Strongest woman in the world

>strongest woman in the world

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did she get kicked in the vaginer?

That is a really small hand

>play the actual games
>has the best normals in ANY game she is in
>is either top tier or even broken, never falls below the poverty line
>is now used in 90% of all media relating to push Street Fighter as a brand
i have to assume that there is an army of salty, jealous people who get s.HP to death in the corner because i have never seen a character that is actually so good that people work so hard to dismiss outside of the gameplay. Chun makes people mad as fuck lmao. I bet most people posting itt don't even understand just how good she is mechanically because they don't play the games.

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>make her strong ingame and pathetic in the story to make up for it
I guess it works

She can throw literal balls of energy at you from a great distance

She's PMSing

Once you've closed the gap she's done.

It's actually dumb. Like they make Juri out to be this bad bitch and i am telling you now that in the actual game Chun-li fistfucks Juri all over the stage. It's embarrassing how much of a gulf there is between them. Chun absolutely breaks juri's skull on a curb side.

And yet here's how it goes in the story

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>*walks into her standing heavy that's impossible to punish on block
>*get's anti aired with a fucking button if you try to jump over it
>get's c.MK into high damage charge combos if you attempt to retreat
you aren't doing shit kid

Guess Juri mains will have to keep citing the games fiction rather than it's actual mechanics then. Sure hope they treasure that as they lose 10 times in a row again while they mis their inputs, fuck up their terrible anti-air again and get interrupted while doing chores just to be able to do any combo. Let's not forget getting block punished for trying to spam the most telegraphed V-Skill in the entire game either.

she's sore after being raped by poison's big fat cock

You've fallen for memes. Dan could beat the average real human in a fight.

>master Juri
>beat Chuns despite playing a D tier character
That's where the real victory lies.

Dan also defeated Chun Li once or twice

but she doesn't. That's why i am saying it's fiction. Also as fiction goes people literally seem to forget that Juri isn't a normal woman. She has a fucking McGuffin boss mode machine in her eye that makes her Bison tier. Chun-li is just a woman who does as many deadlifts, squats, press-ups, pull ups, bench press, heavy bag practice and Tai-Chi as she can to make herself a stronger person. I respect that more than being given a win eye.

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lol he did not. where? A fucking Doujinshi?

Didn't she lose the eye though?

Beautiful. Wish i could find a higher res version of this.

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AFTER the SFIV movie you posted yes, also Juri literally steals a replacement from their lab and has someone fit the new one for her. It's what's under her eyepatch, she literally still activates it in SFV gameplay.

His story mode


>no matter what Capcom say or do they will never erase the fact that they had a team of Capcom illustrators working on a Capcom product to let us officially see Chun-li's naked breasts and nipples
>when you see an official Chun-li render put out by Capcom today it is the same character who's large wet breasts and small erect nipples you were allowed to look at in one of their products.
>you have literally seen THE real Chun-li naked in your life time.

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This image is SOUL incarnate. So many fun little details like Vega using his mask as a bathing suit.

No he doesn't. He beats up Sakura (lmao) and then Blanka (ROFL) bro this story is made up by Dan he isn't doing ANY of this shit kek

Notice how buff and thicc Eliza is? Ken did good.

He did. That's why Blanka's moving in.

Is that the title that she gave herself? That's like Dan Hibiki claiming he perfected Ansatsuken with the Saikyo style.

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Dan deniers get the rope

shut the fuck up dan, the only one who "get's ropes" is your sister Yuriko when we all take turns shooting hot white ropes of CUM in her mouth and hair, fucking slut.

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You have to remember Chun-li came out at a time where she was the only female character in the entire roster and was basically the first world wide mainstream popular playable female character in any game in the world. Before her was Samus who's gender was never revealed and Princess Peach in ONE game where she was just a skin for another game character. Chun-li was the first really big one

So basically she was the strongest because she was the only one, not because she was actually strong.

I don't like the new characters in USFIV. SSFIV:AE was better.

She was actually strong enough to beat male champions around the world, in the little story we had with the games, the only woman at the time known to face them on the same level, so it's fair enough to call her "actually strong"

That user's point is that nowadays any gradeschool loli can beat the shit out of Sagat or something, but back them it wasnt supposed to be a common thing

I got this recommended right after seeing this thread, I love this fight
Boy, I love Chun-Li, I wish I wasn't so burned out of fighting games

As in she was the first one strong enough to hang with the men. In fact one of Chun's finest moments was in the SFII manga where she faces Vega. He claws away her dress revealing her bare breast to the audience as they jeer at her. She desperately covers her breast with her hand putting her at a disadvantage as they fight. Vega calls her out and tells her "this is why you are just a woman and will never be like one of us" and she loses and takes her hand away from her tit exposing it for all the world to see so she can fight properly because to lose to Vega would be more shameful to her than for millions to see her nakedness. She beats him. She's fucking based forever for this alone.

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How did things go so wrong after this?

also why is Vega allowed to use weapons holy shit

For some reason the OP pic reminded me of seeing an animation of women getting hit into groin/lower stomach by goats.
I tried the find if but could not.

>the absolute rawness of Chun-li's english VA in this scene
Sexy as fuck. i am so turned on by strong women bros.

i wish chun-li was my momgf

No holds barred and all that. It was so great though, it could be mistaken for being a scene in which we get to see her breast and nipple and that this "all for titillation" but her removing her hand from her breast and screaming at Vega like an animal because she doesn't care who see's her like this is far sexier than just looking at her naked tits could ever be. Actual female power. She should be proud.

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Mika too strong

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Here you go user.

how old is she now? Isn't it about time she settled down

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Obviously too old to fight

this guy spent decades doing nothing but animating characters getting hit in the groins

What a chad

Her feet stink and I love it

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SF is not set in our timeline. SFV is before SFIII and in SFIII Chun-li is 28 or 29

So you're saying the only way Chun can beat Juri is in a 2D environment and by a using horrible mechanics?

Well we know how it goes in 3D.

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It's been 13 years and he's still making them. Wow

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She is a horrible fighter and a boring character but at least she has her uses in Ryona pics.

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>She is a horrible fighter
>and a boring character

Juri was actually good in and fun in SFIV and I'll never forgive them for ruining her in SFV. It's literally why I dropped the game.

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This footage was misleading; Chun Lee was victorious.

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Kek, even a little girl can dominate her.