I have Resident Evil 4, pizza, and the week off. Wife is away with friends. It doesn’t get much better than this

I have Resident Evil 4, pizza, and the week off. Wife is away with friends. It doesn’t get much better than this.

What are y'all playing on this fine monday morning?

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>Resident Evil 4

god i love cheese pizza

You already had this thread bro

nothing I have to go to work soon

>wife away with "friends"

Your thumb looks like a toe.

I don't understand, what's the point of taking such a boring reddit post and making multiple threads on Yea Forums about it


what the hell is that abomination

>wife is away with friends
She's getting fucked in all her holes and you're the cuck.

this is a redet blogger tier post fuck off

That's not pizza. THAT'S NOT PIZZA.

Based OP getting those free (You)'s with "wife away with friends"

I started using gameshark on that monk area. Damn annoying monks.

>Wife is away with friends
She went to Jamaica i presume?

I love how everyone instantly assumes she's cheating

It's called a CUMZA.

There gets to be a point where you’re just so glad she’s gone that you really don’t care. Even if she had a dick in her mouth at that very moment, you’re just not bothered by the thought of it, because you have some god damned peace and quiet.

Nice, I'm at work unfortunately, I'd kill for a week off. Should probably replay RE4 again, haven't played it this year. Maybe I'll do that after I finish Elden Ring. Enjoy your week off OP and ignore the mindbroken anons with their cuck fetish.

>Wife is away with friends
she is in a hotel with a lover

Honestly based, women are poison

Hey, OP, I have the week off too. You wouldn't happen to also be working in the auto industry and be getting fucked by supplier issues again, would you? Anyway, I'm playing through a bunch of comfy horror games this week.

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That game is overrated, that pizza looks shit and your wife is getting fucked by niggers user

I'm playing with your wife's clit this week homeboy

user is Monday. Also non impressed, I have Resident Evil 6, pizza, burgers AND my girl to play with, couldn't do without her

Because OP is a copy of a reddit post.

Attention with zero effort. Serotonin from cheating a "system". Dopamine addiction. The same reason this very post was a lie posted on Reddit.

You could've at least bothered letting your pizza finish cooking properly but sounds good bro have a nice time I love you x

>Wife is away with friends


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oh youre funny

The rest are for the comfy horror, dbd is just my addiction, and not a horror game. It's a dating sim.

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Why doesn't he just deck that guy?

t. Cuck.

>incel anons foaming at the mouth to project there cuckold/cheating/hotwife fetishes

I always see incels promoting this shit it's insane how many of them are closent cucks

Western men are low t

wrong attitude. people will want to fuck your wife, its your wifes responibility to not fuck anybody else. In those situations its best to deck the woman rather than the man.

Damn, youre right

>married to a faithful woman I love spending time with
>the friends we have are mutual friends and we see them together
Feels good.

>made fresh tuna salad
>ice tea peach / water
>week off
>don't know what to play.

This is why people need to learn that the key for success in long term relationships isn't love, but respect. IT doesn't matter if a woman madly, deeply, truely loves you. If she does not respect you, it is only a matter of time before something like this happens.

>no HD mod
What the fuck is wrong with you? Unless you're playing the GCN version, in which case carry on.

Honor kill them both.
A good woman stands by her man and a good man doesn't scavenge.

it's up to her to tell him to fuck off and if she can't if anything that niggers exposed that bitch as a whore and helped that dude out

this is the truth. i would tell her on the spot that it was over.
that being said, fuck women, genuinely cant stand them in current year and i just wont bother

Aww. Look at this little guy in the honeymoon phase. That’s cute.

>wife is away

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What the fuck how is this bad? I constantly hug this girl I know and sometimes her girlfriend is with her. I don't see how a hug can ruin things. Anything more than that is bad but a hug is just a simple hello for females.

> Wife is away with friends.'
user...I..I dont know how to tell you this....

Are you fucking autistic?

I think the guy meekly pulling her away is what makes it cringe or whatever, but you're right, there's 0 context for that video at all

Been with her for 12 years.
Some people just get along.

Imagine having to lie on the Internet to a stranger to prove yourself

>Fucked friends gf after a party
>he never found out about it
>they have a house and kids now
>fell out of contact with them out of social embarassment
Honestly not sure if she cheated on him or I got caught up in some weird swinger shit

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>white hand

everyone knows women are not loyal unless you are black or asian, but enjoy your gaming I guess

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holy fuck she's a skeleton

>Wife is away with friends
Enjoy your black child after 9 months.

take it back!

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you just know she does her husbands bidding and is ultra obedient

Your "friends" are taking "your" wife to interracial gangbang parties.

I don't get it how people can lose control so easily and do shit like this

Not really, though I guess if you have tiny thin onions fingers you'd think that

surprised she's still alive and rattling around

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Ehy do you even get married or continue married if that's how you feel?
Like, I know I don't enjoy being in a serious relationship because I can't be bothered to spend the time needed to make them work for a long periodof time.
So I don't even commit.

>Implying shitskins are men.

I mean the fact the guy is awkwardly pulling her away, the obviousness of this slut being attracted to another man, he's touching her waste, all his friends are laughing, shes drunk, she kisses his hand right in front of her "man"...if my wife just hugged a dude then whatever but this woman was obviously flustered, wasted, and held his hand and fucking kissed it and you're wondering what the big deal is. Does she need to suck his cock for you to care?