Epic puts in no build

>Epic puts in no build
>Expect the fanbase to feel invested in the season because they want building back
>People love no build
>Large playerbase increase
>No build now the most popular mode
Buildlets seething
I want to to destroy Erisa's cute tight butt with my dick.

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>cute tight butt
Is this the new cope for them removing female asses?

So what's the story after no one cared about getting building back? The "bad guy" won?

user, you simply don't understand. You need to unlock her, play as her. See her hips sway as she walks.

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you lurk all day and post this in any fortnite thread, did tim sweeney buttfuck you or something?

I dont understand how people liked the building in the first place. I guess it was "skillful" and everything to be able to build well and build quickly, or out build your opponent. But it was so fucking boring over all shooting someone dozens of walls/etc get put up between you and them in almost an instant. You shoot walls more than the opponent. Again, it was skillful to build walls and shit to get the advantage on someone, but regardless of the skill level involved, it still wasnt fun.

Kept wondering why her costume looks so weird but it's literally because there's no skin window on her at all. Looks so retarded.

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i will never forgive epic for ruining her 3d design


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it's still better than the other anime models, they're getting closer to not fucking them up.

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Call me when no build and no battle royale mode will be added then i'm in.

When the fuck am I getting my 50v50 no build mode?
(Team Royale does not come close)

I just want 50v50 back in general, team rumble is shit.

>No build now the most popular mode
Is there any source for this or how many percentage of the playerbase are build/no build? Although team deathmatch don't have a no build mode and that could skew the ratio. I want to rub into the face of some buildfag friends. Thanks.

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Too bad those assholes decided to get rid of emotes in battle passes and sell them instead for five bucks

Fucking Tim

Your butt is getting destroyed

By Erisa?

>solo has been mildly easy, finishing up to at least top 10 each time
>try squads
>most team members are complete braindead retards that would rather either ZERG RUSH KEKEKEKE and eat shit where most people drop off
>or dive off alone far away from everyone else, die within minutes and disconnect
>now it's a bigger challenge
>not to mention micfags not having any sense of awareness on how many baby crying, loud nigger music, arguing and other shit going on
>get pissed off and turn on mic just to start cussing out teammates for being so braindead
>have to suck up on not calling names even though it always slip by
>then came the match with two 9 years old and some fag
>seems like they're good friends and they're discussing doing missions together
>find it cute and turn off mic to not boss them around and ruin their moment
>fuck it, going to try harder so these twerps have fun
>they do quite well and work together nicely
>listen to pings and coordinate when to hide or rush
>give off even better weapons and provide healing because they're really working together as a team, I can manage with less rarity
>all the while chatting about quests and how to complete them
>help them out by pinging a good location so they can do it
>"wow, thanks user, you're so cool!"
>feel chest swell with pride and think how I'll protect those kids so they can have fun
>provoke first, rush first, whole setup becomes a support medic with all the stuff I've been collecting before they eat shit
>legitimately had the most fun with these two twerps and even won a battle royale because two 9 years old can play better than the average retarded player that either plays hermit or a complete suicidal retard
>feel a sense of emptiness as I realize having a kid for this kind of stuff would be cool but it'll never happen

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Its fun in team rumble when people build crazy shit because it gets knocked down just as fast because you can have people wrecking foundations, and the focus is on building cover, not hiding in boxes. Worst case, you get killed and then you respawn and can land on top of the structure.

Building is a fine mechanic, its just not well suited for Battle Royale.

Looks like rwby
Therefore looks like shit

Steam has a cult like following. They think Gabe is their friend. They sent him a birthday card from Yea Forums and embarrassed the whole of Yea Forums

rolling pls be good

I don't even know why they included the building in the first place. THe only reason it was their was because of save the world, it didn't fit at all for a battle royale

Because it’s what made it different from other BRs, but now building is cancerous how it is now.

>no! not a video game thread on Yea Forums!
>let me derail with offtopic get posting

it was different enough because it was one of the only battle royales that was actually third person. The building probably hindered its success more than it helped, considering the only constant complaint I heard about the BR was the building

Mute this video and go straight to 4:00

God I want to use Erisa as a cumsock

We've come a long way from Lexa, that's for sure. Still kinda wish they'd update her model to be more in line with the newer ones

wdym, pretty much all the battle-royales released at that point were third person (or in PUBG's case, mixed between first person and third person).
Apex Legends and Warzone were released long after fortnite.

You want to sodomize an underage, crossdressing boy? That's extremely gay to the point of it being illegal.

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What's more embarrassing is that you believe to speak for the whole of Yea Forums/4channel. You're obviously jealous of other people for having fun. You're not mentally right, get some help.

>Crossdressing boy
You know 90% of the women you masturbate to are plastic and photoshop, right?

Games are always better with friends. I had the most fun with garbage games where team/co-op was an option.

what is this schizo on about

I've had more fun in the no build mode than I did building in this game, it's a really good mode and I hope they keep it.

That being said, how would you fix building?

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>Only got into fortnite with no build
>Will never ever get charlotte

Batman with guns will never not be funny

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I'll bump and roll simultaneously!

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No one cares, retard faggot

>Yea Forums complains about casualization
>most people here are happy they made the game more casual


Yeah, they friended me and I even cried a little when they cheered after winning and thanking me, asking to play again later. I accepted but still feels weird to be a man on his late 20s playing with 9 years old. I kind of want to play more since they were the best squad mates I've had.

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there's no fucking ass and you cant deny it
just look at the old skins, that is something worth buying

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Hold on a second
That's a DUDE?!

Builds for Fortnite are kinda like shields for Overwatch.
The problem is not the idea, it's the execution that makes shit slow and unrewarding where the game is less about shooting people and more about finding ways to doge their infinite spam of damage sponges.

No, and anyone who believes it not only is a schizo, but also a retard.

>v is one person

This game needs to die

i reinstalled fortnite to get the chris redfield skin and its still wild
within the first few instances of a match i blew up a guys tank by getting into his gunner seat and shooting down at the tank, and then after i jumped out spiderman came out of no where and rocked me with a pump shotgun
the no build mode is genuinely fun, and none of the gameplay being locked behind a paywall (like apex) is refreshing.

It's not about the sheer size user.
It's the shape, the way it moves. The whole package.

then check your eyes, anime skins have no ass

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even the fucking lizard has a bigger ass than that skin

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>be Erisa
>no ass
>get mogged by Omega and lizard boy

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Are you fucking dyslexic or something?


Pls God...

Erisa is my wife

Check that 35

go back to fng seasonlet and cry about how you got boxed in real gamemode again