Play JRPGs

Play JRPGs

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>no black people
>no diversity
>no ux design


does BRS count?

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HA no.

I already do

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I just lost The Game

Halfway (I suppose?) through Cross and it's kino

I just reached the ghost ship. It is very comfy

Okay. List 5 that feature cute tomboys and I'll go play those.

uhh sweaty that's not a jrpg even tho it's a japanese rpg a jrpg is a style not a genre

I'm a bit further.
My only gripe would be that I hate misseables and this game has damn plenty of it.

chrono trigger

Chrono Cross has niggers in it

I do. Playing FF VI right now, grinding for some rages.


Yes, but it's also very replayable. In NG+ you're overpowered, add fast-forward and you can replay already seen fragments in 1/10th of the original time.
In fact, it's one of few games where missables don't trigger me (so much).

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Bravely Default
Chrono Trigger
Persona 4
Trails in the Sky
Omori (gameplay is shit)

>muh """hardcore""" nerfed rng
way to filter yourself

Isnt Estelle only considered one in the US Localization where she is more generic shojou in japanese or whatever?

Stuff like the plate armors, moonglasses and the Marbule quest are what you want to focus. Vigora element is nice, too. The rest? Useless, the characters are all trash.
But the real big brain secret of the game is to bring innates of the same element of a boss. They take less damage, but can punish the boss anyway and your life will be easier every time.

I suppose you're right
It's a bit intended with several routes and whatnot, forcing you to play it multiple times anyway.

Could be, I only played the English version

>the real big brain secret of the game is to bring innates of the same element of a boss

can you give an example? So if the boss is Blue you bring Red?

I'll only play your JRPG if it has dog girls.

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Im not 100% on it but I do like Tomboy Estelle at least

I am. I hope to finish up Final Fantasy today and I recently started playing The Last Story as well. Depending on how much it draws me in, I might also pick up Final Fantasy XIV or Super Robot Wars OG to play alongside it.


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based. Where did you find The Last Story? Or are you just emulating? I am thinking of getting Pandora's Tower before the eshop closes.

Just emulating. I do actually own a Wii, but it feels like such a hassle to get it running and deal with waggle controls. Emulating and playing on a controller is much nicer desu
What's Pandora's Tower about anyway? I've only ever heard the name.

Your girlfriend gets "slowly turn into a monster" disease and based on the prescription of an old shaman woman, you need to feed your girl the flesh of special monsters from the titular tower to keep her human.

Gameplay is basically a 3D Castlevania game

Nice. I don't suppose you could name 5 more. I've played all those already, and I really like tomboys in JRPGs...

Imagine violently impregnating Kid

More importantly, play Turn-BASED-JRpgs.
ARPGcucks begone.

I can't believe I forgot about Tales of Berseria, Velvet is great
I suppose most Final Fantasy games have at least one
Black Souls has a decent battle junkie girl (not even sure if I should classify her as a tomboy), but she's only one girl of many and the series isn't exactly filled with tomboys. Great if you're into monster girls tho

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if you play both turn based and action it is fine.

Where's the negative

Even 9-5 wagies have like 8 hours freetime.

Are you a fucking cobalt miner user?

she has such a dumb face

You definitely should give Pandora's Tower a shot, it's an extremely neglected title. Like the other guy said, it's about lifting a terrible curse which requires you to venture into various elemental towers which house many different beasts whose meat will help with curing your gf.

There's one problem however: she's a vegan.

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I dropped this on disc 2, convince me to finish it.

Drop it and just replay Trigger

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I am slowly going through this JRPG.

Not getting the Cross remaster since I beat it on the PS1 and it's a crap sequel

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Don't play Chrono Cross though. I got tired after it forced me to whip out a guide for the 7th time after I didn't stand at this specific pixel or didn't talk to this random NPC at the ass-end of the map in the other world in order to progress the main story.

I did. Random turn based fighting between visual novel sequences got old. It was the best genre for a while until sandbox adventure games had the playtime and drama I crave, and JRPGs made a hard turn from fantasy/scifi tropes to awkward teenagers flashing panties/trying to catch a panty flash. Or maybe its just that I can't trust SE to deliver any more because the went full publisher milking IP.

Gameplay is shit in all of those except Persona which borrows the best turn based jrpg system though

comfy. What game?

probably that Triangle Strategy game

>Bravely Default
It's unironically peak of the genre (if you play on hard)
The others are mediocre, Omori is downright vile

Not him but you misunderstood, he means you bring blue elements to a blue boss fight. If you brought red you'd do a bit more damage but you'd also be taking a lot more damage from th boss.

Honest question which JRPGs should I play? I love the genre but haven't played many

Tales of Symphonia
Dragon Quest XI
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy IV

I already do

>Gameplay is basically a 3D Castlevania game
Except for
>attacks lack any kind of weight to them
>lack of interesting enemies requiring different tactics
>poor weapon selection
and additionaly
>repetetive nature of the game
>boring puzzles
>the same grey colors in every location

but the plot and the boss fights are actually both pretty damn fun. Bringing gifts to your monster gf and hearing her reactions never got boring to me.

what do you mean by no diversity?
your party members always come from wide variety of different races in these games

>best anything

>attacks lack any kind of weight to them
>lack of interesting enemies requiring different tactics
lol, what Castlevania game are you thinking about exactly?
Basic enemies in Castlevania are nearly all filler that you can approach in the same way and all suffer the same hitstun if you tap them with your nothing but your bare hand or smash them with a building sized hammer.

yes, got it now. Thanks.

Symphony of the Night, Rondo of Blood and Aria of Sorrow all have satisfying attacks (imo). And enemies in these games really make you act differently: medusa heads are more about pattern recognition than an actual fight when they are alone but when put with another enemies suddenly you have to take into consideration not just the pattern of a few medusa heads but also of at least one unpredictable enemy. Every projectile throwing enemy (both horizontally and in the air) is fought while taking into consideration where the actual projectile is, spear using enemies with increased range also have to be fought more carefuly as they outrange you. There are plenty of interesting enemies USED TOGETHER (that's the important part) that Pandora's Tower simply lacks.

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Crystal Project might be the most fun I've had with a JRPG in a long time. Huge fan of it despite being put off by the block visual at first.

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Except for Chrono Cross because it's shit

Apology accepted.

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No. I will continue playing action games.

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