Is is true that this is good now?

Is is true that this is good now?

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Unless you mean just ARR since only the dungeons and whatnot are just a little more polished, doesn't save it from being a nightmare of pacing.

they updated a few old duties but ARR is still shit overall

>bro it gets good after 320 hours of clicking through dialogue boxes trust me bro

The base game is still a slog to get through, with the story not really picking up till the first expansion. It's not that the story is bad necessarily, but it genuinely feels like the most barebones, dragged out fantasy schlock until you get deeper in. On the other hand, what's set up in the beginning continues to be important throughout the entire story, so the pay off is nice. Otherwise the base experience has been cut down, with less overall quests to get through, fixed up dungeons, and more convenient QoL features (flight unlocks after beating the main story for example).

The overall game is fantastic once you get properly into it. The dungeons are a blast, the community can be pretty welcoming in spots, the raids have some really cool encounters, and the story is fucking phenomenal if you really pay attention to how characters grow throughout. The only thing I will say just genuinely sucks about the game is how quests are designed. I was literally doing one of the last few quests for Endwalker last night, where I walked to a terminal, watched a cutscene, walked back to a town, talked to an NPC, walked back to the terminal, then watched a cutscene. The quests are filled with really good storytelling, but the actual "gameplay" of what you're doing for the big finale of the game is just awful. And the entire main story questline is like that. The story and dungeons/trials somewhat make up for it, but you're essentially playing a VN at times.

Good game, has some serious jank in spots and plays like a VN for the main quest, but it's a blast when you get invested.

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>Bro you don't understand, BLM ~needs~ to spend every last one of its instant casts during buff windows, rdm has so many more options for movement
>What do you mean all of them either do damage so you spend them during buff windows or use them to realign ogcd cooldowns/avoid using jolt so you also spend the rdm tools for damage, and that rdm doesn't have options like t3p and ice paradox that you always have access to and are actively discouraged from using during buffs?
>Bro ley lines forces you to not move, except actually its a huge area and you can teleport to and from it instantly meaning it actually makes several mechanics easier, rdm has a backflip that kills you on most fights because the entire outer circle is a death wall that people can throw themselves into whenever someone dies so you don't ever get to rez people

don't forget that BLM also doesn't have to give a shit about resources at all because all of them generate passively, it has umbral soul to actually gain from downtime, and casting spells of the other element is free so you literally never fuck yourself by using too much mp outside of deliberate sabotage

This game needs some serious side content.
Doing raids and end game content shouldn't be the only thing the game encourages after you "beat" the story.
A live service should offer several different avenues of enjoyable side activities.
Crafting is a time-sink that doesn't really cut it anymore if all you're trying to do is make gil.
Then there's the fact that gil itself isn't really that valuable at all.
All people use it for is leveling crafters, buying mounts or minions or dyes or glams, and buying housing.
Gil should be something you can actually gamble with other players in Golden Saucer in some sort of mini-game.
The tragedy is the gambling laws in Japan are fucking pathetic and get in the way of this.
The T-rating doesn't do this game any fucking favors either.
There's tons that shouldn't be acceptable about XIV, but much of the community will defend it and attack criticism because although they can't deny it, they simply despise someone pointing out that they're wasting their fucking money on something that isn't worth the time/money investment.
Being passive aggressive isn't a personality trait.

Gaius and Ultima Weapon have actual mechanics now yeah pretty okay.
>they give you LB3 during the Ultima cast even if it's a light party
but no they ruined the soul of Castrum and Praetorium all together in the process

ARR? No. They did their best but it still sucks. It unironically gets good 80 hours in at the earliest.

They had no soul in the first place.

So now that the dust has settled can we agree that this savage tier was dogshit

No, but it's worth getting through to get to the expansions where the story and characters instantly jump from mediocre to probably some of the best in the FF series. I wouldn't skip ARR - it's a slog but the setup and worldbuilding is important.

yes it's good now post cute c@s

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idk, never played it. Wild freaks were cool.

Who the fuck wants to deal with retards who get triggered over you pulling ahead in a shitty 8-man run that results in dozen minute long cutscenes?
Praetorium was at least something you could jerk off to while the cutscenes were playing by tabbing out, but Castrum was a fucking slog and every so often you get that one mother fucking bitch ass faggot who has a problem with petty shit.

>first 100 hours still uses the wrong voice actors
no lol

None of your online "friends" actually like you.
They all pretend to enjoy your company while talking shit behind your back about how you force positivity and take these disgusting and narcissistic screenshots under the delusion that this avatar is somehow representative of your repulsive personal image.

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did I ask?

I wonder what kind of ugly faggot you see when you wake up in the morning and walk up to the bathroom mirror.

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The projection...

user...tell me where the Lalafell touched you.


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>clicking through dialogue boxes
Maybe try reading them?

>I wouldn't skip ARR - it's a slog but the setup and worldbuilding is important.

>Tfw Aitiascope bosses are just direct pulls from ARR

Christ almighty, I had to outright explain to my friends who they were when we we're going through it. It's crazy how often they pull from ARR and everything else the game has set up. Awesome if you can keep track of it all, but goddamn do you miss so fucking much if you don't pay attention or have a solid memory for every big moment throughout the game.

I mean, you can finally get through ARR storyline without depending on other people for dungeons if that was ever an obstacle and you wanted to treat FF14 like your singleplayer JRPG.

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mmos were never good, don't fall for the meme

>just read this game for 300 hours
imagine paying for the game, expansions and a sub for a visual novel

well, did I?

if you're going to bother with something like an mmo at least don't bother with the live-service ones.
They're simply not worth it at all.
Not even when you reach end-game.

>pays for Final Fantasy game
>complains its a Final Fantasy game

Bitch nigga who gives a fuck about your shit
Go beg for attention in twitter or reddit or start sucking on these nutz bitch.

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I don't think they fixed the patch content yet. Also human contact is hardly the main issue with ARR.

playing this game with AI gives me the same empty feeling that worlo does

Its much more bearable but if i could go back in time and prevent myself frim ever playing ffxiv, i would

That's their goal.
They advertise this game as an MMO but it's really just an online chatroom.
The community isn't that much better than WoW's, and that game has a community of shit eating retards.
XIV's echo chamber consists of passive aggressive faggots and trannies looking for attention like

I bought the game including shadowbringers when it was still current for the price of a sub and got 2 months free with it.

I've enjoyed playing this dumbass cat. Other two friends I play with also play cats. Been going through the entire game with them, and its kinda fun to have that dynamic of three idiot cats tearing through dungeons/trials together.

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There is tons of side activities and I really don't get what people like you are on about.

The MSQ roulette is actually fun now. Livia's fight is actually fun to do.

It was my first and I liked it, why?

They'll never add actual gambling to the game because of japanese gambling laws.

All of the MSQ sucks anyway. I feel like the only reason why mazed weebs pretend it's good is because they've been consuming it bit by bit as the patches roll out. When you binge it, you realize that telling a JRPG story within a MMO framework is a terrible mistake, which is sad since there are some genuinely good and well-written moments hidden under hundreds of hours of pointless errand quests and terrible pacing with non-sensical build-ups to nothing.

The worst part is that it's not even good as a visual novel
t. VNfag who fell for the shilling, dropped it in Heavensward

What the fuck

Only ARR dungeons are shit when you play them with other people cause sprouts can't play for shit.

You say this but you haven't touched anything outside of MSQ, ERP, or Raiding.
If you haven't tried to actually get to the end of each side thing like Bozja, Eureka, Golden Saucer, or Crafting, then you just don't know what's going on.
The point is that despite you doing all these other things the game has, they never really provide any real substance or weight to the overall game.
They're contained and even the fucking raiding itself doesn't provide you anything more than timed gear progression on a weekly basis while you wait for your next "fix".
This isn't the kind of game design that is built to generate genuinely enjoyable experiences.
The entire progression and development model is the most cookie cutter shit out of any fucking game you've ever seen, and people are praising it for staying the same and never taking any risks.
I might find the game more enjoyable if the jobs themselves weren't so fucking bloated with abilities and they actually gave you unique and personal playstyles but you're stuck with this fucking dogshit linear optimal rotation bullshit.
And if you want to tell me that's a non-issue then tell me why it is that such a fucking miniscule portion of the player-base actually fucking bothers with raiding at the highest level.

If you want a 200 hour VN it's decent as long as you can put up with all the shitty padding. Otherwise no, the MMO part is shit and just because WoW fell from grace doesn't automatically make it good.

Fuckin' this.
Nothing more need be said.

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I'm only looking forward to them updating Heavensward though because sprouts and people who straight up don't remember in duty finder keep running away from something that looks nothing like a stack marker in that Sohm Al boss with the slimes

>You say this but you haven't touched anything outside of MSQ, ERP, or Raiding.
How does one even get into ERP in the game?
Do you just stand around Limsa in 2B bottoms and wait for someone to molest you and then spam emotes at eachother while writing bad fan fiction quality dialogue about how their asshole tastes like chocobo eggs?

Im glad that the zoom filter is still in working order.

This game gets so boring when the msq is done.
The only time to resub now is one to two months before a new expansion so you can so all the current expac stories and then get ready for the new one.

Because raidfags almost killed the fucking game again back in heavensward. Personally I don't bother with savage because finding an fc is too hard and I don't want to deal with drama. I do my extremes and I'm done with high level content for the patch.

the leveling is still shit
the engine and netcode is still shit

Glad you liked it user.
My static didn't share that sentiment,felt like a letdown compared to the last tier. Only p3s was actually fun.

Sounds about right, actually.

Pretty much this, except I couldn't put up with the shitty pacing and padding. I'd rather go through Lacrosse arc again than suffer through ARR


If it can have mahjong games like poker should be in it too.


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Just make an attractive character and even if you just go passing through a hub town you will get invited to do things.

Is the BLM life comfy? Or is it stressfull?

Mahjong fucking blows ass, though.
They should have added black jack or poker or chess or some shit a while ago.
Golden saucer is nothing but a fucking meme without the ability to actually gamble your gil with other players.

it's really not that funny anymore, bro.

stressful as fuck at early levels and then increasingly comfy as you level up and get more and more gifts directly from yoshida until you're at 90 and basically every last little complaint you could have about the class has been accounted for

I installed the peeping tom plugin, it's scary how many people target me when I just briefly stand near the aetheryte in limsa.

It doesnt even have to be gil. Simply wagering the points you earn in the activities would be more than enough to make it interesting.

Assuming you mean ARR specifically, it's okay but can be quite slow. What's good is that you can play it for free before trying anything else

>just briefly stand near the aetheryte in limsa.
Get out the way bitch I'm tryna teleport!

>Used to play as catgirl and viera before Endwalker
>Always got hit up by randoms told I'm cute
>Invited to to do shit and hang out
>They eventually find out I'm a dude
>Attention nosedives.
>Still be invited to shit but nowhere near as much as before.
>Fanta to Hyur Midlander Male
>Decide it's about time to just play the game and have some fun.
>Over a hundred hours in and playing basically the same as usual.
Not once in those 100 fucking hours did ANYONE hit me up or invite me to hang out, or even just chat it up like before when I could walk through limsa and often get tells.

Damn, ok.

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More like the rest of the game uses the wrong voice actors

They have some new shit planned for the saucer soon, who knows what they'll add.
You'll never be able to gamble your gil though, thank japan for that.

I made a Female Lalafell alt on the Crystal DC in Balmung to visit friends. I was doing the MSQ and got to the part where you left your starting city to go to other cities, and I went to Ul'dah first which involved talking to Momodi inside of the Quicksands.
Within 5 SECONDS of walking up to the counter where Momodi was, two people ran up to my character and started petting, hugging, and doting me.
That shit never happened to me on Aether so I guess if you join the ERP dc/world you just expect it to happen.