Defend boob armor

Defend boob armor

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Defend female warriors.

boob need room

It's insanely erotic

Boobs exist and it shouldn't cause discomfort in battle if the chest playe hits it too hard

Women in war are just cheerleaders/eye candy so they'll better look good. And its historical, so fuck off, retard.


Its fucking shit.

Female armour needs to look like this

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probably very comfortable for big breasted ladies

Muh dick

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It's aesthetic and doesn't hugely weaken the design of a chestplate. It'd be a bit finnicky and take extra work to do, a bit impractical but perfectly fine, just like sculpted abs on Spartan armour.

No, we don't want men turning to trannies.

If you're going to indulge in the fiction of women being warriors, especially in a historical context, there may as well be freedom in the art design.

Why? Shouldn't you be doing that?

Honestly, I just like it. Felt kinda shitty when I played Elden Ring and 99% of the armor didn't change if you had a female body.

for orcs

>see woman
>think about men and trannies
kill yourself fag

Women like to look cute. Women's sports uniforms are not identical to men's, which are largely utilitarian.

I just wanna take em off

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Is hot.

It's aesthetically pleasing and helps character silhouettes stand out.

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Anime and frog website

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Why is there /tg/ bait on my Yea Forums?

but the armour doesn't need to be actually boob shaped with each one defined.
If anything that would make for a better purchase for enemy blades to land and catch

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It depends whether the game is "realistic" or not. If not, then there isn't any problem with it, and should actually go further and make it bikini armor. If the game IS realistic, then there shouldn't even be female warriors in the first place, which, contrary to pozzed media would like you to believe, really wasn't a thing at all, anywhere.

Why does it have nipples?

pic related is chest protection for girls that do fencing
now kys

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they make my penis erect

The only problem with OPs pic is that when she bends forward the belly section of the armor is going to slide right into the flesh of her boobs, assuming they are actually inside those cups.

>it's like I'm naked and ripped!
>but I'm not!
It's basipaly boob armor for men

While not as good as male warriors,
more soldiers is more soldiers.

>take it off
>take a whiff


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No matter how much they push female warriors, it'll never be historically accurate.

Perfectly logical reasons. Also, explain why bras aren't flat if the argument that "it gets in the way" is a fair and logical one. Also bare in mind this is METAL. There would be less contact with the blade on impact, meaning more concentrated force on that part of the blade -- in turn causing more stress on the edge of the blade. You could literally dull a blade with your tits.

Without armor females would be naked.

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Fencing is a pretty controlled environment and not a place of war.
They can be lax for comfort

It lets me know who to target and focus my anger on

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That's a good fucking pasta.

That's not boob armor.


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self hating white people are cringe
Grow up incel

Woah! It's that antiwork redditor!

Plate > Frills > Bikini

Tim Burton got trapped in a time bubble.

you are right, i can't defend women wearing clothes.

Some people just like to show off, like codpiece armor

Yeah ok, now show a protection against real weapons.

No, armor doesn't need to cover that much

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Isn't the codpiece's purpose to hold the plate of armor so in doesn't slide down from all the weight+movement?

Based. This is real female armour

I don't have to because boob armor can defend itself

female warriors would only hinder an army
there's a reason they have never been a thing

It is historically accurate

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>defend boob armor
i defend boob armor because armor defends boob
simple as

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There should only be one type of armor, and it's reverse boob armor. Instead of two cones, there should be one. Sloped armor for deflection. Regardless of which sex wears it, both have the same large boob in the middle.

She felt like it?

>reverse boob armor
Based - women should suffer.

Easier to differentiate between kill and capture targets.

Because men have boob armor too

Video games are a pretty controlled environment all things considered. I'm glad the digital objects are wearing safety gear all the same.

Boob armor is the only armor a woman would wear, because women never fought in actual wars, so the times they had to wear ones it would only used as a fashion statement.

Boobs can be bigger, sure it doesnt need to be shaped just considered.

it's to impress the ladies

In the here and now maybe. Putting women in harm's way is a great way to diminish the ability to maintain a fighting force in the long term.

>form up pike line
>brace for charge
>enemy charge hits
>your lines instantly shatter as fucking stacy crumples, making a gap that can be exploited
>men dead
>no women left to make new men, they died on the same field
>but at least we were inclusive

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Any woman with breasts larger than that should be back at the castle making babies

Makes my pp hard.

I just think female characters look cooler without them. Boob armors just scream low quality korean f2p mmo.

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That is as good of an answer as saying "boob armours are there to distract the enemy in the battlefield".
But anyway, in media those armours exist to make sure you acknowledge there's female warriors there. It doesn't have to make perfect sense, male armours tend to be ridiculous as well to give variety and stand out in terms of design.

Why necromancers have bone armours? How it's put together and is it more practical than light metal? Who cares? They're designed that way to let you know perfectly clear that's a necromancer.

>Tranime website
We know

It's stupid if they exist on normal armor for regular grunts, but makes sense if it's meant to be worn by a general or a queen or something.

>boob armor
>thigh armor
>skintight bodysuit underneath
>The Helmet. Stays. On.

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boob armor was made during the time where jews didnt control video games. bring boob armor back

female knights are my fetish.
always best character in their game