Why won't you play Trails of Cold Steel?

Why won't you play Trails of Cold Steel?

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I tend not to replay games, especially not JRPGs,.I am however waiting for September to come around for Kuro 2


I'm almost done with TiTS:SC, can I skip 3rd and move on to Rean's game? Haha.

>can I skip 3rd
>and move on to Rean's game?
play the crossbell games first


The first two games in the series are riddled with some of the worst, archaic design choices around missable items and that filters me. The later games went all-in on the weeb bullshit and that disinterests me.

>skip 3rd

You can do whatever the fuck you want, but Sky 3rd is an amazing game, and after you're done playing Trails to Azure, which you WILL play you little fucking shit, you'll be severely disappointed at how lacking Cold Steel is in comparison

I tried to play the first one, it gets boring, i got to the big city part where blue hair has a duel with white hair.
the characters have no personality in a funny way, but that doesnt mean they have personality

u n s k i p p a b l e
c u t s c e n e s

I just finished CS1 the other day. Rean is just an aggressively bland self-insert cardboard cut out, it hurts. Why do people like this boring retard?

if you want to skip the story then yeah trails is definitely not for you, the gameplay is not deep enough on it's own to justify playing for it

I don't play JRPGs.

The soundtrack is nice though.

>3 years to sub
>every time
>already forgot what the last one was about

Why are they doing this?

i did
not exactly a hot take but his arc sucks and im glad its over

Because it's a shitty old game with outdated graphics.
You can safely start with Kuro, they are going to explain everything to you and if they don't that just means it wasn't important anyway.
If you really want to know beyond that, just read a summary.

As soon as I heard hajimari was coming 2023 I completely lost any remaining will t play.
it was already too hard to keep being interested in the pure filler garbage that is CSIV.
I was right at the end too, at the flying fortress and I just stopped playing. The game has been sitting on my PC for a year now untouched until just now when I took pic.

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I have not finished TitS 2. Sitting in the last chapter for 8 years now.

Series has become washed and generally annoying.
The more I learn about the world the more interest I lose.

I'm already done playing faggot.
I'll just wait for hajimari or kuro depending on which comes out first.

Rean can be fine if it weren't for the insane dick sucking he constantly gets from Class VII.
The problem is that apart some very few segments, mostly in CS3, where he's separated from them, he constantly has his dick sucked by them and it's absolutely insufferable when every single conversation devolves into how great Rean is.

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I'm playing hajimari with the built in spreadsheet, didn't even need to pay for it.

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already got the Platinum for all 4 games

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I don't want to play 200 hours of haha man.

Rean was raped

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If you skip 3rd, you will miss a lot of references and character development. If you skip crossbell you should unironically kill yourself. It's the best arc. Rean's first 3 games are atrocious

God I wish it was me

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I played 1 and 2 and honestly liked them.
Then I got the Reandown and saw the character bloat.
Now I'm afraid to touch the third.
Towa is best girl and I will romance the shit out of her in every game I can.

because there's no carry over data in III... like why the fuck did I unlock everything if there wasn't any carry over data?? Also I have no idea what the fuck is going on in III like there must have been a 2.5 or something.

You are aware that the reandown was written by someone who admitted they never touched 3-4 and hated the first 2 right? It's more of the same with some improvements and Instructor Towa's cute butt.
There's no reason to stop if you enjoyed 1-2.

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Oh, in that case picked up.

>There's no reason to stop if you enjoyed 1-2.
I don't understand this logic.

currently in chapter 4 of CS1
i love it but it's way too fucking long

Why would you stop at 2? The Reformists won everything, Class VII split around the empire and Rean became Osborne's bitch. Of course people would like to know more on what happens next.

Victory quotes have subs in hajimari?

I just finished Cold Steel 4 last night. CS2 > CS3 > CS4 > CS1. I hope Reverie and Kuro are good because I think I only genuinely enjoyed CS2. I hated 1 and was pretty indifferent to 3 and 4.

Anyone else not like a single thing Cold Steel did with Hamel? Revealing that there was actually a third Hamel survivor this entire time and that Hamel happened because of the spooky curse feels like they just took a big shit on Joshua and Loewe's back story.

but the story is fucking horrible

exactly the same as me, I've been learning japanese thinking that maybe I could play those games before they release considering they take years to get translated.

Also I feel like we're never getting the end Kiseki when you see how low the sales were for kuro

I already played Cold Steel 1 through 4. I guess sometime I should go back to NG+ on 4. How the fuck did Falcom get away with this outfit?

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it didn't bother me that much apart from the fact that I always thought Weissman was the mastermind behind this and it turns out it's the curse

I did find it odd they shoved characters retroactively into old plots, Ash for sky and Juna for Crossbell.

It's pretty hard to play CSIV since I'm learning Japanese and notice how bad the localization is for that game (and perhaps the other games as well). I have never cringe as hard as I did when Juna said "Shut the front door!"

I wanna FUCK this cute lolihag.

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If you like noja lolibaba witches, there's a show airing this season that has one as the main heroine.

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Oh, and she's lewd as fuck and monopolized the MC.

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You have my attention.

Juna would have been fine if they didn't go so far with it. The entire SSS sucks her off and like every Crossbell NPC knows her. She's like a female Rean in that regard.

Mahoutsukai Reimeiki (Dawn of the Witch)
It's technically a sequel to Grimoire of Zero, so you'll be kind of overwhelmed by worldbuilding crap early on if you never read/watched that.

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I've already beat CS I and II, I'm waiting for the Crossbell games before I start CS III

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More shitty LN adaptations of a series that will never ever be finished.

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because I havent finished sky and zero/ao

The era of LN advertisement anime is over. If the show is even remotely popular, expect multiple seasons.

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After going 3D, Falcom have lost the ability to write anything that is above a generic Shounen story.

Play the 3rd, it has A LOT of important stuff that goes on in it. Anyone who says otherwise can safely be disregarded.

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The LN will never ever be finished so there will be no more seasons.

>last volume of the LN came out 3 weeks ago

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>only 5 volumes
It's shit lmao.
Also who said it's finished in 5?

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I'm an old boomer who finds the modern anime art, especially the character designs of the girls, painfully safe. Nothing looking interesting or novel enough to hook me.

Tell me why this is special and not the generic jrpg cheese it looks like and I will play it

Because the series takes place in the same world and has an overarching story going on for more than 10 games at this point with characters from previous games constantly appearing again.
You only play it if you already invested in the story or want to get into it.
Otherwise, go play something else.