This describes most of Yea Forums user base, really

This describes most of Yea Forums user base, really.

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That's not Halo 2


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Reddit moment

favorite halo 2 map? pic related

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that's not *insert game you like*

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I know you're proud of your first non-soijak image but please do not spam it more than once every 25 hours

I don't get the clock thing.

True, mindless consumerism will always prevail. Only a smooth brain could actually discuss about video games in a videogames board.

1.) I'm 21

2.) I've only ever made 1 Youtube video before, and it was 3 minutes long

3.) I'm an American

4.) There were no "good old days" of gaming. Both good games and bad games have and always will exist

5.) Many good games have come out before and after Fallout: New Vegas

6.) I don't think that "show don't tell" is an absolute, good storytelling can come in any form

7.) I don't care what other people like, I like what I want

youtubers will stretch basic shit out for as long as possible to get as much money as possible and because the algorithm likes longer videos

Hit a nerve, huh?
You’re all late 20s/early 30s cynical mildly depressed below average looking white males who believe some old ass edge fest to be the only good game made in the last decades for some arbitrary reason and spend more time hating video games than enjoying them

tl;dr. Don't waste this last (You) and come back next time with better material.

like half of those apply to me

i dont think you understand how youtube works. people make videos on what gets views. saying NEW VIDEO GAME is awful is guaranteed to get views. most people who make these youtube videos are just grifters who dont actually believe in what they are saying, or 'spend more time hating video games than actually enjoying them'. it's a racket, just don't give them attention since that's what they're banking on.

God damn bro. BASED.

Nah, there's the right wing grifters who churn out two 2-hour videos every day with clickbait titles about rainbow flags in games they never play, and then there's the neurotic lefties who spend literal months getting a 2-hour video exactly right and then apologise for their lack of nuance.

share a vid with us

>reddit screencap thread

stop replying to yourself

Not me, "Goddamn" is one word. I wouldn't have made such a mistake.

I don't understand how Fallout New Vegas of all games managed to get one of the most annoying fanbases in gaming. They're seriously insufferable. Not that I enjoyed Fallout 3, mind you.

>There were no "good old days" of gaming
Back then we got at least 6 good games a year.
These days we're lucky if we get 1 good game every 3 years.
Also pretty much every popular franchise has been utterly destroyed with modern reboots.
Go zoom zoom the fuck away from here.
>I'm an american
Explains why you eat so much shit.

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I heard Fallout New Vegas turns people into trannies and communists so i stayed away from it, Fallout 1 is better anyway.

Are you the guy that was described in OP's pic? Makes sense.

>anyone I don't agree with is a grifter

>Goddamn" is one word.
No it's not

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What ending did xer choose ?

Why does no one use Google before they say stupid shit

>recognizing decline in quality and standards of entertainment media makes you a cynical, jaded asswipe
Fuck off kike.

Go back.

>There were no "good old days" of gaming. Both good games and bad games have and always will exist

What would you know you dumb zoomer. Multiplayer gaming's golden age is long past but singleplayer games are still good (Jap ones mostly).

People whose business model depends on shitting out a steady stream of digital diarrhea for a perpetually outraged mob to lap up are grifters. It just so happens that these people have latched on to the right wing because right wingers are overly emotional and the perfects marks for this type of grift.

Nice blog post, shame I fell asleep halfway through it

Why do mutts always insist on bringing their retarded toddler pseudo-politics into this?

>What would you know you dumb zoomer.
More then you, gramps.

>Multiplayer gaming's golden age is long past but singleplayer games are still good (Jap ones mostly).
If you play multiplayer games then you deserve to be disappointed, and Japanese games suck just as much shit as Western games most of the time.

Bro, just look up the definition of God and then look up the definition of damn. They're two words that, together, mean something. I really don't know how put it any other way. It's self-evident. Two. Words.

Or because they have a point that takes more than 10 minutes to explain. They probably thought it out more than you'll ever think in your entire goddamned life.

contrapoints whole channel

If someone like American Krogan was a cynical grifter, why would he continue making 2+ hour long video essays after getting banned from Youtube (where he would get views in the high hundreds of thousands on some of his videos)? Why would he bother with platforms like Odysee and Bitchute where he gets significantly less viewers?


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It's precisely because of their retarded toddler pseudo-politics that people become steady consumers of clickbaiting outrage farms. I'm merely observing this tendency.

He's banned from youtube

then why did you tell us all of this? why didn't you show all of these details through implicit means? I thought "show don't tell" was absolute

>He's banned from youtube
Yeah, exactly; a platform where he had a significantly larger viewership. If he was simply expoiting people with "retarded toddler pseudo-politics" and didn't actually believe what he was saying, why would he even bother with platforms where his viewership is diminished?

I only have two methods of conveying information, text and images. Video Games have hundreds they can use, but don't.

No doubt Yesman, maybe Ncr
No way someone like that would go House or Legion

Gotta keep the grift going somehow

found the "video essayist"


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And now you're coping. Do you even know what grift means?

Obviously. Why wouldn't a grifter, after being run out of town, try to set up shop in another town and attempt to replicate his prvious success there?

Why would a grifter bother when the alternatives to the grand city he was just ejected from are filthy favelas by comparison? Why is it so unfathomable to you that some people have different points of view, to the point where you honestly believe anyone advocating for those points of view must be a cynical actor?

>stealth hbomberguy thread
but why tho

Because people advocating honestly for a point of view take time and care to articulate it instead of farting out as many low-effort clickbait videos as they can manage about video games they never played

Just seems like you're throwing out accusations of grifting and low effort because you don't agree with what they have to say on a piece of media. Show me an example of one of these "low effort" videos.

You know Tim Pool or The Quartering

Yeah, basic bitch milquetoast "classical liberal" faggots. I don't like them either and haven't paid them much attention.

I don't care about your opinion on them, these are the sort of grifters I'm talking about

I disagree, there is a fair amount of diversity in the retards of Yea Forums

I think new games are mostly shit but I do enjoy video games. Phoneposting redditors like you may not know this but you can actually play and enjoy old games if you think the new ones are bad.

trannies hate NCR too

It really doesn't really really