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Despite what ME3 did to his character he's still the best villain in series

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Sovereign is the only good villain.

Saren, Tim, Kai Leng and Harbinger are a bunch of clowns

>he's so badass and awesome?
>why? we have nothing to show for it, in fact everything shown implies otherwise. just take our word for ti.

Literally Archon tier

That's bullshit and you know it. Saren actually had a motivation that went beyond being evil.
>good villain
the literal epitome of mustache twirler but as a (fake) eldritch abomination

Mustache Twirler pretending to be a Lovecraft abomination is a based combo.

Honestly, if he was voiced by someone other than Martin Sheen he'd be a shitter, but the performance, music and general aesthetic of the guy makes him stand out. Wish they'd made him do more though.

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No it's not

I still think the only reason they did that was because they needed human enemies to fight and fucked up when they realized the Reapers were all that’s left with blob enemies lol. They then 180’d his character so we would have his shock troops to fight instead of boring Cannibals and shit the entire time. Could have made another faction but whatever

The was also the Geth for the Rannoch arc.

I mean, they literally established in the previous game that the Reaper's MO is making the target race their main agent during the harvest. Cerberus was always doomed to become the new collectors, Tim's entire game in 2 is chasing the Collectors

We expect him to be smarter

Kai Leng is the perfect villain, prove me wrong. He‘s so well designed that most players hate him even on a meta level.

He's a child trying to outsmart an intelligence that exceeds all galactic civilization a hundred times over.

Me3 is my favorite game in the series.

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>illusive man was right all along
Such a tonal whiplash. Two minutes ago Shepard and Anderson were gung ho about destroying the reapers and then the game just presents controlling them as a valid and morally ok option. I wish the game had foreshadowed the three choices beforehand. Reveal that what the illusive man is planning is possible in the latter third, giving you the choice to sympathize with Cerberus' plans (can't ally with them cause they're still indoctrinated).

You're joking, right? He was a badly written character as soon as ME2, he had nothing but looks going for him. His motivations, goals, ways to seek them, hell his entire fucking faction all made zero sense. If nothing else 3 gave him a reason to exist at all, because 2 does nothing but fan wank him for 35 hours destroying everything that came before it
You fell for it simply because he "looks cool" and Martin Sheen does a great job as a VA, but as a "character"? Jesus fucking christ, he's awful. Wake up user.

fpbp /thread

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Fucking based, my fellow ME3 enjoyer

>They then 180’d his character so we would have his shock troops to fight instead of boring Cannibals and shit the entire time.

I think the point was that TIM was slowly being indoctrinated and by the time ME3 started he had become less stable because of it.

The Shadow Broker is underrated he could have carried an entire game

>We expect him to be smarter
How smart is he in ME2 though? Fucking retard feels the need to try and trick Shepard into falling into the Collector's obvious trap because "if you knew it was a trap they'd know you knew it was a trap and that would be bad because ????"
Not to mention how literally every single cell but Lazarus blows up in Cerberus' face with or without your help. They're all incompetent, TIM most of all. Stop falling for his aesthetics.

His character was always evil, did you forget all of the Cerberus experiments from the first game? During Overlord in ME2 he would have preferred keeping David as as a fucked up test subject too.

He was a space Nazi by continuing to do cruel experiments to people for the sake of forwarding humanity.

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I‘ll go into more detail about why Kai Leng is unironically the perfect antagonist:
Good. You opened this message. This isn't actually asari military command. They're busy tending to what's left of their planet.

So you survived our fight on Thessia. You're not as weak as I thought. But never forget that your best wasn't good enough to stop me. Now an entire planet is dying because you lacked the strength to win. The legend of Shepard needs to be re-written. I hope I'm there for the last chapter. It ends with your death.

Also has the best villain.

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First time playing and I just got the Collector Base choice. Why is the game trying to make me feel bad about keeping it? Not trusting Cerberus is one thing, but my squadmates are making moralfag arguments that don't make much sense

It has the best gameplay by far and fixes most of the issues from the first 2 games, it only gets shit on so hard because of the ending.

People here worship ME1, but god damn it had a lot of shitty mechanics.

ME3 tries to fix it a little bit during your first conversation with TIM, but the arguments you can make both for and against it in ME2 are retarded moralfaggotry. If you destroy it you can't say "hey dipshit, have you ever heard about indoctrination? You know, the shit that your own men went through in the Derelict Reaper? Yeah well I don't trust you with it so I'll blow it up", instead Shepard simply says it "feels wrong" and that he'll save the world "without having to sacrifice the soul of my species" which is beyond retarded.

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>and then the game just presents controlling them as a valid and morally ok option.

By the Reaper's main AI.

The shepard clone honestly had the potential to be an interesting villain. Imagine if they had taken him seriously instead of as just a meme/joke.
>would have a unique personality based on whatever your shepards morality currently was
>if you're renegade, he'll be a paragonfag that scolds you on sacrificing too much for the sake of petty victories
>if you're paragon, he'll say you're a pussy who cant make the hard choices
Would have been cool.

The ending is far from being the only problem with ME3's writing.
but the writing in all 3 game is passable at best

Someone please post the seething mail he sends you.

It was, in a way. The Reaper attack Horizon because Cerberus is on the brink of actually being able to control them. They manage to give order to low level mobs like husk and cannibals.

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>if you're renegade, he'll be a paragonfag that scolds you on sacrificing too much for the sake of petty victories

Are there any games with antagonists like that?

That actually sounds great. It could also be great if the clone are also evaluating some of your specific decisions throughout the series, because sometimes player made certain decision regardless of their Renegade/Paragon levels like how they chose Kaidan/Ashley or saving the Council/sacrifice the Council.

Miranda should have been Shepard's rival in Mass Effect 3.
And if she died in 2, it would have actually make for an interesting gimmick of a previous failure making a later level easier

I genuinely believe he was a great idea for a villain, but unfortunately squandered. Funny thing is he'd be relatively simple to improve even in the game as is. Hide his face, cut his lines, give him triple health and shields and he's instantly better.
I think him being a book character first made them try to "make him live up to the hype" which made him the donutsteel idiot we got

The clone actually does have a line like that, if you bring the Virmire Survivor to the archives where you meet him for the first time. He says how he would've chosen the other one on Virmire.


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1 > 3 >> 2 for me

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Unironically you're the reason why Bioware went shit

I always felt that ME2 story mainframe should've been the first in chronological order of the trilogy, then followed by 1 and 3.

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What's your favorite loyalty mission?
Mine is Tali for the whole trial aspect to it, and the fact that you can fail it, depending on your previous decision in the game. Next are Legion and Mordin, because of the stakes. You know right away that it won't just be about solving daddy issues I know it's ironic that I still prefer Tali's, and that whatever decision you take will have an impact on the galaxy (or is supposed to)

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But the first games Bioware made after it was bought by EA were Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 2? The latter of which was designed to be a generic TPS Gears copycat which ended up with less RPG elements than either ME1 or ME3?

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Kasumi, just because the whole mission took place in the most beautiful place in the series imo.

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I fucking hate how Mordin's loyalty is written
>dialogue wheel
>find human corpse, choose "Using humans is wrong"
>choose "Mordin's pride in work"
>choose as innocent a question as "Effects on Tuchanka"
>Mordin opens up on how he searched for religion after the genophage deployment due to his crisis of faith after observing the results
>choose "How do you deal with that"
>end of the mission, tell Mordin to keep the data and he wonders on the variables that'd produce
>choose "Genophage was the right call", which is true and is a different option from the more direct "keep data/destroy data"
HOLY FUCK. It's literally impossible to play a Shepard that understands the genophage was a horrible but necessary evil without saving and loading before every single fucking conversation

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ME2 has less peg elements than ME3? Are you high user?


>no weapon mods
>limited weapon access
>linear skill trees
>no build variety
Yes, less RPG elements

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Trans EDI!

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In 3 you can make a shotgun Infiltrator so it wins by default

Doesn't even tell you how much damage each weapon uses. ME2 is a mess

You can do that in 2 as well.

> Tell the madlad to kill himself
> MFer actually does it

Bioware were always pretty B-List who're you kidding? Mass Effect 1/2, MDK 2 and Jade Empire are their only real great games (fuck that star wars one)

Only after half a game and sacrificing the Widow in the process.

It's better than that, the descriptions are outright wrong. The Incisor is described as delivering a burst almost as a single shot (which it doesn’t), the Eviscerator is said to have a tighter shot grouping (which it doesn’t) and the fucking Vindicator is said to fire in 5-round-bursts (which it doesn't)

surprised the retard didnt became indoctrinated earlier

Why Shepard loves eating Kaidan's ass and fucking him and calling him his cute gay husband? Is Kaidan's ass that good?

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I'm sorry you were raped by your uncle when you were seven