Will it be good?

Will it be good?

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I hope they let you post on the plaza without being a twittertroon like in 1

I hope so, that'd be cool


I doubt they will fix any of the glaring issues the game has. In the recent footage you can even see people clipping back to ledges after falling off.

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>A bubble shield type special
>All 3 games have a shield of some type

I guess its better thank ink armor spam but its gonna be the meta again cause its a shield

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Looks like the same game released a third time

I loved Splatoon 1 and 2. I don't understand why there needs to be another one on the Switch, though, unless they don't plan on releasing another console in the next 3-5 years.

>I don't understand why there needs to be another one on the Switch
to drive online subscriptions

idk, was 2 good?

It was alright, didn't keep my attention as much as the first game but if you liked the PvE it was pretty fun
And the Octo Expansion is the best singleplayer in the series so far

OE is one of the best single player experiences in games period.

>Turn on splat 2 for the first time since the mario splatfest just to play salmon run
>Have to sit through splatfest results from months ago
>Then sit through all the map rotations and saying the game got patched

This series has worse quality of life than any online game ive ever seen

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squid cunny

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Can't wait, hope the games will have a higher tick rate

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>This series has worse quality of life than any online game ive ever seen
even smash?

The single player campaign will be good
I doubt I will touch much of the multiplayer though

no servers

So they can remove Main Power Up (again) to try and fix the mess they've created.

I hope the Lore bands finally make an in game appearance.

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Depends if kids gamera does more scat porn of the new girls

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Bring back Metal Pearl.

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It'll be the exact same game you've already played twice before with the same 3 hour long singleplayer campaign, only now with the added benefit of paid online right out the gate.

Faggot. They hate hentai because they have no conttol over it unlike 3d porn.

I mean three games in almost ten years is nowhere near Call of Duty levels of saturation.

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Chaos reigns motherfuckers.

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crazy to think how we could have gotten a completely different game if Order won

>Final boss is just gonna be Octavio again except hes CHAOS MAD MAX HAHA

Every nintendo IP was to have their own Bowser despite how creative all these universes could potentially be for villains. Its like star fox constantly using Andross as the final boss.

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I want to have sex with the squids

Ok but you can only choose 1 user

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I have enough ink for more than one, if you catch my meaning

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Rather than 3 it seems to be like it's
>Splatoon 1.1
>Splatoon 1.2
Core game is good but each "sequel" doesn't add that much

It looks exactly the same as the other two.

This, it just looks like dlc

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You wouldnt nut all over his belly right haha

>Will it be good?

Will be the same, but lucky for tendies, their same is what they want.

It will be good because splatoon2 was good but there's just a huge lack of anything to draw players back in. I think it's going to do poorly in sales.

I just fucking want Salmon Run to be more than 3 waves with random weapons as the default mode

Let you pick your weapons, add an upgrade system like MvM, have it be curated more complex waves not just random each wave.

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Probably. Here's what I want in Splat3

>Abilities not tied to clothing
>Crossbow version of the Stringer
>Returning stages like Saltspray Rig and Flounder Heights
>A French braid hairstyles for the octo girls
>3 teamed Splatfests with 3 Squid Sister styled popstars to match
>Another new online mode separate from TW and SR
>More worldbuilding
What do you guys want?

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I can't wait to kick all of your asses day 1

>so many baggy clothes and 90's style sweaters
Yup, I'm thinking this game is soulful

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It’s entirely different, comparing them at all is moronic, you brainlet

Shields are bad in every shooter that has them especially halo except for Infinite because they break after 1 shot and are limited use

It's literally Splatoon 2 so you already have the answer

You know damn well what this is actually about.

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Doesn't take much effort since it's just copy pasting the same game with minor additions, and sells a shitton.
And also keeps up the "Nintendo is constantly putting out games" image that Sony and Microsoft are failing at.

A shield attached yo a player and a shield that covers a small area of effect are very different. The new bubble shield may be too strong for TC specifically, but otherwise, it seems well balanced and not degenerate

I've Cracked the code. Marina is the big bad because she wants to bring humans back and is experimenting with mammalian DNA. Grizz is also marina cause she's used to golden eggs as a power source since she's former octo military. She's behind it all

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It will be great, and it will make morons seethe, as they already are in this thread. An iterative sequel is ideal for Splatoon, cause the base gameplay is already so excellent, and the revisions we’ve seen all look great. If there is a lack of new content/modes, then I think some complaints are warranted, but anyone saying that at this juncture is an idiot because we've seen so little. We haven’t even seen any ranked modes, so clearly they are keeping things close to the chest until a bigger info drop

I hope we do see Pearl and Marina in the new game... Wonder why they haven't appeared yet

I'm sure it'll do fine sales-wise, but it does feel like it's missing a hook.

Alright guys, who's the best agent?

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Agent 7

It will be another "game" that should have just been dlc.