I just finished all the Danganronpa games. What now?

I just finished all the Danganronpa games. What now?

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Argue about the V3 ending on Yea Forums for all eternity

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Done both


Zero Escape series I guess

You are now entitled to fap to the doujins now

That better have included Ultra Despair Girls

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Is kirumi used goods?

Can i play all the games on vita or do i have to rev up the pc for them?

I wanna fuck the wheelchair chick

Everything works on Vita

It did. I honestly really liked the spooky atmosphere. And it does have some of that RE4 DNA in it too. I kinda wished for it to go survival horror, or at least include a horror scene like with the beast monokuma. RE8 showed that you can have genuinely scary scenes in an otherwise campy game. And the underground mall could've been good for a spook, like in SH3.

But I guess it's unrealistic for a Danganronpa game to be survival horror. They'd filter their audience.

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play a good game

Are the bonus modes worth playing?

And this is probably one of my favourite Danganronpa tracks too. Right next to Beautiful Dead and the V3 comic minigame theme

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Play 13 sentinels if you haven't yet.

Yeah. Like her game

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You can play World End's Club.
It has the same energy and shares some developers.

What's the best part about it? I've heard about it, but I always thought it was just a little babbu game. The girl is cute though

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Some of these are a stretch, and some of these are just straight up dogshit games. Take these with a grain of salt

Raging Loop
Lastone: Behind The Choice
Zero Escape 999
Ace Attorney
Your Turn To Die
Kara no Shoujo
Exile Election
Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair
Euphoria (avoid at all costs)
AI The Somnium Files
Paradise Killer
Idol Death Game
Tokyo Dark
Return To Shiroganasu Island
Fatal Twelve
Persona 3
Corpse Party
Battle Royale novel
Flower, Sun, and Rain
The Silver Case
Death Mark

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How about you make a list without the straight up dogshit games?

The characters and the designs is very good and so is the story. The game play is sadly lacking, but in my opinion you could still play this game, because it is also not very long.

Do like everyone else and start worshipping Junko.

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School Mode, Island mode and Love across the universe are dating sims.

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You pick a cute girl and talk about her all day in /drg/

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junko is my idol i love her sm naegi is a sweetheart

Based taste.

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Graduate from high school.

This pretty much

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You go to a psychiatrist so he gives you meds

Kill yourself

I didn't forgive her

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Will you guys be playing Baseball Ronpa?

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I felt that irl, when a girl holds your hand tight, best feeling in the world

Why is junko more popular than mukuro?

Probably because we didn't know much about her until way later, plus Junko had more appearances.

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best DGR theme

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gacha trash

>STILL no MGSV clone starring Mukuro
Worst timeline.

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Mukuro is flat.

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Stop posting this shit

I'm not going to stop posting Junko.

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How can she have tits this big even, she's underweight.

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ilovehimilovehimilovehimilovehim he's so perfect my soft little perfect little baby boy i want to make him mine so badly i want a naegi hubby so ba d

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>Mikan second heaviest girl

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Now we wait for DR4

Okay Junko.

It's the thighs and tits.

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Why is this ship so hot.

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are those FRECKLES? wow she’s HIDEOUS

I can fix you

Horrible taste, freckles are adorable.

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You can't, you can only let them break you.

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Mukuro ;_;

What's wrong, user?

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How would a female danganronpa fan break anyone

Insanity is one of the most contagious diseases.

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