Play [email protected]

Play [email protected]

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If you wanna jack off just do it, don't waste your money in shitware like that

What's the appeal of games like [email protected]?

>still no 3D rips so i can copy the topology of these models
fucking pain

where do I play this

Unless this is some console exclusive game that can't be emulated, you can relatively easily rip 3D models from the game render pipeline using some tools.

That's not even a loli, retard

None of them are in English

the new songs have been shit imo
LOVE IS GAME was kind of cute though

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On PC, phones or your favorite tranny supported console

No thanks. I have other, better gachas to play

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No feet = no play

dat range

I would, if they sold it here.

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the creator really hates the west huh

Will be dead in a year

To be fair, they likely want to avoid the trannies constantly talking shit
out of sight out of mind

what even are these games about?

There are multiple trans and non-binary idols in the games

Music, girls and grooming

so what, pure vns?

But I do, and it's great.

kys tranny

Not pure, they’re also simulation and rhythm games


I love [email protected] but I got tired of the gacha model and the console games have been shit for a while.
Haven't touched the games since whenever Starlit Season came out and I only played that for like a week before I got bored.

[email protected]!

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the music is uplifting
thats why miura liked it and delayed berserk to an oblivion

John Brown will curb stomp you on the way, deus vult

stop replying to bait
are you a retard? actually don't answer, i already know it

rhythm games

I appreciate the effort you hebe guys are putting into trying to make the term catch on
or to well-poison the term, I'm not sure exactly. but good effort


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i'm harder than you metal momoko

Sexy hebe


how did they get away with this

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Hebes are for pregnancy!

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Which one should I play?
Starlight Stage, Theater Days, or Growing Stars?

Growing Stars if you're not a fag of course.

Try them all.
They're all good.

I mean you can play all three if you have the energy or Shiny Colors

Have they tuned the jiggle physics (not just boobs) down yet? I want some realistic heft to jiggly things.

Nope, not in the cellphone games.

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>Literally me idol that UOOOOOOOOOOOHs like the resident Iku-poster (and on record said little girl hands feel like marshmallowsTToooTT)
>Also make her an incredibly talented singer and canon wife
What the fuck did they mean by this?

Feet is a common theme.

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region locked, not translated

But Ive had sex

Good, that means you're not the target audience.

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enjoy your dead game ;)

Tell that to Dragalia Lost.

I didn't even know they were games, just fap bait material

These guys are lying, Idolmaster is actually a fighting game.

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I want to be squished by Metal Momoko's ass

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Wanna bet?
That's one of her special moves

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incredibly based

the seiyuu

Which game is from? One of the 360 ones?

cant find it in english

What's the appeal of [your favorite anime]?
Should be pretty obvious to guess that it's probably PS3/360 going by the looks

That's the port of the first one for the 360.

VERY smug bear idols.

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why the FUCK are they so smug?

Need it or keep it?