Play this masterpiece, Dragon Quest 11

Play this masterpiece, Dragon Quest 11.

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after Dragon Quest 1-9

I did. The music was so bad I almost quit until I downloaded the DQ8 overworld music and it saved the game. Sugiyama completely phoned it in and the only good tracks were remixes of previous DQ music (which granted were amazing). I beat the game, went back in time and immediately regretted it. I got Mr. Popo to give everyone their old skill trees back but it felt so unearned and like a slap in the face to all the hardship and character growth everyone went through so I just stopped playing partway into act 3.

I did, and I had fun. I married Serena and told her that her food tasted good.

There was no character growth pre 3 that they didn't get afterwards.

I quit after beating the octopus for the mermaid quest
I just wanted to see Jade fight in a bunny outfit and once I reached that I lost interest.

Its not the same. None of the stuff that happened after the first trip to the tree happened. Rab never risked his life to learn the ultimate magic, Jade never got raped, Serena doesn't cut her hair, the Hero never saved his father. I know you can go and save his father in act 3, but again, leaving all those experiences behind didn't seem worth it. I'm happy with the Act 2 ending and its story and as much as I wanted to save Veronica, I thought her sacrifice was poignant enough that I wanted to leave it as it was. Besides, the game started getting kinda boring at that point. After 100 hours, I basically only had 2 attacks as a greatsword using Hero, the single target and the group attack. The combat was fun, but so simple and basic that I was happy with what I got and didn't need any more.

Also, the parts they added to the Switch version after act 1 fucked up the pacing and made the story worse. If Erik gave up his memories as part of a divine trade to save his life, why does he just remember again for no reason? I'd be happier not knowing about that. Sylvando's story also dragged and the most important character that I wanted to see, Serena, didn't even get a side story.

I plan on doing it after I beat DQ 7 and 2. Wish me luck lads

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Is no masterpiece is just another standard cookie cutter DQ game, is neither good or bad is your standard measure of passable.

No one seems to get the entire message Act 3 is that everyone including the Hero was willing to give up a huge part of themselves for Veronica and all those who suffered because of the end of Act 1. The things that happen in Act 3 that feel lessened because of what happened in Act 2 are supposed to, because you're being shown what exactly was sacrificed.

>Play ChingChong: Power of gods friendship 26 (REMAKE)
No fucking thanks, J"RPGs" are LITERAL dog shit. I genuinely cannot fathom how a person can play these games. It just has to be a mental illness at this point.

"masterpiece" is overselling it, but it is really good.

I personally enjoyed chapter 3, but if you find yourself feeling burnt out when you get there, just walk away. chapter 1 & 2 is an assload of content and the end of chapter 2 is a decent enough ending.

Its not that I don't get it, I don't like it. The characters warn you before you go back in time exactly what will happen so its not like some big brain take you've got there, the game literally tells you that.

Trials of Mana was better

DQ9 was my favourite DQ game solely because of the local multiplayer, I have pretty nostalgic memories of playing it with mates

Dragon quest 8 is better.

They will never be masterpieces as long as the silent protagonists drag them down.

It's too long. Dropped it on PS4 (og jap release), dropped the 3DS version later on too. And now I dropped 11S on PC as well.
Weirdly enough I really liked the music, it's not the best in the series and a little too much is reused/rearranged from previous games (well, honestly even some parts of the events feel like uninspired version from 3,4,5 and even 6).
DQ should be ~30h long with it either being a little bit shorter or longer depending on how much you care about side stuff like the older games in the series.

great game, great soundtrack
really memorable rpg

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Its great but i wished for more complex party building, more unqiue weapons and catching monsters. Still the only great jrpg from recent times and the only series from SE im looking forward to.
I needed a push to start it but some user from vrpg told me its one of the best jrpgs ever made. He was right.

I'm so glad the senile old fart of a composer died. Now we can finally have good music again.

I don't have the patience to play jrpgs anymore

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I don't like the artstyle so no.

As a huge fan of SD3, I'd have to say that yeah, the Trials remake is probably a better game overall. I really, really hate the music (not counting remixes) and the very fact that Sugiyama tried to pass off that lazy score with 1 town theme and 1 "overworld" theme that included every fucking location from desert to snowfield pisses me off to no end. Trials is clunky, but it has a good heart.

The game was fun but man was party building lame. You get TWO attacks with a great sword and they are the most dull attacks ever. And thats it, for the entire play time of the game, you get an aoe and a single target plus upgrades to those. You have so many skill points but very little terms of actual variety. Rab's tree was cool though.

But it did happen because you did it. I can't believe so many people get filtered by DQ while at the same time calling it simple.

man I thought the combat was neat to play. enemies were interesting, I'm fully on-board for all the goofiness and amazingly cliche rpg elements. but man I did not get down with the overload of plot lol

It didn't happen to the characters, which is my point. The characters I'm with are not the characters I grew to like. Also, I never called the story simple, I said the combat was simple. Are you illiterate?

Mana is awful outside of Legend. Have you played good ARPGs before?

This shit right here, I fucking hated the story they tried to do during act 3, as far as I'm concerned the game ends at act 2

I did

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I liked the costumes.

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i found all the characters annoying, especially that shortstack.

I played the demo, I didn't like the characters, voices or music.
Very pretty tho

Ys VIII is better

Sorry, I'm starting this today. Any tips?

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already did. Never bothered with the re-release since it's not a paid DLC upgrade

There's nothing weird about liking the music, some pieces are genuinely beautiful. The complaint about the music is basically what happens when normalfags decide to try to conclude things on their own and end up confusing everything. For example, a youtube video went viral where a woman without any technical knowledge in any area tries to explain why the music in the game is bad, and comes to ridiculous conclusions about MIDI and shit like that. Other people cannot understand that repeating the same song a thousand times makes it annoying without it necessarily being bad.

A lot of that video was also bitching about Sugiyama's politics and copyright shit. I find Sugiyama's copyright autism to be more of a myth than anything. Also consider its a good thing that he, or rather his estate now, owns his music. A lot of musicians and bands don't own their music and can actually get copyright strikes by their own record company for playing it without permission.

I tried it but it was a total drag with nothing happening for so fucking long.
I've been playing the FF Pixel Remasters lately though and Goddamn were games better paced 20 years ago, they know how to keep things moving.

the game really has the pace you want it to have
just stop doing sidequests or dicking around with crafting

>as far as I'm concerned the game ends at act 2
Same but I honestly thought it was meant to be that way and Act III is just an elaborately made postgame.

The problem with the music in DQ11 is that the combat theme is lame and the overworld theme sucks and plays in EVERY SINGLE AREA so you spend 70% of your playtime listening to the same shitty 2 tracks. Every time there's a good track in the game it's remixed from an older title.

I couldn't even finish it, I got to the point where you beat the trials and make wishes and just got so fed up with the shit storytelling

Act II you mean? Yeah it unironically took me 5 years to go from start to the end of Act II. The game is great but exhaustingly repetitive.

I go by act 1 is the opening part leading up to the tree event. Act 2 is the part where everything's gone to shit, and act 3 is post game where you revert all the character development

I prefer my wife's game

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>don't revert character building
>kill serena instead of veronica
I just saved your game


God I want to play 5 so badly, I wanted to own an original copy of it but it's $300 nowadays..
Though I can always play the mobile port or emulate on retroarch.
Been playing the mobile version of 4 for party chat and it's been pretty good so far.

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Once you can change classes, put some skill points into the thief tree to get half-inch and some in to warrior to get some easy HP. Do this with everyone. There's other cool stuff you can get but I don't remember all of it. Most of the content is in the postgame. Learn how to manipulate the RNG for grotto chests and rare drops from grotto bosses, it's really easy.

Oh I didn't follow the reply chain, I barely even bothered with Act III, Act II was already too much of a slog and I was satisfied with how it ended.
Act III seems like a really fun postgame but I'm already too burned out and it's all recycled content anyways. It reminds me of the Underworld from Nioh, except Nioh is way more fun to play for me.

the fuck? I bought 5 like two years ago and it was only $40. What happened?

I dropped at at the start of act 3.
Fuck you. I can't believe I trusted you cunts. What a horrible game.

I'll play it once all the modders are done adding the good graphics to the """Definitive""" edition of the game.

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I'd rather replay Persona 5, tbqh.

Covid really, a lot of retro games sky-rocketed because of nostalgia and people staying at home.
Some just went up for no reason like devils third on wii u, went from $50 to $500

I had fun with it but it starts to drag towards the end of the game. I beat it once just to beat it but when I replayed it I got pretty far but lost interest in beating it again. Maybe I'll do the post game if I replay it again

Trials of Mana is one of the blandest games I've played

covid was already a thing in 2020
it'll probably go back down

>not just emulating the PS2 version with English Patch


I expect a re-release at some point on switch or other consoles, but monkeys paw will probably give us shit sprites like 1-3 on switch
Then they'll probably drop in price.

I dropped the game the momment i had to hear this "masterpiece"

Oh fuck I didn't notice that was a thing, I'll look into it, does the English patch have localisation like accents? Or is it more literal