Depression ruined my motor skills and cognition and now all video games filter me, I hate my life so much

Depression ruined my motor skills and cognition and now all video games filter me, I hate my life so much.

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Just lift

How is this going to fix anything?

Time to start doing antidepressants, your motor skills are dependent on serotonin levels and if you're depressed you have much less of it inside your brain than you should.
Ignore antidepressants, do speed instead for maximum skill.

le Im so depressed like I cant le get out of le BED like SO SAD all the time frfr I just like want to like die? I guess? imma kys this time frfr

Shut the fuck up please.

That's not how that works nigger. You're just bad. I'd be depressed if I was you too lmfao.

It will fix everything, trust me bro.

depression has been so romanticized that it's a taboo to criticize people who have it. most of you are just weak and lazy and not "strong" like the coping people always claim.

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dumb fuck

I wonder how many user we lost over the years, how many died by suicide or other things


No wonder you're a depressed loser who can't beat a game lmfao.

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If you told me to practice sports then maybe I would believe you because it can help with motor skills but I don't understand how lifting would help, if you think that it would help me because it would lessen my depression then you're wrong because I already tried it and it made no difference whatsoever.

Im like gonna kys this time if you don't give me attention ok im DEPRESSED you WOULDNT GET IT IM GONNA FUCKING DIE!?
>k do it

Just play on easy modo, not a problem.

Fucking hell you sound like a woman. You attention seeking bitch don't ask for advice if you don't want it. Do a flip.

>I am smarter than a professional!
>trust me I made muh own research!!!
okay retard

I'm not the depressed idiot am I?

>the opposite of what is evidenced is always what is true!

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I'm not suicidal it was just a funny gif, chill out kid.

a b s t r a c t w o j a c k

Psychology is a field astroturfed by big pharma to cram as many drugs into kids as possible. If you take any of their research at face value you're a moron.

Yeah you're a lost cause. Some people are literally just too dumb to find happiness, and you're definitely one of those people.

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You sound like you live a shitty depressing life but pretends that you don't to feel better about yourself, you also sound fat.

Time to become a normie

Bro, on top of being depressed you're also retarded if you think you're going to get legit advice here. Go consult a professional instead of your "friends" here.
Maybe in burgerland. I feel bad for you guys.

>le big conspiracy theory
Just admit that you're brainlet and know nothing about science.

just neck yourself, whinging shithead

>Take the research at face value
>Stick a "not" in front of it
The ONLY thing you knew about depression's afftect on motor skills was that there was at least one paper existing that found a negative effect.

Then just give me one good convincing argument then, I bet you wont because you have a small peanut sized brain.

I wasn't looking for advice though.

Be happy. That's literally all you need to do. I don't want to hear your fucking whining, you're choosing to be miserable, dumb fuck.


>just be happy bro!
thanks bro I haven't thought about that before, you're a genius.

I live a fine life, because I'm not a depressed retard asking for advice on Yea Forums lmfao.

Not a theory dipshit, it's easily verifiable. Besides I thought you sjws hated big corporations hmmmmm? Very curious hmmmm? Lmfao retard.

Btw I do science for a living you dumb nigger, so eat shit lmfao.

>these big international billionare corporations don't affect my country
lmfao ok retard.

Yeah just keep cramming more pills down your niggercattle throat. I'm sure the next one will turn you life around for sure! Fucking dumbass.

Nah you just want to wallow in it nigger. That's why you're here instead of doing literally anything else. Kys or stfu god damn I hate depressed idiots like you.

i've been depressed since early childhood, my motor skills are just fine, only during the worst dips i feel like i cant move, but then i dont feel like playing vidya anyways.

>because I'm not a depressed retard asking for advice on Yea Forums lmfao.
When did I ask for advice?

I'm sorry, you're just bitching about it on Yea Forums. That's even gayer, please fuck off.

>le sjws
Lmao your mind is still stuck in 2016.
>I do science for a living
Your MLP cum jar experiment isn't science you dumb brainlet.

You just have insane brain fog.

I get that too when i neet out for too long. Go for a long run and take a nice shower and you will get that blood flowing into your brain in no time.

>please fuck off.
I don't think I will, I will keep whining and shitting up your precious board forever you stupid sperg.

Kill your depression with next gen healing

>I do science for a living
>SOIENCE, experts disparagingly, opposition to an idea purely on the fact science supports it

Explain yourself. Are you not that poster, and you've just failed to understand who we're talking to? Are you a liar making up a story as he goes? Are you just trolling, you know that's purposeless after 2015? Are you depressed and just replying to as many people as possible so you have something to pass the time? We're you kidnapped by the CIA for your alien genius and forced to do science for a living against your will?

>mass replying
Pure undiluted seethe drips off this post

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meds, diet, be more honest with people, exercising works if you have a normalfag brain because they're basically animals with no nervous system

I think this is what is happening, I haven't left my house in months.

i have multiple brain injuries and what i assume to be dementia,
i cant understand anything other than a simple fps game and i get lost in even simple corridors. even typing this i have brain fog confusing me. stop being depressed nothing is wrong withh you

Classic depression shit, like how being dehydrated makes you forget to drink water

You're retarded for posting on this shithole instead of getting help

Start taking better care of yourself and they'll get better. Exercise at least 30 mins a day.

>just go to therapy bro!!!
Not that simple.

Fine by me actually. I fucking hate this board and post only to make it shitty. God speed.

If you worked with scientists for a living you'd be extremely skeptical of every science article you'd see too. The incompetence, nepotism, and corporate subversion you see is astounding.

God I want that tongue on my anus froggy daddy.

did you know the air that you breathe in every minute of every day plays a huge part in your overall health? including neurological health?
im not talking about the 'vibe' in the air or energy or some bullshit like that

im talking indoor air quality.
did you ever try just being depressed elsewhere?
chances are, elsewhere (especially outside where air is more or less fresh), you might have experience things differently.

t. someone that was breathing in mold spores everyday for years and got stupider and stupider (and more depressed) each year due to neurodegenerative effects of mycotoxins, and blamed it on lack of vitamin D and sunlight (which was there, but fixing it wasnt the solution)

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How the fuck does depression ruin your motor skills?!

also OP, if you're just suffering from some kind of indoor sickness like what I mentioned here i just wanted to give you some pre-emptive advice cause i gtg in a few minutes

but if that's you, I suspect you should also have some kind of indigestion problem and some shit like that.
basically your body is in constant antioxidant mode, redirecting resources away from other parts of your body just to combat the bio-stress from the shitty air you're breathing in.
as a result, some organs like your stomach/intestines function less optimally, and you get indigestion etc.

first step to fix that is to fix your air supply, and consume more antioxidants (vitamin C, D), and then restore your mitochondrial support units like your cell membrane by eating more lipid-containing shit like sunflower lecithin (which contains phosphatidylcholine, which also contains choline - used to make acetylcholine, a critical neurotransmitter, lower levels of which are associated with brain fog and alzheimers etc.).

also, the symptoms above are what you experience during/post-covid too, for the same reasons - your body is in 'combat mode' 24/7.

tldr you are experiencing symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (not physical fatigue, but biological - because your body is constantly fighting off some bullshit inside)

godspeed buddy

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hit the gym

how can depression ruin motor skills

hes probably suffering some systemic illness/deficiency or some other bullshit.
the depression's probably a byproduct of that.

If you're ever thinking "this is it, I'm shit forever, I'm washed, it's over" you're probably just bullshitting yourself and wallowing. You'll play good again.

it's just an excuse