Me and my wife, Kogasa Tatara

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Why is her umbrella wearing slippers and socks?

my baby inside

Maternity socks. Are you discriminating against umbrellas wearing them?

Because she is the umbrella

Kogasa is a decent woman who doesn't expose her toes in public places.

Based. Post more preg

Kogasa needs to wear footwear, do you expect her to go barefoot?

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The child isn't yours

I love Sanae!

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Do not lie, I fucked her until I was sure that I would be getting twins

Cum inside you are favourite toehoe, now

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Was that before or after we fucked like rabbits at my place for three days straight?

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not videogames
fuck off

Kogasa does not belong in the trash!
Everyone has their own Kogasa, cucking is not possible.


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So her foot doesn't get cold, duh.

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Good morning touhou thread.
Please be of posting 1cc's and progress.
That is all.

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fuck off not videogames

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but this also applys to the eldenshit spamming

Day in, day out, I effortlessly clear both loops then get destroyed by the true last boss. There is no progress in sight.

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Kogasa would never cheat on me, she's the most faithful girl in Gensokyo
Clearly you fucked a fake Kogasa, an impostor

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Press x more dummy.

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You fucked the tanuki.

I think my Kogasa has been seeing other girls.

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There's no bombs in ZeroRanger, only pain.

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Oh no...

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Having wife is cringe. Having kids is cringe.

Still working on no focus

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Having kidwife is...?

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What are you, a raging faggot?

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Self-inser tranny cucks are such cringe.

You have bought PoFV on Steam already, right? It just released.

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>buying games

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>buying games

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why isnt pregnancy a more popular fetish

God, I wish that were me.

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Don't be afraid to assert yourself user, I know you'll get that no focus soon!

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Not all youkai give birth. Some like the baku and kappa and tengu lay eggs.

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I want to make some eggs.

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play mystia's game then

Enjoy your salmonella infection.

Mystia hasn't sold boiled eggs ever since Kutaka rolled into town.

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I would like to do some things to Mystia

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The Umbrella is the real Kogasa, the girl is actually a decoy.

Reminder that next month is Fuck Kogasa Month.

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This but with Aya

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Kokoro's month was a letdown

Kokoro's cunny took a break and let Mystia take all the damage.

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It was February, what did you expect?

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Does that mean the real Kogasa is being cucked by her decoy?


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It was changed to Mystias month, but everyone forgot.

Well she was used goods after all those trains ran on her.

Tenko-chan will never be in another game. Not after the incident...

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I am out of corndogs.

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i have been stuck at 4dan for 6 months now

All that shitposting and for what?
I still love kokoro and always will

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the truth was no one really cared
I don't think anyone really cared for the first kokoro sex month, but since that was the first one there were some token efforts
murasa month was cool though

>no multiplayer
>no vsync patch
>no effort
ZUN can smooch my sweaty nutsack. Not giving this lazy ricekike a single shekel ever again.

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