When will get a good Starship Troopers games?

When will get a good Starship Troopers games?

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Just play serious sam or something if you want a horde shooter type experience. Or L4D2 with a starship troopers mod.

Hell, mods would work very well for a few games I'd imagine.

EDF exists

>Starship Troopers game based on the book
>ten minutes of being a power-armored badass at the start of the game then the rest of it is an MGS4-tier cutscene intercut with quizzes to make sure you're paying attention

Based on the books or movies?
A hybrid that focuses on the books story but with a tongue in cheek take on things sounds great.

Came to post this.

EDF6 when?

there's that one RTS that's in development hell

based on the movie at best it would be a RPG like Mass Effect with romance options.

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We did already

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Man, it's been forever since I read it, but didn't they have ability of slowed down perception too? I remember one of the sergeant saying it's ok to take a hilariously small amount of time extra to aim, as if that was a large amount of time.

DRG gets partway there.
No ones going to make book accurate ST because it's influenced every power suit/mecha milsim that came after it.
Same reason you'll never see a neuromancer game because GITS and shadowrun exist.

What did he mean by this?

Came here to post literally this

Holy shit…

The first Halo is literally Vang book trilogy + Starship Troopers + Aliens


In the novel, the take is more serious and action focused. A typical power armored solider is more than capable of murdering hundreds of bugs on their own.

>tfw helldivers 2 never

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Helldivers is probably the closest thing you'll get to the movie vibe-wise.

Besides that there's an official starship troopers RTS in development

Seconds are precious to a MI but they don't get altered perception. You just have to be on the bounce.
Rico gets told that because he eyeballs a nuke in training and gets punished for it, since friendly fire with a nuke is very likely if you don't aim it.

After we get a good Starship Troopers (movie) sequel.

would like a retro alien shooter

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EDF exist bro

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the 3D CGI ones are ok
And the Sequel 3D CGI one is better
so now?

Never. This movie was a product of its time. Zoomers lack the character to enjoy such a film. Everything is "cringe" to the zoomer, and this film very much contains things considered "cringe" despite being quality entertainment. Modern game developers only want to make things that are edgy and cool, but this movie/book is about killing bugs. The new generation never understood the joy of running outside, playing with ant colonies and finding weird critters beneath rocks; their imagination will have never had the occasion to construct a giant man-eating bug as a possible threat.

The only possibility is if a successful remake comes out; but then that would just turn our attention to the original, which in turn would compel the zoomer to think "nah this is lame. Who cares about giant bugs?" Completely hopeless.

EDF sucks and is overrated.

Bad bait. I will be the only one to reply to you so that nobody else does.

Its so hard not to reply to him though, he looks just like us.

Did Starship Troopers bugs influence Starcraft bugs or did Starcraft bugs influence Starship Troopers bugs?

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He isn't real. Most of this website isn't real. You can't prove it is.

He's not a ketchup OR a onions sauce person. Clearly an alien.

The book was written in 1959.

>When will get a good Starship Troopers games?

What is EDF?

and the trope of simple minded hordes of alien invader bugs is likely far older than that. Nothing new under the sun or whatever. Gotto go rip a baby in half.

the book had no art though.

Earth defence force


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>starship troopers bookl
>simple minded hordes of alien invader bugs

The fuck was up with the physic at the end of the book?

nothing about the concept of the aliens in starship troopers is in any way unique/novel.

For me it's Ender's Game series

Is this game still alive?

>"I'm completely clueless about SF"
We know. Just stop replying, man, all you do is shaming yourself.

I have to reply though. If I stop I die.

Blizzard yoinked all their stuff from warhammer.
40K spehs muhreens are pretty much parody mobile infantry but nids really are movie themed despite first being printed in 87.
The marauder suit is described as a hydrocephalic steel gorilla.
Book arachnids are half-man sized jumping spiders with hands.

>Blizzard yoinked all their stuff from warhammer.

sure but GW took some inspiration from Starcraft look at old nids vs new nids.


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I need to watch this

What about Muv-Luv Alternative

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What about Sumika being a whore?

>When will get a ... Starship Troopers games?
Literaly 16 june
Played the demo and it was kind of fun for the price tag


Factorio. Diversify the bugs more, add some mini-boss Tanker Bugs, and maybe a boss like the "brain bug" and you got your game.

Read this friends, its a great book

wouldn't be surprised if there's a mod for this already.
Though I'm imagining a factorio where you mass produce GOONS and send them running towards the bugs.

Looks cool. I can't find the demo, guessing it isn't available any more.

>In the novel, the take is more serious and action focused
Action? What action? There was very little action and what little there was was often skipped. There were some Skinnies early on but that was mostly just a dropping bombs and a few rockets but no proper combat. Then Klendathu was mostly quiet waiting until Rico kills a few workers that can't even fight back before realizing that there were no warriors among them and then the cave where some fighting was mentioned but not really described and then Rico gets knocked out by rocks. Narrator just glances over the rest of the drops by implying that there was some action in between the time skips but the novel was mostly about military life, bootcamp and leadership training. Mostly just thing leading up to the combat drops and things afterwards, nothing in between.

I like the distinction between marauder and scout / command suits


Alien Swarm

Outwars is pretty much Scout suit Starship troopers game. Jetpacking around and firing munitions at targets. A lot like the combat described during the Skinny hit-and-run drop

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