example, there’s no need for a super effectiveness message to crawl across the screen when a sound effect already exists, and you could even add a little message on the attack itself if you still want the visual queue. You don’t need weather messages either since we can obviously see the weather, and health depletion should take place as attacks hit, not after their animation is done. SMT or DQ’s combat systems aren’t much more complex but they don’t have so many of these little problems that make them a chore.

You're a fucking retard too. Pokemon Clover shows that the battle system isn't the aspect of the game that is broken, it's the execution of that system that is fucking garbage.

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I mean old pokemon was designed like a dungeon crawler, it was always a literal SMT ripoff. Of course the actual dungeon layout and use of HMs made it a slog. Also add on top of that that the general low difficulty, and instead of a grueling war of attrition where every fight matters, all the backtracking instead becomes tedious.

I think there's a lot of value in dungeon crawler like design, SMT is still great after all these years. Of course pokemon had no real need for these elements so they were slowly excised from the series.

kill yourself nostalgia cuck

Sword and Shield:
>doesn't have dogshit pokemon distribution
>doesn't have a horribly slow engine
>actually has ranked PvP
>actually has good breeding/pokemon training tools
>doesn't have retarded outdated shit like static sprites, no customization, HMs, etc

Why in the fuck would I think DP is a better game?

>I mean old pokemon was designed like a dungeon crawler
Except the ""dungeons"" are fucking awful in gen 4 and have zero challenge or gameplay. It's just walking and clicking A in front of rocks.

Sword and Shield:
>Singleplayer barely breaches the double digits in hour count if you don't do the repeatable bullshit i.e. raids
>Multiplayer is outmoded by smogon autists who also let you play game freak's official meta gamemode on their simulator

No one talks about it, but there’s a post game facility in Black 2 where you fight a bunch of trainers in a maze looking for the boss, and can only heal once per floor, and everyone you fight there has pretty strong teams, so it’s actually a fair challenge to conserve resources, even if they wouldn’t be hard on their own. It’s the most fun I’ve ever had with the Pokémon combat system. There’s no bullshit running around in damp caves with low-level random encounters; just trying to survive as long as you can to beat the dungeon.

there's a navigational puzzle element to dungeon crawlers, which was present in old pokemon. Maybe not great, but I actually enjoyed the main dungeon in Gen 4 (as long as you had a HM slave). They never seriously bothered to improve the level design though. You also need difficulty for this design to work. A dungeon becomes a hell of a lot more interesting when fights are actually tough, and you have to carefully think about how to navigate space efficiently.

Congrats faggot. You're why Pokemon is a shit series. Sword and Shield has few Pokemon than the previous entry which was on a much less powerful device. The fact you bring up something as fucking retarded as ranked PvP is laughable. Kill yourself.

I remember when I was 8 years old, playing pokemon red, then silver.
I remember thinking the HM system and having pokemon for it as well as respawnjng rocks and trees was stupid as fuck.
I came up with an idea of like, having hedge cutters instead of needing a pokemon with cut all the time.
Gamefreak then proceeded to take 20 years to fix this minor problem

I was 8 years old and had more competent thinking than Gamefreak

>>Singleplayer barely breaches the double digits in hour count
The singleplayer is dogshit in every single Pokemon game and DP can also be beaten in a couple of hours.

>>Multiplayer is outmoded by smogon autists
Smogon players play a completely dfiferent meta. It's not the same as the game.

>Sword and Shield has few Pokemon than the previous entry
But it still has more Pokemon than DP. So why would I think DP is a better game?

>doesn't have dogshit pokemon distribution
Or a full Pokedex.

>doesn't have a horribly slow engine
Just an ugly one.

>actually has ranked PvP
Enjoy you Dynamax.

>actually has good breeding/pokemon training tools
Like what? Make sure whatever you mention wasn't already introduced in X/Y.

>doesn't have retarded outdated shit like static sprites, no customization, HMs, etc
I'd gladly take sprites over the poorly animated shit we have now.

>Why in the fuck would I think DP is a better game?
Sword/Shield set the bar that low.

Play Pokemon Clover. It shows how good the battle system can actually be.

>The singleplayer is dogshit in every single Pokemon game
Don't care, because as I said, if I wanted to play multiplayer I play pokemon showdown.
>Smogon players play a completely dfiferent meta
You can play the official Game Freak format on the same simulator.

I’ve heard mixed things, like sometimes they designed the game stupidly as a joke

>Or a full Pokedex.
But it still has more Pokemon than DP. So why would I think DP is a better game?
>Just an ugly one.
DP isn't pretty to look at either.
>Enjoy you Dynamax.
I will, thanks.
>Like what?
No cap on vitamins, being able to pass egg moves on preexisting pokemon, nature mints, hyper training, destiny knot, ability capsules, ability patches, easy move relearning
>I'd gladly take sprites over the poorly animated shit we have now.
The animations now are drastically better than DP.
>Sword/Shield set the bar that low.
You've done a horrible job of proving it so far.

>Don't care
Whether or not you care isn't relevant. DP is an objectively worse game.

>You can play the official Game Freak format on the same simulator
No, you can't, because the ladder is almost completely empty.

>he says, while mindlessly parroting that DP is better without being able to prove it

>the ladder is almost completely empty
Gee, I wonder why that might be? Could it be that, when they aren't guided by some fucked up breed of sunk cost fallacy and stockholm syndrome, nobody actually wants to play the current official meta?

More people play the official meta on cart than people who play Smogon's format, sooo.....

I would imagine most of the complaints are people who are pissed off about the non politically correct nature of some of the jokes. People who don't belong on this website. But the game actually has incredible design and is the best JRPG of the last five years at least in my view.
You should kill yourself in any way possible. The fact you white wash Sowrd and Shield being low effort soulless trash is further proof that you're a brain fucked Zoomer who only knows how to consume. Only this isn't some faggy YT comment section or plebbit board, so you're going to get BTFO and exposed as the worthless husk you are.

>more people know about the highly advertised official games than the niche browser-based simulator that's mostly aimed at actual competitive players
Gee whiz.

>The fact you white wash Sowrd and Shield being low effort soulless trash
DP is even lower effort, more soulless trash.

Glad you agree.

>gen 5

What a joke. Just kill your self now.

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>lilligant and volcarona

c'mon dude, gen 5 has some bangers


user you are claiming that a popularity gap between a free fan project and the advertising efforts applied to the world's most profitable IP is proof of superiority.

>Actual competitive players
>Fan rules totally divorced from the actual series

Modern Smogon is a joke

>Gen VI

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I'm not disagreeing, just saying that you don't have to buy swsh to play game freak's swsh meta.

>destiny knot, ability capsules, easy move relearning
All present in X/Y.

>hyper training
Introduced in S/M.

Glad you agree.

>user you're claiming a thing that disproves what I said
Correct. Glad you agree.

Yeah nobody really likes restricted metas, they have to do it so people can use their legendaries for something but I’m just waiting for S/V

They're present in Sword and Shield too. Which makes Sword and Shield better than DP.

>tfw we will never get another Clover quality rom hack without the shitty meme mons

>implying that popularity is a perfect measure of merit

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>easy move relearning
Not him but it is infinity more convenient in SwSh

So how often did the adults rape you when you were a kid to make you so fucking brain damaged? Did GameFreak send Masuda to do it himself?