I love Persona 5 Royal and the original

I love Persona 5 Royal and the original

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makoto is cringe
morgana is cringe
futaba is cringe
akechi is cringe

I hate the japanese and their horrible taste

persona 6 is going to be truly cringe

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Too bad you have to own a snoy gaystation to play it

you can emulate the base game on pc.

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I got the base game free from the ps5 collection. Why the fuck couldn’t the Jews just give out royal instead so kikish and if I want to upgrade to royal can I bring my save over?

Playing through it now and about 40 hours in, good game but the choices in regards to spending your free time are overwhelming.

i'm waiting to send sae the calling card, am i close to the end?

You're just above the halfway point you still got a good amount to go before it ends.

t. Cuckifornians

then i'm definitely taking a break once i beat her, i was already pushing myself thinking i was close to being done, i'm like 90h in

It depends if you bungled things and locked yourself out of the true ending.

i maxed the red haired girl, the doctor and battled akechi so i think i'm headed for the true ending

i love the aesthetic/atmosphere/music of this game but holy fuck is the plot and dialogue absolutely horrid
i spent 100 hours of my life wanting to put a gun in my mouth playing through this game

It depends on the version you're playing but once you do the calling card thing with her Palace you have I believe another Palace and then it kind of Auto progresses until you go into mementos and do a whole level there while fighting two big bosses. Then one more level and one more boss. If you're playing royal you have to do this but also do another Palace. So if you're playing the vanilla game you're probably like 80% done if you're playing royals you're probably closer to like 70% done

that user is wrong, you are significantly over halfway. i'd say you're like 80% done. keep in mind sae/the casino is the last part before you catch up to the present. that user is bullshitting you.

Yeah I over estimated how much was left. I corrected it in this post

>if I want to upgrade to royal can I bring my save over?
No. There's no cross saving since it's an entirely different version of the game. Despite being very samey it's basically a separate game with new features and story elements.

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My hype for Persona 5 forever ruined any enjoyment I could get out of this game. It's just ok in a vacuum, and if I never touched a Persona or Megaten game before playing it, I'd probably think it's at least decent. But I can only compare it to the other two Hashino games, and see just how sloppy it is by comparison, and how little it seems they cared about making anything unique.

The hype for this game was unreal. You had to be there. People had fanmade concepts, and fake OSTs. And that chairs teaser was a big deal because they showed anything at all. The game felt mythical, like it would never be real.
What sucks most is that this was Hashino's swan song for Persona, and I think he fucking blew it.

you have mental issues homie

"p-p-please don't emulate our things"

>This game did not live up to the hype

Honestly I want to buy Royal to give it another chance. But it's way too expensive atm.

that's pretty cool user
p5 is a amazing game

how did he blow it? its exactly what each person has been? a completely original presentation of the same basic coming-of-age structure

the fact that P4 caught the third wave of eastern cultural import to the US alongside demon's souls and jpop and everyone wanted P4-2 isn't his fault, its yours as an audience member for allowing others to provoke you into holding him to that standard

This game not only lived up to the hype but exceeded expectations on all fronts what the fuck are you actually talking about? I'm not even that much of an smt or Persona fag but you're tripping hard

Well that’s fucking stupid they just screwed themselves out of me upgrading it then. Don’t know why they couldn’t have just included royal instead of the base game I am in August now so I definitely don’t feel like starting over anytime soon

My only question is how did the writing go from Catherine to Persona 5? Catherine wasn't perfect but it was definitely leagues better written than whatever they tried in Persona 5. It's the exact same writing team so what the fuck happened?

user putting a gun in your mouth is exactly how you get a persona, the game is working as intended


Why is persona 5 the best jojo game we are going to get? Why doesn’t Atlus just make a jojo rpg at this point

Catherine told a story about adults. Persona is, and has always been, YA fodder. It's entertaining YA fodder, but still fodder nonetheless.

Yeah, it definitely lived up to my expectations of stilted dialogue, cardboard cutout Joker dick sucking party members, mostly annoying side characters, mustache twirling villains, and fuckable teacher. The only reason people remember P3, 4, and 5 is because of Meguro, who has much better work elsewhere, and dating sim bullshit. Waifufags should get the rope. Every single one.

You know very well that many, many people were disappointed in this game. I'm not gonna sit here and write an essay on why I think it's bad, because I'm sure you've heard it all before over the past few years. If you like the game, that's cool. I wish I could like it.

Fuck off. If you don't want to engage in discussion don't bother replying.
I'd argue P5 was tackling similar audiences. The problem is the plot goes all over the place and the writing gets really muddled with the whole PT and stopping criminals by making them confess but then the result ends up being that a bad guy was using that to take control of the world so the true message is that people should change from within, but that clearly doesn't work because the whole reason for kickstarting the plot was the fact they couldn't go to the police or do anything about kamoshida. so like wtf? Royal's bonus content was better and more in line what I'd expect from the team. I'm just disappointed the original content just felt really phoned in.


What's the point of engaging Catherine had minimal dialogue that wasn't anywhere close to being the above average or close to the norm you're implying. Also stupidly assuming that the writing team for the original Catherine would be even consistent or the same as the one for Persona 5. Persona 5 had way more interesting dialogue. We're also not even counting the absolute beast length script. You're just braindead
This is literally just you hating Japanese tropes and jrpgs none of which really fully represent Persona 5 in the first place. Dialogue was fine and Joker has a character but I know subtext doesn't really fit in your world. Annoying side characters is a complete subjective so I will not even going to bother touching that other than disagree the villains are not arbitrary in their goals for destruction. They're not evil for just being evil. You don't like Persona who gives a fuck it's a life Sim and a Pokemon style dungeon crawler.
The majority of the Persona fan base obsessively worships five and some of the older fans who came from three and four like me appreciate it as well the only argument I see coming from the counter that semi-popular is that Persona 4 is better than five which I toss up in the air. People were going to be disappointed by 5 but that's just the natural cause of any new installment of a game. The picture you're representing though it's just inaccurate

It's objectively not. Catherine has themes of infidelity and sexual frustration. Persona 5 was mostly a teenage focused coming of age story against oppressive hierarchal adults. How did you get lost on the shido theme. You want to talk about writing but that word salad you just vomited out was very misaligned. I don't see how the plot is all over the place nothing about the point of the story changes. There's nothing correlated with your complaint

I'd honestly ask how YOU got Persona 5 plot misaligned especially with the ending needing (you) and the people of earth to defeat Yaldy.

Maybe I'm dyslexic but your point needs to be better written. The phantom thieves were using their newfound powers to have people own up to the crimes that they committed people with external knowledge of this ability used it for malicious purposes which never implies or undermines their original goal. Even then none of those points contradict each other saying that you should be honest within yourself and owning up to what you do is a satisfactory message that doesn't have conflicting points. Kamoshida wasn't going to change because he was content on being delusional enough to be evil once his hand was forced he owned up to what he had done and even when he talks suicidality he's convinced out of it by being responsible. The phantom thieves leave them better than what he was. Sae never gets her treasure stolen but is able to reaffirm and change her positions call the phantom thieves

That anime God and the shido plot line are completely separate from with each other. Again I don't really see how the plot is misaligned so if you can lay it out then by all means go ahead and do it

>I'm dyslexic
no shit. ._.

It's either that or you or the original person who wrote that post that I was replying to is actually brain dead. Statistically you guys being brain dead is has a higher chance of being true

>hating Japanese tropes and jrpgs
No one said anything about tropes. If I were to talk about the tropes in the game, I would have mentioned the Akechi twist, the twist reveal of Igor being Yaldaboath, and the Satanael gunshot kill. However, I dont mind those. JRPGs are fine for the most part. Seems like you're projecting quite a bit onto me.
>Dialogue was fine
Maybe to you. I didn't find the dialogue engaging whatsoever, even compared to P3 and 4.
>Joker has a character
I never said he didn't have one.
>the villains are not arbitrary in their goals for destruction. They're not evil for just being evil.
Kamoshida, Kaneshiro, and Shido ARE evil for the sake of being evil. They are no more than Saturday morning cartoon villains doing evil things because they are bad.
>You don't like Persona
No, I don't like P5. P1 and the P2 duology are fun. P3 and P4 are fun in different ways. P5 is fun if I turn my brain off, but when I think about it, the only things about P5 that I found great were the flashy visuals and music.

You can only like one.

this user is exhibiting dunning kruger right here folks

You're not gonna gaslight me here. P5 has been incredibly contentious since release. Most of its praise stems from its mainstream success bringing in swaths of new fans who've never touched a Megaten game before. And I'm not saying every old fan thought it was disappointing, or even that the new fans are wrong for liking it.

There's only so much I can gleam from your autistic hyperbole. The writing is stiff Joker has a bunch of dick sucking worshipers. Which sounds like the whole harem trope that you were alluding to. Side characters and mustache twirling villains which would also be reminiscent of anime tropes. Again just seems like you don't like jrpgs.

I don't know what you're qualifiers for good dialogue would be for me non-repetitiveness, uniqueness to their characters, informative ect. These are things that I think Persona 5 did exceedingly well at. I didnt notice any sort of drop off from Persona 4 to 5

I misread your critique of Joker I thought you said he was a cardboard cutout

Kamoshida is a predatory teacher who uses his power and influence over students to literally rape or sexually assault them. He's considered a prodigy and a hero considering his Olympic history. If he was a fucked up person going into the industry no shit he might act on worse tendencies later we see this in real life all the time this happened IRL.

Kaneshiro is a stuck-up mob boss. I forgot why they got into it with him in the first place but it's not a typical of him. Shido is a sociopath who wants power. His goals are clearly aligned. He's the only one who kind of fits that archetypal over evilness but even that he's not exaggeratively evil.
Again these criticisms of the villains are not apt

Maybe that's true but the reasons you laid out for Persona 5 seem pretty surface level and shallow. It's like you watched that one Cvit video and decided to make that your entire narrative but Persona 5 isn't just some arbitrary after school anime game. I think you're doing a massive disservice by writing it off so easily

>Uses the term dunning Kruger effect


No it wasn't it's not only the best selling Persona game in the series but it's admiration has been praised from people like sakurai to others in the JRPG industry people lost their minds when he was in smash. Like by all metrics Persona 5 has majority support in the series that's an undeniable fact it's also the most popular.

Even if we're excluding new fans and focusing on the old heads it was still well received and liked a lot of people were arguing about whether four or five was better and I saw a pretty even handed distribution of praise to five. If not comparing them is equals I only saw a minority saying that four was better

To the people who actually have a legitimately big problem with Persona 5 try to come up with reasons that don't come from an essay video or from you completely not paying attention to game

I'm not going to pretend like it's the most perfect game to ever exist but any criticisms that I did have are very minor and don't really stack up when I compare it to the overwhelmingly good amount of stuff that's in the game plus it's been like a year and a half since I beat Royal so I don't remember what most of my problems are or were

Honestly, it's not worth arguing any point over this to you, since you seem like you want to staunchly defend this game over any sort of criticism, even going so far as to defend the really shitty villains with almost zero nuance. The problems I'm listing with this game are not shallow to me, as they directly impacted my enjoyment of the game when I played vanilla P5 on release, which is really all that matters. Sorry I don't like P5, user.
>Cvit video

The Kamoshida thing falls flat because Atlus and the fans agree with his worldview anyways. Similar thing with Sae

>Disagreeing with your points is staunchly defending it

I haven't given any indication that I'm going to staunchly defend the game against every single criticism. It seems as though you aren't interested in whatever reason an engaging with the conversation which is perfectly fine but don't project that bullshit onto me. Painting me as a Persona 5 Dick Rider. I have criticisms of the game but I don't believe yours are any good.
Again the villains have nuance you just don't seem to care about it. It doesn't matter if they're not shallow to you they are shallow. I laid out explicitly how they are shallow. You literally picked the most hyperbolic way to criticize the games on top of that
I'm not mad that you don't like Persona 5 but I think your criticisms being incorrect hinder your potential enjoyment of actually liking Persona 5 more. Which is disappointing you should hate the game for the interpretably right reasons other than the objectively incorrect ones
Just a gay YouTuber it doesn't matter.

Hopefully you have a good day play some good video games that you like

I guess the only problem is the story is kinda unmemorable and the PTs characters aren't as fun or feel like "friends" like p4 cast but p3 cast is similar

really good combat and some confidents are great

How do fans or Atlas agree with kamoshidas worldview?

Sae changed her mind and became less obsessive and weird on her own

I thought Persona 5 did a great job at the friendship aspect and I remember every single moment of Persona 5. Perhaps it's because 4 and 3 were a lot more on a smaller scale in comparison to five and five was the first mainstream on that did a more broader focus? I don't think it added to the detriment of the characters though they're easily definable and really appreciable. I guess haru would be the exception though because you don't get much time with her

man this dumbass is dyslexic as fuck

This game would be great if it was 60~ hours, it dragged on way too fucking much.

I'm using voice to text. I'm on mobile I'm not going to bother correcting how the computer interprets the word Atlas. Also imagine using one fucking word out of entire paragraphs to imply that I'm dyslexic you moronic fuck

>P2 duology are fun
The P2 duology are some of the most unfun JRPGs I ever played, especially IS. IS is way too easy on top of having slow battles, a high encounter rate, and then it's grindy on top of all that because of the shit Persona rank system. EP is a bit better to play because it's occasionally kind of difficult unlike IS being a contender for the most braindead JRPG I've ever played, but it still has a lot of the same issues outside the balancing.

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Haru doesn't have much in the story but in mementoes she has really funny dialogue with the cast and ryuji being a good bro character and a really good voice actor really helps as they are my most in the lavenza fight

I do feel like persona 5 setting doesn't really feel big when you are trapped in the first 2 places for along and unlock kichijoji while persona 4 has all the places unlocked and you only need to ride the bike 3x to go to the beach

Excuse me, do you happen to know where my screen time is? It appears that Mona-chan took it when I was introduced during Okumura's palace...

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Persona 5 is an absolute unit of a game it was the first mainstream break-in of the series. The way they went about adopting a lot of modern tricks and mechanics to make it more appealing is probably the disillusion feeling that people have when it comes to five and four if they don't like five. I do you think it could have just opened up from the get-go that would have been cooler in my opinion

I didn't waste time watching an essay video, I wasted way more time playing through the game and hating it.

The game is ass and the only thing I can find to praise are the minor details, like the super slick UI. The big points, the gameplay, the writing, and the presentation, are terrible. The lifesim is super unbalanced, you get so many free actions and so much time that you don't have to plan your schedule at all and you're constrained by confidant availability and story progression more than anything else, which means there are exactly zero meaningful choices. Basically all of the confidants themselves are so fucking awful it beggars belief. Most of them are about wasting time for 8 events and then brainwashing some convenient arbitrary asshole causing problems, and then if they're a girl you fuck. It's so repetitive and lacks any kind of substance. The party members links also directly conflict with their story because it's all completely independent so you get retardation like Ryuuji basically being two separate characters where his confidant character development is contradicted by his actions as the story progresses. In general I hate the party members. They're so shallow. They have no lives outside of what the plot immediately demands and no agency. They don't develop, they don't reflect, and they don't contribute meaningfully to the theme of the game. And they also don't shut the fuck up. Even in the final dungeon Makoto is still spoiling every baby-mode puzzle for you because she's the designated "smart one." The boring linear dungeons with checkpoints every five feet are already an insult, but the fact that every interaction you have in them is either given away with your retarded Batman detective vision or party members telling you what to do before you can do anything yourself takes it from patronizing to humiliating.

I'm now running out of characters but I'd go on another diatribe about shit combat balance and a plot that makes no sense.

I kind of had that problem when I played P5, but I decided to not use the fast travel when I played P5R and it makes a huge difference. I felt way more involved in the world when I was just walking around instead, and there's a lot of good character stories with the NPCs you can keep up with as the game goes, the majority of which I missed when I first played the game. P3 and P4 don't have the same problem because areas are smller, so evn if you fast travel you're just fast travelling to an area and you walk around from there. P5's fast travel options are so extensive that you never need to walk around anywhere though, rather than just letting you go to an area, it lets you choose what shop in that area you want to go to, it lets you go right to the Velvet Room, right to a Confidant, whatever. It's easy to give into the convenience of that, but I think the world itself is actually well-designed, the game is just built in such a way that it's really easy to ignore it.

I dont consider morgana a person and would of died if the game took place in china

Haru is cute when she says persona tho

It would cool to explore all the places and see confidents but without interacting and connect them to the place and story by a bit, and maybe start confidents early on.

P2 duology is fun for almost the exact reasons that P5 isn't. The characters are fleshed out and don't just feel as though they're fluff or tropes just for Tatsuya/Maya to look cooler for having around. No mascot characters in your party. The plot is interesting with the atmosphere and the idea of rumors influencing the world around you not only being a major contributor to the plot but also a gameplay mechanic that you can use to customize how your playthrough is going to be. The finale of IS isn't a wish fulfillment of saving the world, but ends with Tatsuya in
>Eternal Punishment
Granted, these are ideas that weren't exactly executed completely correctly, as the games, like you said, are completely piss easy, especially once you get more fusion spells. However, I found the journey to be much more engaging than P5.