I miss this series like you wouldn’t believe

I miss this series like you wouldn’t believe

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the series still going. also, it has my wife Nanami.

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I'm sure we'll get DoA7 with rollback soon..

There will never be a DOA7, DOA6 wasn't even a failure for them but they still cut its life short.

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I don't care. I want Soul Calibur

DoA6 needed to stop pandering to pedophiles aka FGC and stop milking people with shit like paying for hair colors and grinding to get pieces for costumes. and most of all, they needed to keep all modes from previous games.
let's hope DoA7 actually listens to feedback

What is this rollback thing you are posting in every fighting game lately? Never heard of it.

shut the fuck up tranny cuck

>DoA6 needed to stop pandering to pedophiles
How fucking new are you, tranny tourist? Fucking outsiders like are piss me off the most, you disgusting freak.

>pedophiles aka FGC
did you even read what i wrote?

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you don;t deserve (you)

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Imagine being THIS autistic and that much of a schizo freak lmao

no u

DoA7 never ever.

It will stay as gacha. This is the future you chose as a consumer.

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Pure looking shrine maiden

it was either that or DoA6 type game.

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Realistically when do you think we will get new DOA game? DOAXVV or DOA7 doesn't matter.

coming from a reddit spacer, ironic. Consoom and all that

Play DOA6 then. If all the coomers who said they miss the series actually played the series instead the game would be alive.

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I tried scarlet on the switch and it was pretty good

I want DOAX4 with jetski races.

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Eh, they ruined the counter system and went that stupid route with supers. Battle system peaked with DoA 4, after that they tried to hard to pander EVO fags.

and if possible some actual bonding with other girls instead of just your playmate for mini games.

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Her himecut hair makes her 10x hotter. Goddamn.

there is no fighting that I know of in the game though

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God I just wanna BREED with her. She makes me so hot and horny.

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That's a cute picture of Nyo.

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Her tanlines are making me melt before I can even touch myself.

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Gross, pale is best.

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What dorks.

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wow you might just be the most unlikeable user on the whole fucking website

Question for the deep tan user: How did you get it working? I installed the reshade from LoversLab and it eventually broke at some point. Was using DMM if that's relevant.

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Who let Kokopuffs get tattoos?

These threads make me think Hitomi is not actually so popular

I love tanlines, maximum tan is a must for all my girls.

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Well she was more popular in the past that's for sure.

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this has everything you needed.

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I want to lick all that sweat up.

These are some old ones, before I knew how to use reshade.

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She's not unpopular, but she has fallen to the wayside in recent years. No longer is she going to be placed front and center on the boxart. Those days are over.

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Why do jannies delete doa threads? They're not generals.

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Because DoA isn't one of the mods' pet games like Smash, Undertale, or Souls.

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DOA will return with the resurrection of Virtua Fighter as they merge the three series into the greater Ninja Gaiden universe and brings along Wirriam as a guest fighter for DOA7.

The birb scares them.

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Do you really want a modern take on Virtua Fighter?

Because they are just picture dumping threads for sad permavirgin coomers.

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Where do you think you are? Facebook?

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