When did we start to hate everything?

When did we start to hate everything?

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It's so funny that her dad was a total schizo obsessed reply guy to Trump on twitter for like 5 years.

is that a boy or a girl?

That's a she?

An ugly girl who depicts herself fairly realistically in her cartoon style

This was 12 years ago.

this shit is true and i hate it
pokemon sucks

a joo

Why does it matter? It's 2022.

I really really like PLA

pokemon is for babies

This. It was 12 years ago, if it was a tranny chances are he would have offed himself already, so why worry about it.

Pretty sure she enjoys the idea of looking ugly because she looked fairly decent before getting the 6 year old boy haircut.

You can actually tell she's not a tranny by how she portray's herself in the comic. Trannies can't help but make themselves look like super feminine girly girls in their shitty "art".

You should be able to love someone DESPITE of their gender, not because of it.

AZ has never made a good comic

my group of friends was even more obsessed with Pokemon during high school, it was the Gen 4 era and online battles and trading were hot shit

Pokemon XY released during college and we played quite a bit but it got quickly replaced with Monster Hunter 4U

now, after we all got our degree and stuck with shitty jobs and student debt we just play warzone and Elden ring during weekends

I want to go back

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Why do Americans love going into dept so much just to waste years not actually studying anything useful most of the time?

>attend elementary school in a rich neighborhood far from home (my parents worked there but were too retarded to buy a house there even though they had the money): nice kids, everyone loves pokemon, we play together and have fun at school but I can't really bond with anyone because I live too far from there
>parents choose a middle school close to home so I can walk there by myself
>first day teacher asks what we like, I say pokemon, everyone starts making fun of me (liking dragonball was fine but pokemon was not for some retarded reason)
>life turns into a living hell for the next 3 years, class had actual delinquent students who took knives to school, I couldn't make new friends and I didn't have any old ones because the guys from elementary school lived too far away
Thanks mom and dad

Why do non mericans force politics into a thread about video games?

your example may be rather extreme but honestly that's pretty much how all elementary-to-middle-school transitions go. hope you're in a better place now, user

lol fag! this nigga likes pokemon!!!!

I don't know but hating everything is better than having no standards and liking garbage

A lot of kids went through that shit, stay strong, m8

Funny, since middleschool or whatever I always acted like I don‘t watch stuff like that in front of others. I had friends who watched anime etc. and I was normal in fronz of them, but when we were out I was like nah man. Didn‘t change a fact that I am still here and I still don‘t post about games or whatever

Convince them to buy a VR system and play Pavlov, feels like CS 1.6

Thanks anons

when i finally got a 9-to-5 job and my soul got drained. so about 4 years ago.

For me GW2 started me down the track of expecting disappointment from new things. For Yea Forums as a whole it was probably Tortanic. Either way at around the 2012 mark literally everything became shit and it's only gotten shittier at an exponential rate.

how do europoors cope with getting more than half of their checks taken by government?

>go to college
>everyone's a normalfag chad
>still be an outcast

Nobody at my college plays video games except for the smash bros club

not everything, just companies cashing in on tried and true franchises by putting in bare minimum effort because brand recognition still guarantees sales


State taxes on top of federal taxes take like 25% of mine and I'm a low earner in the midwest. No fucking infrastructure to show for it either

>go to college
>everything is even more cliquey
its almost if high school never left.

Tell me this, what happened to "Gamers". Was it Gamergate?

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I think I understood you, but the wording was a bit confusing. I took the liberty of rewording it for you, no need to thank me:
You should be able to love or DESPISE someone because of their gender,

gaming before
>no women, things good
gaming now
>women, things bad
Simple as

can confirm. the bridge map is fun for chilling out because it's just trading shots for like an hour

I think we can compromise on the woman issue. You can have brave and strong women!!! but the more brave and strong they are the less clothes they have.

>When did we start to hate everything?

See: Katie's husband scowling in the corner in the same image

i only have to pay for my food
i dont need money

she looks more feminine irl

i mean women gamers/devs

Is that that guy who looks like deranged Steven Spielberg?

Gay nerds socializing in college, nuffin new

Part of it is just the teenage phase, the other part was probably exacerbated by the internet, where the aloof, snarky personality is considered cool. People want to fit in, so even more people adopt that "heh, imagine actually enjoying something..." mentality

College is where I learned to accept the fact that I like kissing boys.

I actually love video games. I just pretend to hate them to get more (You)s and I don't want you guys to think I'm not cool.


I love video games too , but I don’t care about being liked by Yea Forums weirdos

No way, I know exactly the guy you mean as well

black people moment

funny moment

Don't ask questions just hate product and then get dxcited to hate next product

I don't hate things. I don't have the energy for it. I just get on with my life and enjoy the things I enjoy, and I don't give a shit what anyone else thinks.

pokemon is boring dogshit, legitimately embarrassing to see anyone over 10 years old playing it.

Man that brings me back to when I was a Godot namefag on Yea Forums

I'm pretty much permanently detached from people because of that shit. Still got married and lead a mostly normal life, but I write everyone I meet off as "I'll probably never see you again" because every other year as a kid we'd move.

didn't he make a career out of it?

Trump was shit, but his reply guys on both sides were insufferable

Its systemic oppression. The low and poor class are told to go to college to better there lives then told absolutely nothing else. Not even taught basic shit like budgeting and taxes. So they get to college and have no idea what to study and anyone they can talk too before being accepted into a program just says shit like "Follow your dreams!" and no one that gets here dreams of office work or any realistic job like hotel management. You also cant talk to any career advisors until after you fundamental classes are taken so normally around year 2 and no one is told to take them all early so people take classes from their randomly chosen major at the same time as well. Finally either when they get lucky enough to snag a meeting with a career adviser they get handed a book that just lists all the jobs related to their major if they are REALLY lucky the advisor will even give them some phone numbers to businesses related to their field but more often than not they are just read the book verbatim so no good information is given. If anything its harmful information because it tells you the job exists not if its in demand or what the job market is like or if its even available in your area. So they get their degree get told they are smart now and in demand above the "uneducated." Which while true is more along the lines of "You now have the minimum qualifications for basically any nonlobor job. Then they have no idea how to take the next step. Job programs find bottom of the barrel nothings that last 2 weeks. Government programs try to shove you into desperately needed positions that no one wants for good reasons so they jobs drift. If they are lucky they find a good entry level job on a random listing somewhere and get it. If they like the job they quickly find out to progress they need to go back to school for a highly specific degree relating to their job but also that their job will not help them with this at all.

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honestly twitter was so much funnier seeing people who were completely mind-broken by trump and seethed over every single tweet of his.