>STILL not a SINGLE good kafkaesque game

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I look like this and lie in bed all day because I haven't got any reason to get up


post thorax

I don't even want to fuck it i want to give it a hug

what 0 pussy does to a mf

literally me

Shit like this is why I dread getting a job.

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the legal system in the Ace Attorney games is retarded enough to be Kafkaesque ala The Trial

>How Kafkaesque

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>the neet doesnt see the reflection of his own being in Samsa’s family
how kafakaesque


no touching the meat ma'am


Just bought the castle this evening, what am I in for?

fucking love Sam & Max

the exact opposite happened, guy was such a wagie he was more concerned about the fact he was late for work

Yeah man turning into a giant cockroach for the first time is a struggle for everyone but you get used to it, it's just something everyone has to go through at least once

Where does he put the glasses?

It's just a metaphor, you dunce. He doesn't actually turn into an insect. He turns into "vermin" because he won't work anymore.

Nobody knows, quite kafkaesque.


papers please
stanley parable

I mean that is part of the symbolism and all that, but he actually does turn into an inscet, even starts crawling all over the walls

You’re a metaphor

it's both

kafkaesque video games cant exist because the player is always in control


is kafkaesquue just a fancy word for weird

If you ignore the sequel, Lobotomy Corporation.


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>Sequel is made by some random guy who never even played the original

>even starts crawling all over the walls
Absolutely normal. Me and my precious often do that kind of things.

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Reminder that if you didn't read Kafka's works in it's original language you missed literally everything except the most basic stuff.

I think the bigger problem is not understanding the culture of Germany a hundred years ago. Men were expected to provide for their families no matter how detrimental for their health it was, and if a man breaks under the pressure, he is disposed of.

Earlier translations were trash but there's been a lot of good revisions
The most important thing is probably knowing at least a bit about the author before reading anything

>tfw no genre bending, bone chilling lynchian-kafkaesque jumpscare free horror game

this but with dantes inferno

You can't make a kafkaesque game fun

I tried to read Dante's Inferno once and got filtered because I didn't understand shit

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>Still no Super Roach game

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Kafka was very clear about now wanting it to be shown as a bug. Why does everyone draw it as a bug.

He was very clear about not wanting the character to be illustrated at all, bug or no bug.

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trash fanfiction written by a faggy poet who self-inserted himself into a story where he makes up shit about a religion to suit his biases
the saddest part was a lot of his shitty ideas are now treated as gospel by idiots who don't know where they came from

Incel buzzwords starting pack.

The Suffering and The Void/Turgor are pretty Kafkaesque.


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what is more cringe:
saying something is kafkaesque or lynchian?

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Incels aren't literary hipsters my man

ESL subhuman, opinion discarded

go outside it's kafkaesque enough

looks like you read it in english lmao

They absolutely fucking are. Alt-righters and incels are obsessed with pseudo-intellectualism and classic lit is the fasttrack to that. It's fucking fiction and it's fucking stupid; that's why it's entertaining. It's not fucking smart.

You're confusing several different groups my man

E.Y.E. is decently kafkaesque

Am I? Everyone's an individual, but if it quacks like a duck...

Yeah it's not like people have been making fun of these moron hipsters for 40 years or anything

Bruh you're trying to tell me that ducks bleet like a goat.

>Written by Aesop

>Lovecraft got Bloodborne, and it was kino.
We can't stop winning Howiebros

You're the one who wanted to argue in old cliches, user

IPL games get as close to the idea as it gets. They are a lot more dramatic in the end, it's a Russian take on central-european melancholy, so there is always going to be a bit of thematic drift, but there is a LOT of inspiration drawn from Kafka's writing for sure - especially in Pathologic 1, Marble Nest, and Knock-Knock.

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pathologic kinda is

I'd argue that the vast majority of games are kafkaesque. The player is the subject of the game's authority, placed into situations where everything is trying to kill them.

Are you implying the incoherent shit in the new Testament is any different?