Final Fantasy XVI Absent From Square Enix’s 2022 Release Lineup Post

>Square Enix has unwrapped a list of expected games to be released by the company in 2022, with Final Fantasy XVI being conspicuously absent from the lineup.


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yoshi-P failed

We were supposed to get info by now...

>development started in 2016
>announced in 2020
>2 years of silence
I think it's FFXV 2.0

They are just waiting until more people have PS5


>expect FF16 will come a lot sooner than you think
>it's been years since they talked about it
who actually believed that lie?

The most gullible of idiots.

its ff15 all over again. not like this bros. not like this

Jesus how does it take SE so long to release a mediocre action game.



FFXV 2.0

>expecting a 2022 release from the same company who was mismanaged almost every big project since 2009

I mean, it was pretty clear that it'd be at least a 2023 title.
I'd still like some news soon, though.

ff12 released in like 2005

>with a retarded DMCuck planner on board
Hopefully this garbage is canceled and they put the budget towards actual good games instead.

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>ff16 delayed
>kh4 anounced 4 years too early again
>ff7remake floped. sequel nowhere in sight
>marvel and platinum shit floped
>gross looking valkyrie flop incoming
are they ok over there? whats going on?

>That release lineup
Yikes. Is there any hope for this company? Without FF14 they'd be dead several times over by now.

Don't forget Wokespoken.

is yoshiters goodwill finally running out? between this and ff14 fags seething over housing/hairstyle/balance it aint looking too god for our lad.

>out of these Babylon's Fall, Chocobo GP and FFSoP have already bombed and Forspoken was delayed to bomb in Fall
Why haven't Square's execs committed seppuku yet?

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I've heard good things from switch owners about triangle Strategy but considering they dont even mention it in their lineup I think their embarassed by it

The last time Square managed to be somewhat competent with FF was in PS2 user, that was almost 20 years ago.

>sony buys FFXVI exclusivity
>PS5 production is shit
>scalpers galore
>potentially releasing a final fantasy game on sub 30 million consoles

stupid fucking whore

>Triangle Strategy game that they had NO faith end up being a million seller
>Most anticipated game of the year is a remake of a 30 years old game, only done because Nintendo begged.

Yoshi-P is about to learn how toxic FF14 cult really is the moment they grow disillusioned and begin blaming him for his fuck ups.

Their financial reports are about to get real ugly.

I didn't see anything for Live a Live HD either, SE really fucking hates their smaller games.

Damn your right.

Who will SE merge with this time after going bankrupt?


Square announces games too damn early, like XV that got announced in 2006 and released in an Early Access state in 2016

This is going to be a FFXV level mess and I would not be shocked if the PS6 is out before FFXVI is out

Finally the unholy combination of a game company that can't make games and a game company that doesn't want to make games

I didn't think they'd say that.

>Wednesday January 12
Another thread of OP digging up old news for attention.

The news are never coming.

It's been nearly two years since the announcement and the only news they've had is a fucking t-shirt. Which retard thought it was coming this year?

>XV got announced in 2006
It got announced in 2013

>See game announced with what looks like actual in-game cutscenes and gameplay, no pre-rendered VIZZYOUALL WERKS shit
>Get excited thinking that maybe Squenix has learned their lesson
>Almost two years with no info
I was a fucking idiot

It's okay, the cash shop in XIV singlehandedly finances their every flop and makes sure that new flops keep coming.

>ff7remake floped.
I'm always amazed at what Yea Forums thinks is reality

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Next star ocean sometime this year
>never been more ready for the cringe
2022 is saved

i don't get it

>babylon fall: FLOP
>Chocobo GP: FLOP
>Strangers of paradise: FLOP
>Forspoken: Soon to be FLOP
Is Squeeeeeeeeenix okay?

>nintendo begs for live a live remake from square and gets it
>moves the release date of xenoblade 3 to week after live a live
What did Nintendo mean by this?

Game is ready to go but sony is keeping exclusives back from releasing so that more ps5s get produced first

Watch out for the resident Squarefag who will tell that it's okay to release flop after flop because gacha prints money.

Versus XIII got renamed as XV, that doesn't reset the development clock, Barry.

>See game announced with what looks like actual in-game cutscenes and gameplay, no pre-rendered VIZZYOUALL WERKS shit

Keyword: looks. You fell for canned animation with no actual mechanics behind it hook, line, and sinker. It's a cruel lesson to learn, but ever since Killzone 2 I don't trust anything calling itself a gameplay trailer.

>I'm always amazed at what Yea Forums thinks is reality

morons think this tweet is recent and not from August 2020

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Does anyone believe that new Star Ocean won't flop given how terrible the previous games were? The Diofield Chronicle sounds stupid and it's not a Nintendo exclusive, it will get middling sales at best.

Are you surprised? Each mainline FF takes more time than the last.

punishing them (rightly) for the N64-GC days

He didn't have anyone to copy from

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By the time yoshartp shits it out you will be too old to care.


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People used to joke about Nomura taking 10 years to direct a game, but I think we will witness the same thing being said about Yoshida.

This is dated back in January. Either way
>new Star Ocean
It's going to be shit, isn't it

>talented creators from around the world

How are people still interested in Final Fantasy? Stranger of Paradise seems funny but the franchise has been a joke since X-2.

Only one man can save us from Nomura and YoshiP. It's his time. Just make XIII-4 a dating simulator.

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Yes, they did. And if you weren't sure why would you make that post.

>implying it's sold much more since then
>after being free on ps plus and egs fiasco
SE will probably add PS Plus downloads as sales

>tricked Squeeenix into funding 3 games for his waifu
the absolute madman, i kneel

>"What I want to do is to examine the humanity of the characters in this game. This is not going to be a fantasy world in the traditional Final Fantasy sense. Rather it's based in the world today with all of this world's ugly issues. There's this mainstream tradition of Final Fantasy games and, in Versus I'm trying to propose new vision of how a Final Fantasy game can be. The game's going to be more human than the science-fiction caricature we so often see. It will focus around current world events - in that sense it's darker. It will be different in Versus XIII because of the intrusion of the real world, and things that are really happening. There will be less fiction and more reality." - Nomura

>"Final Fantasy XIV's approach to reflecting real-world issues is influenced by Tactics Ogre. Tactics Ogre has a story that includes ethnic cleansing that greatly influenced my desire to reflect real-life conflicts and issues to make Final Fantasy XIV more realistic." - Banri Oda

>"Ogre Battle came out, the Gulf War had just broken out, and you were hearing about it and seeing it on the news everyday. For Tactics Ogre, we’ve got the problems in the former Yugoslavia and the Bosnian War all over the news. The world of Tactics Ogre is extremely complex, so I think it might be rejected out-of-hand if we weren’t immersed in this kind of news right now. But because people are aware of the conflicts in Yugoslavia, people will accept a game with a story like this, I think. I could not have made a game like this in the past." - Matsuno

>HS: “The story seems pretty bleak. It dives deep into human nature. Achieving something this complex is not going to be easy”.

>Naoki Yoshida nods in agreement to these comments and adds “Yes (FF16) is quite… hardcore”.

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>“I can’t say very much about it right now. However, since the first Final Fantasy, I’ve been playing the games in the series as they’re released, and I’m now approaching my 50s…Like the Warriors of Light leveling up, I’ve grown as a person, and along the way you get to know…I guess you could call it the pain of world? I’m aiming to make XVI a Final Fantasy that people who know both the good things and the painful things in the real world can get really excited about again.
>I think there’s a kind of anguish you can only understand once you become an adult. I want to make this game a fantasy that fans who grew up with Final Fantasy , now that they know more about the real world, will be able to get something out of and mentally engage with, to make a fantasy that they can enjoy once again." - Yoshida

Do Yasumi Matsuno, Tetsuya Nomura and Naoki Yoshida really think that discussing politics and real-world issues in a video game = deep and deeper story = good? Contrary to what they and associated namefags think a Final Fantasy is a playable fairy tale with politics ONLY in the background, and their games (in one case would've) sucked. Fuck Tactics, fuck 12, fuck Vagrant Story, fuck Versus 13 and FUCK FF16.

like Forshitten?