Why only these two fighting games are allowed to succeed?

Why only these two fighting games are allowed to succeed?

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Tekken is fun

Sf is a brand , strive is doing fine, Kof is doing the same as usual. People simply get too autistic to have a fg thread on Yea Forums

Tekken was almost axed after a decade of selling poorly

MK succeeded

Because you're retarded beyond believing and don't know how success is defined

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Because they are the only good fighting games. Arcsys has never made a good game and especially modern arcsys. Snk is just bootleg SF that just recycles games left and right because of its cult following of third wolders. Virtua fighter is bland as white bread and completely punted the occasion of a lifetime because it's fucking Sega. The only other series that deserves recognition outside SF and TK is killer instinct and MK for pushing complete products and good net.

This is fact

I said fighting games...

Most other fighting games are busy trying to reinvent themselves or open the floodgate to ebin fgc hype fags who don't actually play fighting games beyond a shallow level, Tekken and Street Fighter just know what works. Mortal Kombat is the exception who can basically do whatever the fuck they want and do well because they market their game on single player content

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because they aren't dumb anime bullshit. at least not overtly
arcsys could get rich as fuck if they made a violent gory game without little girls. or have little girls and let them get murdered because they're shitty little girls

No they couldn't. ASW is weeb anime trash that will always be niche. They just can't make a game without recycling the Xrd engine, they are hacks.

quite right

>violent gory game
>with that artstyle
would be even more cringe lmao imagine mortal kombat in arcsys graphics and try not to laugh

tekken got lucky. they were on a downward spiral for years, tekken 7 saleswise won't happen again

user,,, you do realize tekken sells more than Street fighter right? The only miracle was that it stole SF spotlight on the FGC cause 5 was really trashy when it launched

>allowed to succeed.
Retard. Niche market, biggest players in the market. Not complicated.

Let's recap what's out right now:
The most dumbed down and bastardized fighting game ever made with the worst lobbies in video games, censored females, awful music and UI and plain unfun because of all the removed moves and reworks
The ugliest 3D game since KoFXIV which isn't surprising since SNK is known to recycle assets with the worst UI in fighting game history, the most lenient input buffer, the worst KoF roster ever, mediocre netcode, awful matchmaking and networking and dlc announced before the game was even out despite people already complaining about the base roster's size
lol lmao

Boohoo why is only Tekken and Street Fighter popular

Mortal Kombat? Beside MK and KoF (Mexican SF) everything else are shitty anime games

Oh and I guess Soul Calibur could be alright. A better competitor to Tekken compared to fucking DoA lol

Brand loyalty. Tekken has always done big numbers though.

street fighter was dead for 13 years and it's still right behind tekken which has literally two times the games, you're right about the second part though

Because they are the only good ones. When it comes to 3D fighting games though it's not even close, Tekken is bad but the rest aren't even trying. At least in the 2.5D fighting game market there's somewhat competition.

>you do realize tekken sells more than Street fighter right?
I hope you're talking about the games (and even then it's not far off) Street Fighter brand makes almost as much money as Nintendo IPs

Reminder that the last new "successful" fighting game IP was SKULLGIRLS in 2012 and also super, ultra cursed.

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>they market their game on single player content
and weird ass cameos
nobody is going to buy tekken because they announce akuma unless they were playing FG already

terminator and joker tho?
much more marketable

Name one alive fighting game series that's not popular and deserve attention.

>Name one alive fighting game series
woah there buddy

Soul Calibur

It's over.

Because the rest are either too casual or are kusoge.

How much did it sell?

motherfucker they wouldn't be dead in the first place if they had attention

>le bottom feeder
fighting games are dead but you are deader than death

Answer the question

again, you're asking "name a series that doesn't sell shit yet it's somehow still alive"

Fighting games developers are incredibly incompetent and have been a decade behind every other genre in basic features..
The fact that these two sell is mainly based on brand loyalty and name recognition, and even that's a highly qualified success

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New IPs haven't really been much of a thing for the past decade. Even ER which is technically a new IP is leaning heavily on the whole fromsoft soulsy background.

name one person that's taller than 2m but that's also shorter than 1.50m

from what i've seen, virtua figther seems kinda fun and wish it was more popular

I accept your concession, you know your favorite series doesn't deserve popularity yourself. Don't make threads like ever again.

Just because they aren't played much it doesn't mean they aren't a success, both of those games sold 7/8 million copies each, MK11 has less players than them but sold 12 million copies
In comparison 1 million is considered a success for SNK and 500k was record breaking for arcsys

Steamspy puts it at 2M to 5M
Kikestarted 800K USD for DLC characters.
Not sure what Reverge originally paid them to make the game, or how to check console sales, since it's on almost everything from the ps3 onwards. It sold well on launch on digital console storefronts too.
Nope, and it's a damn shame. I personally blame a combination of marketing bloat and the continued efforts of chasing hyperrealism contributing to this problem since it made things "too risky" to ship. It's a travesty.

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They are long running classics with less than 3 bad entries between them, so they have the most staying power. There's also MK which gets bonus points for leaning full casual, which is why most people who enjoy fighting games dont take it seriously.

7 million copies from the genre-defining series is honestly pathetic, especially when it's been shilled continuously for 8 years now.

>Soul Calibur
The only thing holding Soulcalibur back is Tekken and Namco.

That has nothing to do with this thread


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Because of retards like this

>fighting games need gory murder to succeed
Did you just wake up from the 90s?

suck my dick tekkenigger
quite literally any other fighting game series deserves more populairty than your garbage
even shit like fucking arcana heart or dead or alive

Isn't Mortal Kombat the most successful fightan series?

Currently yes, it sells millions without dropping its price to sub $10 like SFV and T7 had to.

>when its not coomers, salesfags are taking over fighting game threads
makes sense since all the real ones are in the lab

>the real fighting game fans are practicing their competitive multiplayer game alone instead of actually playing with other people

name a single(1) competitive multiplayer game where players can do well without practice

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MK sells more than both though?

Any CCG?

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Literally every other genre which is why FGs have no fucking players because THE LAB is a requirement to not get completely shit on.

Tekken is literally the only competitive 3D fighting game left in the market.

SFV is more like a job for E Sports players, and it's piggybacking its own brsnd name

other way around

so basically, games that rely on dice rolls, random draws, and chance. Okay