You have to respect the meta! You're ruining the game by using that character/weapon/playstyle, nobody does that!

>You have to respect the meta! You're ruining the game by using that character/weapon/playstyle, nobody does that!

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I don't play games to have fun from accomplishing goals through gameplay or experiencing a narrative, I play games to derive enjoyment from the misery of others. I'm playing Oddjob and getting ubered outside your spawn with a phlog.

I do this. Should I not be doing this?

Whats wrong with pouring oil into the sink? Where the fuck else am I supposed to put it after I am done cooking?

if you're renting, do it
if you own your house just go pour it out in the garden

you're supposed to drink it

you're supposed to save it in a jar and then reheat it at 3AM and pour it on your neighbors lawn

If it's a 1v1 game and you blow someone out with some off meta pick because they don't know how to handle it, good. Fuck em.

So genuine question, why do metas make Yea Forums seethe so much? Like no matter the game I see people here desperately seeking validation because they're not playing top tiers.

meta is for normies, you're supposed to play in a way no one else does

Because being a slave to the meta means you are never going to innovate, and you are always just trying to emulate the success of other players. There are plenty of games that had a defined meta for YEARS without any patches or the like changing anything, and it took someone coming along and ignoring all the retards who told them how bad their character was to win a tournament, and then all the metafags had to scramble over themselves to cope and act like "that character was always actually a solid mid/high tier we just didn't really see much high level play from them". Inform yourself of the meta, but don't act like it's some set in stone objective standard.

>use Smogon moveset on Pokemon Showdown BUT change one move they normally expect
>people get mad

Every time

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Meta slaves are the peak of mount stupid. Finding the meta for any game is like the most basic of basics and something any retard can do in 10 minutes for any half-way popular game. But because they have this tiny bit of knowledge, they think they know everything now. Then when they lose to an unexpected strategy they get mad. Most people are too self-centered and retarded to blame themselves properly when they fail and find ways to improve. It's easier to just whine that YOU went outside their tiny box of understanding.

if you pour oil down the sink it cools and solidifies into a mass of gunk that clogs your pipes and is difficult to clean out. You should dump oil into a can in your kitchen and then once it hardens you can just throw the can into the trash.

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you throw it into the sea along with your old car batteries

But that's never what this is about. Anyone who follows any kind of meta even if they're making intelligent and informed choices, gets called a metatranny or some other variation simply because they're aiming to win rather than playing the game in the most arduous and ineffective way possible or playing blindly by "personal preference" regardless of actual effectiveness.

pokemon meta is especially odd because most of the theory-crafting and meta revolves around consistency for tournament play which is going to be multiple rounds to sus out gimmicky movesets, but then the mindless sheeple take these tournament sets into a singles format and don't understand that having one unexpected move or weird gimmick is like a million times more viable now and thus the meta should be completely different.

I don't think any game serves as a better case study of how the meta makes people act like retards than Pokémon. The fact when the groomers on the """""Smogon Council""""" get a whiff that someone is winning with a strat they don't like they collectively shit their pants and literally change the rules to ensure the pokes they most want to fuck continue to dominate must also contribute to the problem.

Based and completely legal.

No, you shouldn't dump oil down the sink, period. That's how water mains get clogged with enough time. You should also not be a fag in online games, knowing you're being disruptive and getting off on it ends with nobody wanting to play with you.

Sounds like a problem with the developers if they're unable to balance the game. Not the players' fault. In fact it's smarter to do something that works and gets you the win instead of purposely handicapping yourself like a retard.

>opponent assumes you will make the safest, most predictable play
>you predict their prediction and do something else

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or what's more likely to happen
>make stupid plays

that's the spirit!

>That's how water mains get clogged
Water mains is how water gets INTO the house.
What gets clogged by dumping liquid fat down your sink is the sewer

I don't know about Yea Forums, but it saddens me to see people using the same skills/equipment/techniques as everyone else "because it's the best" instead of using what they like.
Following a meta certainly makes sense in a competitive game if one wants to win, but in non-competitive games? Have some fun, pal. My fondest invasion/co-op memories in Souls games were made with thematic characters. Even when encountering metaboys, I stuck to my guns, hoping even they'd see the fun in it.

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Meta in games isn't so black and white though. Unless you REALLY REALLY know what you're doing in some games, picking off-meta will just get your team dumpstered. Generally speaking, you should play meta in competitive games until you're very familiar with the reasons the meta exists, then you can efficiently attempt off-meta strategies without dragging your team down too much in the event that your strategy is a bust. Additionally, the problem with most people who play off-meta stuff in comp games is that they don't communicate with their team about what their strategy is. If you decide to use some off-meta strat and you just straight up don't inform your team, of course they're going to get upset.

This is why Dark Souls 2 had the best PvP in the series. Mostly thanks to how Mundane scaling worked the meta was very decentralized and all sorts of different weapons and strategies could be used. It did get gay at very high SL though where everyone was just a hex slinging havel jester with that spiny spear

Just "playing what you like" without at least some considerations for efficiency will leave you horribly gimped in a lot of games. Unless you're playing a game that's easy to begin with.

Not my problem

The meta for most games revolves around one or two most effective strategies evolving, and then everything evolves with that in mind. People get complete tunnel vision, they only expect to see certain strategies employed, they learn how to play around that while also using an equally dominant strategy. When someone comes along and uses a strategy completely outside that paradigm in a skillful way, they often shit all over all but the top small percentage of players who have sufficient skill and game knowledge to adapt on the fly. Sometimes going completely off meta is the surest way to win. For example, take fighting games. You expect an opponent to do certain things in certain situations because to do something else would be incredibly foolish and leave them open to ruin. Because of that you discount any possibility that it might happen and then they do it and suddenly you're eating shit. For the player that can read, adapt and properly punish, they will still take the win. For the person who only ever learned to play against "proper" players, they will lose their composure and get fucked. The classic example:
Even the commentators were disrespectful towards the less skilled player, but what he was doing was winning him rounds, so why the fuck should he change it up?

>using cooking oil
you didn't cooked your food

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>picking off-meta will just get your team dumpstered
Good thing I don't care about my team then. I will continue playing in whatever way I find most fun regardless of whether I win or lose.

people in pub matches have no say in getting matched with me. if i want to noob tube in MW2 lobbies i will, and i will cackle to myselft in my dark room every time

Playing off-meta in a team game is extremely different from playing off-meta in a 1v1 game.
Playing off-meta is similar to gambling. It's one thing to gamble with your own money, but it's completely different to gamble with someone else's without their permission. If you're on a team, your team mates are trusting you to not waste their time on a meme.

>come back to Yea Forums after a few years of not playing video games
>everyone is now saying "meta" out of nowhere
it will never stop being weird to me how contagious language is. i'm guessing some youtuber used meta in the context of video games and it spread like wildfire after. nobody said this even a couple years ago.

Don't you know? Fromsoft games ARE competitive fighting games according to the most brainrotted pvp autistic cultists. Gotta use the meta bro, gotta talk about frame data in a fromsoft game. The mixups, bro. Fighting game terms used in fromsoft's gimmicky Limewire connection multiplayer mode, bro.

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>Why are you using akimbo p90s retard???????
>just run around holding down both triggers, mowing down the enemy team
I'll stop when you pry them from my cold, dead hands

Bros am I cool? I intentionally pick the worst character and option in every scenario.

>nobody said this even a couple years ago
This is literally the least true statement I have ever fucking read. Go to the fucking archive and bring up any thread about literally any competitive game. The oldest ones you can find. If you can find a StarCraft or league or Dota or whatever thread that went 100 posts without someone saying meta, I will personally give you the best head of your life.

Do you have dementia? People have been talking about metagame in starcraft for decades.

Yeah, I know. Which is why you need to make some sacrifices in efficiency.
If, however, you're playing a game where even a single compromise leaves you unable to win, well, you can decide for yourself if the game's for you or not.

Sorry pal, "meta" has been used for a good while in a video game context.

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unironically yes

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the best speculation from a meta slave. Have fun doing the same things over and over.

>Play fighting game
>Hit them once
>Spend the rest of the match running away
I don't care if I lose, so long as I can ruin their enjoyment of the match

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I will never stop using graviton lance and salvagers salvo in crucible

Meta is for retards and people that complain you're not using the meta is an even bigger retard.

don't bother, him saying that any time you don't take the most optimal and predictable play means you will lose shows he's literally the exact kind of person I was making fun of. He's not self-aware. He probably wonders why everyone is able to predict his every move so easily, too.

>*flushes baby wipe down the toilet*
Dingleberries: My problem
City pipes: Not my problem

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So why do fags say "I play for fun" when they actually mean "it's not fun unless you cater to me so I can win"?

Not being predictable doesn't mean playing "off-meta" you fucking moron

Wash your ass, nigger

>You only won because you're bad!
Is this shit confined to fighting games? I think it's a matter of bad attitude. If I lose a fucking 1v1 game, the only person to blame is myself. If my opponent did something absolutely retarded and I got blown out for it, the issue is I fell for something absolutely retarded. I cannot comprehend people who have the cognitive dissonance to say that all that matters is winning and will lab the foulest setups possible to ensure they get wins, but when someone claps them with 20 throws in a match because the didn't tech the first two, suddenly it's not a real win because they didn't fight the right way.

i remember having a conversation with my gf about 4 or 5 years ago about the word meta and if its current use is just an abbreviation of "metaphysical" or if it comes from something completely unrelated. my point is, people have been saying it for years

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I'd sooner take getting shit on in more matches with a character I enjoy playing than playing some top tier fuck who gives me no joy win or lose.

>Play league/dota
>Enemy team goes full metacuck
>I pull out a sleeper pick that is strong against the meta, but underplayed
>1-2 players from Ally team immediately rage and call GG before the game has even begun, effectively tilting the whole team
i played abbadon pos 3 a few years ago, when he got his new E passive, building echo sabre/right click. i farmed to immortal with it despite random retards raging over pos 3 abba, and in 5 months it became a dominant meta for a brief period of time before being nerfed.


Meta is a greek prefix that means "after" or "beyond". "Metaphysics" is "physics that is beyond normal physics". And "meta-game" is "the game that is beyond the normal constraints of the game".

Learn your greek and latin roots, bitch.

>but when someone claps them with 20 throws in a match because the didn't tech the first two, suddenly it's not a real win because they didn't fight the right way
Those people are scrubs but so are the ones crying foul about someone being a "metafag" or playing cheap by abusing busted setups.
A win is a win. Anything within the confines of the game goes.

>be an autist who likes numbers
>start playing a new game
>concentrate on getting big numbers
>discover ways game mechanics allow you to have even bigger numbers
>genuinely have fun making the numbers bigger
>Yea Forums tells me I'm a meta slave and that I didn't beat the game

Yea Forums is crawling with lousy INFPs who lack self-discipline and have to play the game the way others play it.

I honestly think this whole "play fair" shit only started because in the arcade you are in striking distance of the person you are laming out. I have honestly been afraid of violence being done to my person back in the day playing MK2 and spamming triple fireball on people with Shang Tsung then morphing to Mileena and spamming teleport kick the second they try to get in. I would have deserved it too, but it was worth every fucking win.

Stfu Sirlin

Personally I dislike metas in general because it's a bunch of extra shit I need to memorize just to be at an even playing field with everyone else who already memorized it.
I don't mind people who play meta though and I usually play meta. People who get butt hurt when you play off meta are just the worst though. Sometimes I like or enjoy the playstyle of a weak character and some cunt feels the need to whine that I'm playing wrong or they make up some imaginary reason why I'm playing low tier.

What do we think the oldest use of "meta" in that sense is
Competitive TCG are older than vidya but did video games get it from TCG or did they borrow it from vidya retroactively once it was common enough

only subhuman city dwellers need to worry about doing this

>play fps game on PC
>everyone uses a controller because the auto-aim tracking is so strong
this is a meta to be objectively mad about

according to wikipedia
>The term gained more recent use towards game design by Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering in a column he wrote for The Duelist in 1995.