Blocks your path

>blocks your path
psssshhh you don't need those hp anyway.

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just take an attack, any attack and you will be good

i had a toy machine deck back in the day

>it's a "you got no attack drops and hit nob as your first elite" episode

>weeps in shiv build

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demon form is only good for Ocarina shaped monster

for literally every other Act 1 elite, regular enouncter or boss -- it's a curse card

>trying to blast ascension runs
>all the best decks i make are card spam like firing off tons of 0 mana shit
>the final boss is fucking ALWAYS the clock cunt

I hate this fagoot i lose like half my hp

Is Slay the Spire actually any good for someone like me who has never played any card games but wants to get into the genre?

>*teleports behind you*

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>It's the 3 sentry elite
>You have something that interacts with exhaust or statuses

Easiest win of your life, granted it's by far the easiest of the act 1s anyways.

Its more of a deckbuilder-roguelike, not hardcore pay2win cardgame like mtg, shitstone and gwent.
Decent starting point, and you will only pay once

Yes its a good game for not being overwhelming at the start but can give great options for variety later and the learning pace is easy to handle

I'm someone who hates and feels overwhelmed by most card games

Yes, the game is pretty easy without ascensions and you can often brute force wins until you figure out what's carrying you and start focusing on that.
Just remember that there's a skip rewards button and maybe look up a video or two on the basics if you don't feel like bashing your head on a wall until you get gud.

Thanks. I'll wishlist it and get it next time it's on sale.

game is absurdly overated and the trading card game genre / deckbuilding genre have never been worse.
that said I enjoyed it for about 20 hours, got the true ending with all 4 characters and then got bored because I don't have crippling autism (and therefore don't fancy doing the same thing 19 times in a row, especially when luck is a significant factor)

This guy kills about 50% of all my A20 defect runs.

Do you have time to discuss our lord and savior, Compile Driver

>teleports behind you
Psshh, nothin' personnel, spire.

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If I'm playing Ironclad I pretty much always pick up Feel No Pain early Act 1, it interacts with so much of the card pool that building around it is pretty effortless, also trivializes the Sentries fight.

> bragging about pity mode game activates after you lose 5 times in a row

>activates after you lose 5 times in a row
what.. i thought this activates if you lose before act 1 boss. just quit on floor 1 and boom lament

*blocks your path*

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Honeypot card, and the worst of the Form cards

better than wraith form

Its a win condition card, it literally can't be bad

It can only be a bad choice for your current status

>Demon Form
>Better than Wraith Form
You fucking what?
Wraith Form is objectively the best card in the game

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apparition is like a million times better

>Give him 20 HP
>He gives me a random relic
If the end result of this combat was a simple choice in a ? space you'd gleefully take it every time

>1001 runs
>768 of them as Ironclad grinding A20
only gimmicky cheevos left

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One Apparition lasts for a turn
Of course Apparitions come in 3 copies, but if you brick on drawing it, then you're likely just dead because of low max hp. They're also ethereal without an upgrade, so if you draw it in a turn you aren't being attacked, then it's a dead draw
Wraith Form+ is a "I'm giving you this turn, plus 3 more turns to work with. And then you'll bleed out" card
It's negative effects can even be offset via Kunai and Orange Pellets

Yes, but Apparition costs half your health so one bad turn can instantly kill you. It's ethereal if you don't have toxic egg/aren't playing watcher so you have to play it proactively instead of being able to hold it with well laid plans as a panic button. It's also just a dazed if you aren't getting attacked.

If you have no other way to scale, Demon Form is great. It's just that there are so many better options and Demon Form needs so much to make it work, like Snecko, a 4-5 energy deck, Limit Break, etc.
Also, Brimstone is Demon Form but better in every way.

don't forget a reaper :)


did he stutter?

One of the archetypes of Ironclad: get a shitton of strength, use your HP as a resource to facetank, heal up via Reaper, maybe increase health pool via a Feed

usually if you're taking demon form you want a reaper to heal back the damage you take on the turn you play it lol (without snecko, even with 4 energy)

Yeah the AoE health gain card. Sorry, forgot its name.


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wait I posted the wrong pic lmao cause I seen the burns in the thumbnail

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I always found it strange how many people with struggle with Ironclad, but he was my first character so maybe that's why I found him not so bad. A20 didn't take that long even though I'm retarded. Silent A20 took a while and I'm still stuck on Defect's

Once you reach A20H with all characters, most people find Defect the most challenging. He almost requires you to relearn the game entirely just for him.

Funny. Defect is the only one I got A20 with. The other ones are so boring to play.

t. TerrenceMHS

Yeah, I'm glad that I'm at least not alone. I throw in the occasional Watcher run too but climbing ascension with her was still wayyyyyy easier.

>Mummified hand

Ironclad is probably the hardest to luck out with. Defect can autowin with inserter + consume and some frost orbs, Silent can tear bosses apart with a good poison or shiv deck, Watcher can just grab every stance swap card and spam those in any order.
Ironclad relies very heavily on his rares like Corruption, Limit Break or Reaper, usually can't win off just one of those and needs support like Dark Embrace/Feel No Pain or strength cards and he still needs to actually draw them with his awful draw cards. Even then you can't just turn your brain off like you can with the others, because you can still die if corruption is on the bottom or if you cast it too early and burn out your blocks.

>after spending 3 energy you can save 1 energy to play another card, maybe 2 if youre lucky
Relying on a relic in early game won't do shit in your first elite and your deck is garbage enough starting out that you can only hope you have added some decent cards by then.

It can't be overrated in the context of the genre unless it is worse than multiple competitors, care to list some it is worse than?

>Feel No Pain
>Dark Embrace
>Demon Form

>3 energy do nothing
If the fight ends the turn after you play it, it's a 3 energy strike, assuming you draw 3 attacks and don't need to block. An extra turn effectively gives you 4 strikes for 3 energy. That's still pretty bad value, considering 1 energy 9 damage cards still give you extra effects. Sure it starts being more with it by turn 5 or so, but that's 5 turns if nob wailing on you, while you could have reduced damage taken with weaken or done the same damage faster with vulnerable.

Yeah, but Brimstone means you're probably fucking dead at the Heart.

NTA but Demon Form is mainly for late game boss fights, and works amazingly against Champ.

Brimstone is autowin on Ironclad A20H most runs.

>4 powers in act 1
>feel no pain and dark embrace are curses if you don't have corruption up
Sounds like you get mauled by the first elite you run into.

Corruption doesn't even affect Feel No Pain or Dark Embrace.

>Feel no Pain, Dark Embrace are curses without corruption
They have lower mileage sure, but to call them curses?
lol no
That's like saying Corruption is a bad card without Dead Branch and Snecko

>Corruption is a bad card without Dead Branch and Snecko is.

>autowin on Ironclad A20H most runs.

In the context of dealing with your first elite: yes, they are objectively poor things to add to your deck unless you get 3 sentries and never see nob or lagavullain later.

The entire argument was about Demon Form and other powers being good in act 1. How do you have 2 rares, Feel No Pain + Dark Embrace AND a bunch of natural exhaust cards so those two can actually do something without Corruption in act 1?

corruption without dead branch and/or snecko is like arguing wraith form

It's free scaling without having to play a card. The only time you shouldn't pick it is when you have Philosopher's Stone or when you already have good scaling.

I really should just work on doing A20. I keep trying to rerun Ironclad over and over for a 5 card sub 20 minute run so I’m not actually progressing anything at this stage. Haven’t even touched Watcher yet.

Dark Embrace, Feel No Pain are definitely fine picks just because of Tri Sentries.
For the other two elites, that user must have had dmg cards to burst them down
If they didn't, then they shouldn't have taken an elite to begin with

For the achievement? Do Watcher, she's the easiest to do it with.

Play the game more if you truly believe that

Post replay of you beating A20H on Ironclad with Corruption and no Dead Branch.

any of you guys play on xbox? my gf is number 7 worldwide for fastest clears rn.

Any replays/streams of her's you can post?