After listening to noah caldwell's opinion on dark souls 2, it is now my favourite souls game

After listening to noah caldwell's opinion on dark souls 2, it is now my favourite souls game

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This sums up Yea Forums
>After listening to a YouTuber, I now love the game.
It's shit.

This is why I only get my opinions from twitter

>Noah Caldwell
I don't trust anyone who unironically thinks that Bioshock Infinite is the best Bioshock and neither should you.

>noah caldwell
The trouble with that guy is he's the best videogame essayist from a "literary" point of view - his videos are well-structured, his arguments and use of examples always sharp, insightful and unrepetitive - but he just has too many shit opinions. Basically whenever he feels confident enough to just state something without arguing for it, like that a certain gameplay feature is just fun, or a certain character or quest is just poorly written, he's usually wrong.

For me, it's the American Krogan series.

I, too, have never actually played a souls game but am filled with estrogen like a woman and must use them as a tool for socialization because they're popular and I want to be popular.

The thinking mans Souls game. The most technical and tactical.

Sometimes listening to people can allow you to realize things you might've pushed aside before hand. But you have to be a pretty big faggot to go from "I don't like this" to "THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING!" immediately after the fact.

This is why DaS2 is so disappointing. Only the DLCs and a few areas really show the good points of DaS2s movement/stamina systems. And because they shit the best with so much of the main game they ended up just going the fast sloppy route for DaS3 because BB was more successful/acclaimed then DaS2. So instead we have games where stamina rarely matters unless you're bad. Where as in DaS2 we started down the proper path of a decent pacing where stamina had to be managed like anything else and the decision to attack/position/health was alot more rewarding.

right, that 5h essay.
i dont need someone to tell me how fucking good dark souls 2 is. when others play it, they're shit. I play dark souls 2 because when I play it, I get to experience it. But you know whats on my mind right now? It ain't what some faggot said on youtube. It's the Dark souls 2 is the peak fromsoft will never reach again in my garage.

Can someone give me a qrd on Caldwell's defense of DS2? I'm not watching a 5 hour video essay just to get mad at someone's shit taste

>vomit green levels: the game

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>stamina matters

Not to my leveled ADP It doesn't.

Try a new cope. And this time don't deflect to ds3 like you niggers always do.

>hey user did you love our vomit green base game? Wouldn't you love to pay extra for more shitty vomit green levels!
>that'll be $30 plus tip

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I tried playing it on PC with kb+m and the horrendous controls made me quit. Not going back to it.

>they paid extra!
>that means we put in extra no-effort!

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DS2 threads have the same energy as these threads

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>they actually paid extra for ANOTHER shit green level with no Inspiration!
>that means they'll pay extra for a big empty snow field too!
>they did it! The madlads actually paid extra for our interns trash!

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>user needs a pretty picture book
thats cute

I listen to faggots like you on Yea Forums, therefore I’m also faggot

I enjoyed dark souls 2 more than 3.

I’ve played them all. DS2 is the best one after Demon’s Souls PS5, everything else is derivative copy and pasted trash in comparison.

t. Literally never play pvp in these since only a faggot would try to force a competitive game out of sluggish and slow animations that weren’t meant to be used against anything but pve.

>"Dark Souls 2 good, Dark Souls 3 Sovlless" says deranged leftist faggot who actually thinks Infinite is the best Bioshock and a good game, Fallout 4 is the best Fallout ever, and made a 5 hour series because he was butthurt at the git gud meme

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better than elden ring mountains
some fucking how more fair than any duo fight in elden ring

Their just video games, nobody thinks their competive putside of fun mino tournys.
Seethe more faggot. I can feel your rage when you get dicked on by an invader chad.
Your mind instantly rushing to cope
Nah your just shit

Ds2 threads have been a thing for half a decade new fag.
Ds2 is the rent free video game since release. The fallout 3 threads are just a new joke by a deranged user that likes the attention a little too much.

Btw I did this pic and I think ds2 is the worst in the series

good bait

His series on Bioshock was great. Also, his last vid was great.

Ds2 fags endless crusade to feel validated
>Ds2 is not shit is the best in the series
>muh lighting
>muh best pvp
>majula was the best hub
>emerald herald piss
That shit will never not be funny.

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fallout 3 threads have been a thing since 2007
what's your point?

But the current style is brand new user? Like do you think people posted about fallput 3 like that even 3 years ago? Lol?

Emerald Herald manages to be worse than Melina simply because she's some wannabe psuedo intellectual philosopher.

yea i don't mind noah but it's just the nature of the game when it comes to shit like that, you're gonna have bad takes and weird perspectives, he's very bad at dark souls so it was kind of interesting from an 'outside' perspective so to speak
his souls video is kind of too much, it boils over into just being a series of rants

yeh, same with aldia randomly appearing to dump some good old exposition but never explains why he fights you.

ill give aldia the benefit of the doubt considering he has such good dialogue and just dumps exposition you CRAVE

NMA shitposting has been a thing for about a decade user, there's always been Bethesda fanboying and Obsidian/Black Isle fanboying
I will agree that the schizo babble ESL posting is a new version of it, but it's the same thing.

Yeh, hard to disagree with that his dialogue is pretty solid specially the one in the walk away ending.

>Ds2 is the rent free video game since release. The fallout 3 threads are just a new joke by a deranged user that likes the attention a little too much.
Literally look at the OP
Out of touch faggot

>makes videos that are hours long
>is too much of a lazy faggot to edit out his disgusting coughs and fuckup takes
>so pretentious he adopts a mid-atlantic accent because he wants to feel superior to his redneck neighbors
>lives in a fucking van
>avoided everything fromsoft because he was unironically triggered by the gitgud meme
>so seething that his car got vandalized once that he blames a videogame for it
>unironically thinks FEAR is sexist
>got so triggered over the response to his TLOU2 review that he vanished like a pussy rather than face the criticism
noah is a colossal faggot.

>some fucking how more fair than any duo fight in elden ring
Such as?

It's a fine game.
It's just the bottom of the barrel of Souls titles in several ways, though as some anons have pointed it out it has very tight movement and stamina limitations that keep the game from devolving into rolly polly bullshit a la DS3, BB, ER.

>I need someone else to have an opinion for me

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He brings up the "git gud" argument a lot, which is a big reason why a lot of people are turned off from the series before they even try it, allegedly. I've been around since before the Demon's Souls days, and from what I remember, "git gud" originated in Monster Hunter...anyway.
Aside from Yea Forums, where is the "git gud" argument being seen anyway? Most people in the souls """community""" are reddit-tier and incredibly welcoming and helpful to newcomers.
I think this guy may have just read a bunch of articles about the series (Dark Souls) that said that the community is toxic and hateful toward newcomers, but I honestly haven't seen that anywhere. Real life, online, even twitter (Yea Forums excepted with "ydnbtg").
I think it's a case of "the git gud boogeyman is out there, watch out", but he's actually not (at least not to the degree people say he is), and it turns people away from Miyazaki games. The demand is higher than the supply when it comes to these people.

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maybe it's more relevant with people he discusses it with or he browses a site that uses that all the time? I agree I thought it was insane how much he brought up that shit, like it's a token response to a token complaint- why is x so hard x is bullshit - git gud
did he fall into that trap and git gudded on one too many times or something?
admittedly it sounds like playing through the games was biblically difficult for him so i can guess i understand it getting under his skin a little more

I have a friend who brings this up a lot too, but he brings it up in response to things where it doesn't even apply.
>"I can't do tilt attacks in smash bros"
"Yeah you gotta tilt the stick ever so slightly. It's kind of difficult"
>"Why do they make it so hard? I just want to do tilt attacks"
"There's a bit of nuance to it but you just gotta tilt the stick and press attack button, I swear it works"
>"oh la DEe dA I Guess i'm juSt NoT smArt ENOuGh liKE yOU ARE hAHah gIt GUd RetarD"

Works the other way too
>After listening to a YouTuber, I now hate the game

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Someone redpill me on vanilla DS2 versus SOTFS.

and that may color your perspective as a result, that's kind of how i saw it at least, i didn't listen to the whole thing but he brought it up like multiple times in what i did listen to and that's what kind of surprised me, seems like something you'd talk about once and then never go back to, maybe im misremembering and just coloring it myself with my distaste

it's different, there's different mob placement and many less statues of yore in super gay places, i think you can access all the dlc without being on sotfs as well? but idk and frankly i'd just suggest playing sotfs to avoid the hassle of getting vanilla
i had forgot for example the statue of yore that blocks you in the area under the gutter where you fight the rotten right before his bonfire, devilish

After I finally tire of Elden Ring, I'm going to beat DS2 no matter what. It's the only Souls game I haven't finished. My friend always mocks me for it too. I've probably played 100+ hours of the game (Steam says 70, and I've played more on PS3), and I always get lost and just give up.
>"Dude you didn't give it a chance! It's good!"
Ok, somehow 100+ hours of playing a game does not count as "giving it a chance."
Not the user you're replying to, but I guess I'll try SotFS. I heard the DLC is actually pretty good.

I suggest the pursuers ultra greatsword with a set of heavy armor my friend, DS2 is plenty fun, I played both vanilla and sotfs to death back when they came out. It really is rough around the edges though, when I went back to it recently it was very jarring to put it mildly at first. Once you get rolling though it gets pretty fun and the DLC comes at a good time in the game as there wasn't much to do once you became super powerful in the vanilla game outside of NG+ (which actually rules in DS2 as opposed to the other games, new enemies and new encounters, enough to justify a second playthrough at least imo).
Get your ADP to where it needs to be and just ride it out.
If you really want to just have an easy time you can also just make a hexer, they're pretty much as smooth sailing as you can get.

is "listening to youtuber" your secret newspeak for playing the game?

I've always thought that DS2 was rough around the edges, but not a terrible game. Kind of a FF7 -> FF8 syndrome but to a lesser degree. FF8 is still fine and playable, but it couldn't possibly follow up FF7, at least not in fans' and critics' eyes.
DS2 was supposed to be a follow up to the industry defining Dark Souls, and I think they moved a lot of things in the right direction, and missed the mark in other areas. It's still a perfectly fine game, but I get so turned around and lost in it, in a way that doesn't happen to me in any other From game. I think if I just stream the game with the stream title "I WILL BEAT DS2 NO MATTER WHAT", some helpful DS2 fans will come in and guide me if I get lost. Then I can finally put this game to rest. Or, who knows, I might like it enough for a second playthrough.

>but never explains why he fights you
He's testing you

i mean everyone has different tastes, i am not one of those ds2 autists but it's a fine game, discussion sours when people compare them

I played through DS2 about a month before elden ring came out, it’s really not good

Cope. Ugly shit game.

Ds2 is like a fat girl on tinder.

Blatantly lying about their looks.

DS2 had the most variety in pretty much everything about a souls game. Not to mention the amount of actual color the game had.

>sours when people compare them

Because there is no comparison. But you were arrogant enough to give your game the same name as the one that changed the entire industry. And so you will be compared forever.