Has the real time war gaming genre advanced at all over the past 10 years or so?

Has the real time war gaming genre advanced at all over the past 10 years or so?

I was thinking of buying WARNO recently but I havent played the genre since the European Escalation and having checked the reviews it seems the game has real problems?

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>it seems the game has real problems?
It's not finished, WG:RD is much better at most thing.
Though WARNO will have map editor and maybe mod support, which is already enough to be better than WGRD because I can't look at WGRD maps anymore.

is it not too old though? I know this sounds silly, but great graphics were part of the appeal

How is steel division 2?

>I know this sounds silly, but great graphics were part of the appeal
Graphics are much better in WARNO, this and map editor are the reasons why I've bought it.
But there's just barely any content, UI is atrocious and balance won't be good for several months, maybe more.
Though the game already improved a lot compared to release version, AA doesn't feel like complete shit for example.

Also WGRD still looks fine, excluding infantry.

>How is steel division 2?
Some people like it, some people hate it.
I fucking despise it because I don't like the tempo of WW2 warfare, there are tanks that make WGRD super heavies look like IFVs and everything feels very slow overall.

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Hahaha Russia lost

to USA, not Ukraine

We can all say we beat Russia. Since Ukraine only survived the invasion due to our aid and donations

>Ukraine only survived
Yeah about that, Ukraine wasn't a thriving country before invasion and no one gonna invest billions in them after the war ends.

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Press Z to spit on hohols

And that's good

still lost kek

Yeah no shit, fuck hohols
I have personal vendetta against them for pic related

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Reinforcements have arrived

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How are these muzzie orcs white again?

>because MSNBC keeps telling me

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>bait OP
The intended direction was always down

Games with cool arti?

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this was posted by the OP (me) and i just thoguht the pic was funny and it reminded me of how i thought about buying warno a few weeks ago

Red hair, blue eyes. They look white enough, their weird mountain culture is a problem. "We were such superiror warriors that we got chased in the least hospitable region by the plains dwellers". Also "we value pride and independence above all else, which is why we're kissing Kadyrov's feet".

what the fuck, is this real?

Whirligig anomaly. Nasty shit.

Name except for Kadyrov who doesn’t look like your usual inbred muzzie honestly.

Russia is filled with muslims and churkas.

This is called a Flat Spin. Learned about it when testing for the Air Force rated positions.

I don't recall how it exactly it comes about, it's basically due to your engines getting fucked or stalling.

Once you're in a Flat Spin, you have three choices:
1) Eject - this is the smartest move and your best chance of survival.
2) Try to correct by performing a dive - which pushes air through the engines, combines with fuel and the afterburner, and you MAYBE MIGHT be able to pull back up before you fireball into the earth if you have both high enough altitude and somehow are able to orient your jet nose down. This is - generally - not even advised by the USAF, as replacing a pilot is much more time-consuming and expensive than replacing a $150 million jet.
3) Die - this is probably the worst option but it has a 100% success rate.

Between this and having to sign up a minimum of 10 years instead of 6 were the main reasons I decided to swap from Pilot to RPAP, but this ain't a blog.

Let me guess, you’re American?

The thread was always meant to be about the war with a thin veener of pretending to be videogames
yet it gets to stay but we aren't allowed to have legitimate on topic discussion about how the wests propaganda efforts might affect media in franchises with Russian characters

azovstal is fallen.

>Russian super-army invades USA
All the RTS games with this story feel like pure fantasy now.

The fact the most powerful Army in the world couldn't take third world shitholes for the past 70 years didn't clue you into the fact that war isn't spamming the super-army you hid up your ass?

I'm sure that USA's goal totally was adding poor brown territory across the globe to their own country's borders. They totally didn't just go there for the funny black liquid.

get back in your cage

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Everything is going smoothly. Trust the plan.

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does WARNO have any GOOD single player content at all or is it another online only rts?

And owning the commies.....or die trying.

Hey does anyone have the op picture but with the badly drawn trollfaces, I remember it from ages ago but I can't find it

>*presses table expansion button*

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2 weeks ago you were all claiming Russia was actually winning tho

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>i think i'm at the objective

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I haven't checked in for a while, is /pol/ pro-Russia in this thing? Why?

They confabulate everything with da jooz, so it's basically random what they pretend to support each day.

They rolled the red carpet out for actual reddit maga retards in 2016 and now their chickens are coming home to roost. Russia apologism became really commonplace on the board when orange man was accused of collusion, and now the magacels can only choose between admitting they got duped or continuing to pretend Russia is our greatest ally.
Also, there's a fuckload of actual Russian bots on there with comically bad english

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russia lost to reddit

Curiously, the funny black liquid is also present in ukraine. I wonder why there was an invasion?

staying counterculture as always. since most of the world didn't support russia's invasion of ukraine, supporting ukraine was supporting globohomo to them.
they happily ate up any russian and chinese propaganda they could get

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Whiter than you, N'Gbu/Paco/Chang

>OP by some paid shill
>thread does exactly what it should

THe black part has no opinion?

No, that would be the white part. Ukraine is dark blue if you look closely.

A flat spin happens when one wing stalls before the other one does.
There is a procedure for coming out if it, but you need a fair bit of altitude to work with, and the plane in that webm is going to crash.
The pilot probbaly already ejected.

Thenk yu amerika
Death to vatniks

It has "balanced for multiplayer" written all over it, and peace be upon anyone who's into that but it's really not my thing.

Not only is it already being dictated by compfags but it's also constrained by the hyper specific setting they insist on

it amazes me how strong buildings are. Although looking back at the syrian war, I think Ukrainian buildings are stronger

Commies made things to last because planned obsolescence wasn't profitable without rampant capitalism. I live in a commieblock that was built in the 60s which has a "shelf-life" of 50 years. It's still in perfect condition (save for the basements having a few leaks here and there).

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