Games only you have played

Games only you have played

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This game heavily contributed to my mecha interest and eventually got me to watch Macross

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played that shit for years, god those times were good

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does the steam version work without fucking around with it? it costs like $2 on sale or even less

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i am the only person on this planet who has played this game

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I played it, dropped it after the third mission because it was so shit

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>only you have played
>massive multiplayer online game

is that game similar to robotech battlecry

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>tfw no sequel

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Cool concept and visuals but the gameplay sucked

holy shit I played a demo of this so long ago

this ones not that old, is it...

i could never complete one of the last missions in some kind of volcanic island, shit was too hard.

Maybe i will replay it in the future.

I just played this, fuck the Canyon Mission

the realest shit only

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argentum online

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I know it to be a very bad game now but as a ween it really captured some part of my imagination. It doesn't help that you kind of just made do with what you got back then. I never really had the option of being picky with video games outside of renting games with my allowance. So if I spent any money on a game I was going to play the absolute fuck out of it. That's basically the story with most games in these threads anyway.

I would have posted this, but it turns out Filmcow of all people was playing it today.

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I kinda miss those game clones we used to get.

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i played it

Though this was Anachronox for a moment but I just checked the remaster page on gog, looks cool enough. Mind redpilling me on this?

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oh fuck you just reminded me of the sequel

and it's fucking coming out in two weeks.

That's 5 years old, but it shouldn't be.

one half """detective game""" where you play as a robot who can transform into other robots with neat gimmicks. maybe do some platforming or assainate characters, dont remember much from it. other half is flying around with spaceships doing either races or combat. you do have a hook to gain speed which makes you FEEL like spiderman. story is heavily designed towards children so dont expect much from it. the remaster isnt very good from what I've read.

would only recommend for nostalgia reasons


Hell yeah it is I'm hype as shit, looks great. animations seem a bit too smoothed-out compared to the old one though, they don't have quite the same weight/impact which i really appreciated in the old one cause its the only thing i've seen outside of a Fromsoft game that really seemed to get that specific thing right

i had fun with that, I remember siphoning money as a jewbot

>game starts in our system during early space travel
>proceeds to jump the shark at the end of the first act by giving you an sleek alien spaceship

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Man, loved this game. It was well done, but could have improved a few things. Shame it barely sold.

A shame about EGS, but i bet they needed the money and it will eventually come out on steam also. Guess i'll get it on the ps4 first.

>I know it to be a very bad game now
I wouldnt say that, it was just mediocre. Also the music was cool too

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I don't own any consoles so sadly I'm gonna have to bite the EGS bullet cause I don't wanna miss the potential launch playerbase for the full online co-op/pvp now, but that's also my biggest worry. If he could've launched it on egs and steam simultaneously [and playstation though i don't believe crossplay is in], the playerbase would've been the biggest it could be. I hope he at least manages to get a bunch of marketing done, getting full trailers at major events was good but you need yootoober coverage too these days to really make an indie hit

also featuring one of the best windows / microsoft / bill gates gags

dont remember it, refresh my memories por favor

I believe you

spoilered cuz it's the ending
sometime in the second half bill gates arrives back to planet from peddling windows across the whole galaxy (because scrapland planet used to be earth) and in the end they defeat some evil ai by installing windows on it which immediately bluescreens

Everybody and his grandma have played Hogs of War.

my first gbc game, a hand down from my cousin. It was actually good, like a cheap Zelda

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never managed to finish the game but that one is pretty gud kek

there's a whole bunch of shareware games I played in those "700,000 free games!" discs but I can't remember what any of them were called beside Castle of the Wind, which I know people have played.
Instead, then, I offer this polish rts I found in a Target bargain bin

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great game, fuck that last mission lmao

>over 1m sold
>only you have played

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>he doesn't use threads as an excuse to start conversations about niche games that couldn't get their own thread