What's a game you love that is unpopular on Yea Forums?

What's a game you love that is unpopular on Yea Forums?

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Musou games

Disco Elysium

>don't talk about things you hate
>just be quiet about them
>like rape, murder, and child abuse
What a retarded stance.

All Xenoblades equally

fuck woman

Elden Ring

I would say cyberpunk 2077 but I've come to realization that that game still a piece of unredeemable shit.


wonder if the writer of this scene thought this was smart

>making small talk with someone
I know I'm on Yea Forums but I don't understand how you people are so fucking inept at the most basic social concepts. Your autism is so severe that I'm honestly surprised you're able to hammer out a sentence. Anyone else with this severe of a case of the 'tism would be nonverbal.

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Fire Emblem Awakening.

I won't argue that it doesn't deserve the hate, but I still enjoy it a lot.


didnt read stop blogging

caves of qud

Cyberpunk, any game who made me care about characthers is already a good fame for me.

I'll bet you my bottom dollar that this foid would start nagging about things she dislikes maybe not even more than a minute later

>>making small talk with someone
Stopped reading there. Why the fuck would I make small talk?

TL;DR: you're a fucking autismo lmao

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Mass Effect all of them

Because we know the last of us 2 being a bad game is the same as being raped

Autism simulators I found on /jp/.

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>the last of us 2 being a bad game
it's a good but not great game

My brother from another mother. At least the occasional Musou threads are good though.

make me keep quiet. you are bitching about someone complaining the absolute irony. I would punch her lights out.

In some ways, it's worse. They raped the characters and murdered the most beloved one, and forced us to watch. All for the sake of subverting expectations.

Symphony of the Night

Slenderman Must Die

Initially I was going to say
>talking to a woman
like the OP's picture implied but I figured that was too high of a bar to reach for a majority of this board.

Zelda 2

Last of us could have benefited from more rape honestly, it's the post apocalypse where the females get repeatedly tied up, but no rape, killing pregnant women and honeys is okay, but that's the line drawn.
Seems a little unrealistic to me.

>Raping someone

You like talking to women, what are you gay?


>enter an international conference about child exploitation and how to stop it
>punch the panelist in the face
>steal the mic
>"stop talking about child rape you perverts"

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More like
>talk about what normies like, and shut up about things that make us feel uncomfortable

What a life!

Fantastic game. Not sure what's going on with 2.

You think its cool to love things. Its not. Its boring.

Talk about what you hate and keep quiet about what you dont.

*attractive woman pic*

Hit the nail on the head

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Soul Nomad, 1Bitheart, Maglam Lord
Not that Yea Forums dislikes them, they just aren't mentioned

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Does Yea Forums really not like it? Besides the devs wanting a hugbox i dont see anything to hate inside the game

Destiny 2. I don't even play it anymore and I sure as fuck will never ever bring it up here.

Metal gear survive is extremely underrated

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i love how you can tell by a celebrity's eyes just how many babies they've eaten

>In some ways, it's worse.

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Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines but their multiplayer is really fun!

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
Assassin's Creed Origins (Funny because I liked nothing after Revelations and Odyssey/Ragnarok was dogshit that I didn't even touch.)
Dragon Age Inquisition (This is easy to explain because I've never played origins and 2. So I dont know the quality drop that everyone refers to)

>Maglam Lord
I wish this one was released on PC. It reminds me of the Swordcraft Story games.

Every thread is either e-celeb spam or people complaining about immortal fursona self-inserts (and then they talk about how the e-celeb invaded the fursona self-inserter's discord to shitpost about it).

And then if you crictique the media and expose how bad it is they will say its bad on purpose.

These people could backflip over everest with there mental gymnastics, and i wonder if its to fool the masses or themselves probably both

I frequent an rp site where some transexual, completely unprompted, keeps bringing up child molestation and rape and how much he hates it. It's at the point I am entirely convinced he's a pedo.

>woman is retarded
more at 10

I assume those people havent actually played the game then because while the e celeb focused on that character its not an outlier or sticks out if youve been playing the game and reading descriptions, one quirky OC isnt memorable but i remember some random generated warden i got a companion and eventually died in the caves.

Also mutant or true kin?

It's not particularly good and the design work is mostly ugly as sin but I love it regardless.

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I don't think it's particularly disliked but you rarely ever see someone on here discussing it, I have an unholy amount of hours in this game and would love to talk about it but no one seems to play it on here or /vg/

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You can say ResetEra user.

If it wasn't related to Banjo-Kazooie and if the levels were a bit less empty, it probably would have gotten a much more positive reception. I remember the vehicle creation being a lot of fun.

Creating vehicle was fun, using them was not.
Not sure why they thought making a banjo game where platforming suck ass was a good idea

This is actually false. The science literally says that people connect more based on what they hate than what they love. At least when it comes to momentary attraction, flirting, etc. It's why "Fuck Trump" was on every dating profile.

I don't hate things because it's cool.
I hate them because it's necessary.

Its a very niche game but once it clicks it clicks, put around 55 hours on a true kin once i got the hang of things, still not man enough to play ironman and not savescum but id never have gotten as far otherwise.

Cant wait for the full game to come out with all the mutations they have planned.

I own a PS5 and enjoyed the Demon's Souls Remake.

wonder if you think you're smart for seething ~10 years off your age expectancy

Had loads of fun with it, never played the previous games since I didn’t have an N64

Last of Us 1
Horizon Zero Dawn
Every God of War other than Ascension
Wind Waker HD
Battlefront 2 2017
I think DmC Devil May Cry is decent
Fear 2
Far Cry 5
Detroit Become Human
Call of Duty up to Black Ops 1, everything after sucks
Deus Ex Mankind Divided

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Is he a conservative? They tend to do that nowadays.

Elden Ring.

you're not seriously going to start pushing this bullshit are you?

Cyberpunk 2077. I get the hate, but most of it is due to the fucked up marketing campaign. I kept my expectations in check and ended up enjoying it more than any Witcher.

Most pedos were molested as children. That's how the parasites entered their colon work their way to the brain and rewire shit to make them like sodomy so the parasites can migrate to new colons thus creating new pedos and fulfilling the circle of its life

Trump stands for hate.

>The product is telling you to stop criticizing the product and just be excited for the next product

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Mario Sunshine
Wind Waker
Castlevnaia Legacy of Darkness

I've seen weirder things. If she posts on Yea Forums then she's probably determined to be seen as "one of the good ones" and hence virtue signal like mad about Yea Forums's latest obsession.

>muh whataboutism
Really? You're going to bring that into this? You think you're being clever and making a point but you're coming off like a faggot.

no, Trump stands for "Trans-Racially Unified Means of Production." Look it up.

Pretty much all of them.
Silent storm series for example or expeditions series.

Expeditions isn't unpopular, all RPGchads love them

If you hate whataboutism then don't talk about it.