What crazy direction could persona 6 go?

What crazy direction could persona 6 go?

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be a good game



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Big boobs, I say.



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I think that P5Rs extra content will be a good idea of what to expect from P6, atmosphere wise

What was her signature pose again?

You know the one

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But user I forgot!

>let's re-release the game for full price with new content and new waifu
>new waifu only playable for one month
What the fuck were they thinking?
>retards will buy it again anyway


Please tell me there is a version without her bra

Have a random black guy who dosen't speak Japanese get wrapped up in the crazy events of Persona 6.
He dosen't have a story or any real relevance, he just goes "Aww Hell NAW!" and then disappears off screen until the next big event to say it again
Bonus points for the main cast not acknowledging his existence

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Fine! I just remembered.

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okay what if

Take a page from mainline and have actual characters with strong opinions or flaws that aren't villains.


main character will be a tranny

If it was literally Coach I would love it.

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I wish they'd do college life for a change, it would open up more possibilities to do in your free time, spicier romances, maybe rise the stakes of the story a bit. But apparently japanese college life is pretty boring and you don't really have time for anything other than study?

[Sturkey] Welcome to the Cum Wearing Club!

Take it out of the school setting. Do a bunch of workers in a business.

One man, many milfs.

Let's goooooo.

I doubt they'll go for a crazy new direction, they have other SMT spin-offs for that. I just want them to make the life sim more believable, make dialogue choices matter more than just changing 1-2 lines right after, characters react you gf(s), things like that.

After you play Persona for the first time subsequent playthroughs and games always feel a bit fake because you know how nothing really changes and you're just following a linear visual novel.

>A self insert Chad Yuppie Protagonist taking advantage of several desperate Christmas Cake coworkers to create his own Office Lady Harem.

Could they at least add some sort of acknowledgment of confidant progression into the main story? Surely this wouldn’t be too hard to implement, even just optional extra dialogue behind a confidant level check to show the characters indeed matured thanks to the events of their confidant would be cool. Bit more ambitious but imagine if the whole Morgana tantrum could have been avoided if Ryuji’s confidant was already maxed out (I know morgana is more the one at fault here but obvs his own confidant was tied to story prog).

I just want them to write the party memebers actually acknowledge you getting with a girl, like some friendly banter or something

>wow dude so you finally made a move eh?
>congrats you two

They always try to keep it a secret or something it's like they cant write actual human interactions

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Low test

Please, just take it out of high school, I'm begging you fatlus PLEASE

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I want to talk with a femanon about persona

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Set it in primary school. You play as a teacher and the students are the romance options

I hope Persona 6 has a very chubby titcow you can romance

female mc, and all girls have yuri routes

remove the social links, calendar system and dating anime girls bit

then you'll just have another soulless jrpg

are you okay with a femanon(male)

then remove the combat and persona summoning


Making babies with Sumire!

Atlus here, Persona 6 will be set in middle school. Please enjoy.

make love with sae

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made for breeding with dark skinned men

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never understood this meme. why black people specifically?

So is April when they start actually announcing big stuff?
Obviously Persona 6 won't be announced until last. But I hope we either get a PC Port of P5 Royale, or a remaster of 3 and/or 4.

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persona panties and underwear annoucement

>College setting
>Male and female MC option, or maybe female MC, it would be interesting
>More cakes
>Sexo and social links beyond whatever character becoming your gf/bf
>I would say give people the option to be gay because in P5 people wanted to fuck the males as well
>Better thought out dungeons
>Better story
>Keep the main idea of style over substance


literally every other race of men on the planet is ignored for the sake of pushing this meme

KINO contrast

Would preorder.

>>College setting
Persona and fatlus games are the highschooler way of life. For japs it is the last period of your life where you can have fun and you are "carefree".
>>Male and female MC option, or maybe female MC, it would be interesting
Yeah they should fucking do it considering its maybe the only thing salvageable from P3P
>>More cakes
>>Sexo and social links beyond whatever character becoming your gf/bf
Doubtful cause they still fullfill the trope of "true love".
>>I would say give people the option to be gay because in P5 people wanted to fuck the males as well
Can be done.
>>Better thought out dungeons
They should remove the "farming" dungeon like mementos and concentrate only on boss based ones. You farm in those and whatever.
>>Better story
>>Keep the main idea of style over substance
I like how they styled up p5 with the thieves theme and eveything very over the top. But to have a style you must have a big catch or theme, which is not easy.

Game takes place over last year of college and you get to pick between a few different jobs depending on social links, personal stats and choices in first half.

MC was exposed to supernatural/shadows in HS, meets the current wild card user but does not go on the adventure and another group of kids do the whole “persona story”

Your character has to deal with the aftermath of a persona game and cover themes like guilt, regret, and what “growing up” means outside of HS. Yes you would reunite with some of kids who did the adventure. Some are mentally fucked, riddled with trauma and dead. Some are fine.

Since they have played from P4 of the gubernment experiments on the metaverse would be fun to play as adults which were used from the government for... stuff. You start at P4 maybe under futaba mom's treatments and go straight to your adult life.
Of course you went fucked up cause shit happened in metaverse and out and now you need to fix your life going back and doing... stuff.
Would go for good social links and story imho.

brain damage

>female protag only
I will now not buy your game

My idea for a Persona game has two MCs, a guy and a girl. They head their own separate parties that are rivals and you swap between the two through the story

>Persona and fatlus games are the highschooler way of life
The world didn't end when EP came out. In fact, I don't think anyone dislikes EP's cast. We're going to ignore it apparently flopping.
Surely Atlus can do that again.

Yeah but it was a lot of time ago and considering how were old persona compared to the new one (and the sellings) i would say they will sitck with the new ones.