This is not a human

This is not a human

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Good. The sooner we got robot waifus the better.

New Mega Man when?

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They would be made illegal

who was the gigachad that mandated unisex maximum ass for the megaman zero art direction

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Just like how drugs are illegal, unregistered firearms are illegal, and prostitution is illegal, right?

match prob already has been delayed even before it was revealed but its still likely well get more info by november. hope its actually a fighter and not more gacha

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Don't care. Still makes my dick hard

Drug-dispensing robot waifu prostitutes equipped with unregistered firearms FUCKING WHEN?

Imagine a Mahvel/Fighterz-like Megaman fighting game with characters from every sub series, that would be the dream. Then again, we're talking about Capcom

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Lord, who is this?

Not once in this series do we see any reploid-female-human-male couples. But we see plenty of reploid males coupled together with human females. Why?

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best waifu in the zero-series

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Reminder robot maid is inevitable.

Oh god

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She is qt

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You say that like you presumed that I thought it was

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>hope its actually a fighter and not more gacha
The leak did not affect capcom's mobile division so it's definitely not gacha. I will be SHOCKED if it's a fighting game though.

Cesi n'est pas un humain

I want to kiss Alia. I want to marry her.

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fat robots?

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Just do it, X.

i dont like humans

How human women can even compete

She's not a repliroid either. She's a murderer.

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She's cute tho

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The real issue is they'd be so fucking expensive you could never hope to afford one, nevermind the human rights quandary surrounding a human level AI and the lack of practical justification for an android form. Which isn't to say we wouldn't put a human AI in a human-like shell if we could, but that you'd be extremely hard-pressed to justify what purpose it would serve and possibly getting international laws drafted making it illegal to do so on the level of human cloning.

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She murdered millions.

wow really no mention of the x8 lollie?

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Wrong, you are too late to stop it.

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It's a robot with a fat ass

this is not a human either

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God damn it, Architect!

It's a MOBA

I mean...I'm not one to be picky, but if a robot had to be fat I'd always choose Alia.
As God intended
First I'm hearing of this. I hope it's not a puzzle game like that sounds like it would be.

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built for hotdogging small human dicks

match... imagine if it ended up being a dating sim

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Aren't reploids and humans merged into a single techno-organic species some time after MMX?

What is Alia holding?


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This is just a tribute.

You can't stop him

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>remove her sound card
Now its perfect

But she's still obese.

How'd she afford those tits on a navigator's salary?
I honestly prefer the hard metal ones and short hair pixie look

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Yes, and?

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Isn't obesity a disease for humans and other organics though? She's a robot, so she's just fat

Obesity is a state of being disgusting.

so shes perfectly fine then

Okay but seriously, where did fat ass Alia come from? Because she's always sitting?

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Well shit, I don't normally do bridal shit but these are ace
>jiggle physics on a robot

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So they can do the jobs humans do. Having arms and legs is pretty vital for moving things, carrying things, building things, etc.

Humans are shit anyways, Robots/Androids/Cyborgs for life!

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Sick Idea user, I’m down for it!

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why do you think Dr. Light built Roll


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Mass Reply Much??

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