Diablo kino is back on the menu

Diablo kino is back on the menu

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diablo hasn't been kino in 20 years

Genuine question for the diablo niggers, is path of exile the zenith of the genre and if not what can diablo even do to be better?

path of exile is bloated garbage and they constantly add new systems to make people pay for new premium stash tabs

25 days too late.

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lol crusader and monk are negros now

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>they constantly add new systems to make people pay for new premium stash tabs
based retard detractor who doesn't actually play the game

why do zoomers play games on their phones? I mean, when I was a kid I too played snake on my phone when I was waiting for the bus or bored during classes. But in what situation do you take out your phone and boot up a fucking action RPG and just start playing for hours like a completely autistic fuck?

No, people play games on tablets though.

Is that real? Lmao

Best thing was the crusader being a blonde stacey

not in china

Is this an out of season April Fools joke?

>2 stats

Well hell, at least they’re not pure ugly.
Still can’t get over the Diablo 2 remakers making the Paladin go from Black Chad to GigaCongo.


I'd play Grim Dawn if i wanted stats


There is no chance this will be good. Its mobile

I was an early smartphone user and ive downloaded almost NO games ever to my phone, besides solitaire or some shit. Never played cod or anything popular on my phone

Kek they should have released on april fools day. The social engineering effect would have been insane

The interface for tablets and phones simply doesnt work for most gaming.

I wont even give it a chance.

Diablo has been shit since they made a sequel
Only the first one was good

My mid 30's brother is addicted to phone games.
Older people are just as succeptible to this shit as zoomies because they have vapid interests/hobbies outside of work.

it will be fine for diablo topdown point and click 3D
in fact there's been a lack of good games like this for mobile

Really? How do we get that version?

Also, why isnt there a character customization screen? The fuck kinda nigger shit is this?


>Sir we spelt strength wrong on the December Quarterly update page. Should we go in and correct it?
>You think anyone actually cares about our game?


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Diablo was never good.
The only good game Blizzard ever made was Warcraft 3.

kek based

Using healing potions while in combat, casting a particular spell on the fly while meleeing without hotkeys? I don't think so

I played the closed beta and unironically the game was actually good. I've never been excited by a mobile game and I don't normally play mobile games but this time I might.
I only hope they can add controller support because touchscreen controls are fucking cancer

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its spelled correctly on another item lower on the page
How the fuck does that even happen, shouldnt terms like STRENGTH/DEX/CRIT/LIFE/MANA ETC just be pulled from an index that all items would use

2 shekels deposited to your account.

this game was a meme the minute it got announced but i gotta say, there's not a single high quality diablo like game on mobile, so there's a void to fill

It's probably some designer-made mock-up, not an actual in-game screenshot. That's how they usually do things for press releases

>Wait 8 hours 37 minutes to fight Diablo again
>Pay 9.99(+tip) for more terror points and fight him again right now!

path of exile is like the best of arpgs but taken to hardcore levels, if you don't have a life then you should definitely go to PoE, if you value your time and want decent fun:time ratio then Diablo is for you.

Main issues of PoE:
*You need to farm currency from day one (or RMT) to be able to afford items
*The market itself sucks, currency exchange takes hours if you try to move low level currency
*Most of the unique items are dogshit, either nerfed to death or useless because they came with the idea 4 bong hits in during a meeting
*The game bombs you with debuffs to no end in endgame content, you basically build around getting damage reduction to a reasonable level or to at least survive a few blows
*They keep killing ways to become immune to some debuffs, so you feel the "content" and don't zoom through monsters (which is fun)
*They keep adding monsters that buff other monsters, these have auras that make even basic monsters in late game stun you or outright kill you
*They keep nerfing fun builds because people at the top of the game kill endgame bosses too fast (they RMT so even in a different build they will do so anyways, this doesn't apply to streamers)
*They refuse to give the Witch bigger tits.

All in all, PoE is a good core game, the leveling process sucks cock and being free to play some commodities like lots of storage and most cosmetics are paywalled, if they ever add a level scroll or something that sends you to maps after killing kitava 2 then more and more people would play it, since you wouldn't have to invest 5-10 hours (for casuals) to try a new build (most builds really kick in at level 75+)

It probably is, yes.
The formula to dethrone PoE should be easy, but nobody pulled it off yet.
Wolcen tried it but failed miserably.
Basically you develop the core of the game to hook people up. Something similar to what PoE was early in the days. 3 story acts with a fluid combat system and an interesting end game. Then, from that base, you expand the game slowly act by act. League by league.
That alone, with pretty graphics (with pretty I don't mean cartoonish, again Wolcen had the right idea but they have no creativity) should suffice, this type of game is very addictive and people crave something visually different. But if you really want to bury PoE just make something new, something that feels unique for the genre even if it's not in terms of the whole picture. Again, Wolcen knew the formula but they fucked it up. They created a grinding menu to incentivize and reward end game grinds. It's just shit, worse than mobile minigames. Text on top of text that doesn't feel like unlocks anything. Just copy something from old games that went forgotten. Like the citadel building in NWN2, something that has a visual impact around you, and that maybe you can go on a raid/map and find an NPC that could fit on your citadel because of their stats and you can assign it as a blacksmith or merchant or cartographer... Overall something procedural that will be at least a bit unique for every player.

It's just my view though. If nobody has done anything like that maybe it's because it's not that simple (which would be weird because it has already been done years ago) or maybe it's just me that wants those things.

As someone who's been playing PoE since 2011, this is pretty spot on. PoE is a really amazing game all things considered, but only if you are ok with dedicating 100% of your time to it every time a new league comes out. Few weeks before release you invest hours just making up a build, scouring all kinds of new items, new changes, diffing changelogs from previous releases, researching new skills, playing around with PoB, follow big streamers or community members to look at what kind of builds they shill, what items they use, and what things you can do differently (because all the stuff they recommend will be too overpriced for you to be able to afford it).

Then release day comes, you try to be one of the first to get in because even just getting an hour headstart to other "normie" players can be the difference between you being able to afford your specific build-enabling item or not (ignore racing against professional players/streamers, that will never happen).

Few days into the new league and you either had to restart 2-3 times because your builds didn't work or you found some other specific build-enabling items and decided to change plans, or you finally manage to hit "pre-endgame" (mapping). Now that's when the game becomes finally fun.

Then a week or two into doing the exact same thing over and over (but with better gear) you either rage because the new league mechanic sucks, they release some hotfix that fixes all kind of bullshit you had to go through (rendering all your time wasted pointless), or you just decide you are done with the current league and wait 3-4 months for the new league to come out and repeat the whole thing again.

Been doing this for over a decade now, I probably need a new hobby.

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gameplay looks like absolute korean mobile tier ass


the company making it has already made a dozen games in the same style so you arent really wrong other than it being chink shit instead of gook

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Those stats are hideous this game looks like garbage

countdown to countdown

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Is blizzard not even making it in house?

oh god i thought immortal was IV and was mildly curious for a second.

Forgot to add;
*They want you to use currency to craft items (which at this point you're better off going to a casino to gamble since the odds to have a decent crafted item by yourself are next to zero)
*They keep nerfing Harvest because people got good items (they don't want you to have good items, they want you to farm currency and trade)
*Build enabling uniques like Starforge and Wrappings drop at abysmal rates, everything in this game drops at such low rate (except dogshit uniques) that it simply feels like working a second job

I'm 30 and play mobile games with my gf all the time. Our best program is to get into a hot tub with whiskey and play vidya.

It's literally diablo though, what did you expect?

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Not on steam no buy, fuck you

Unless they make it Buy-2-Play and remove ALL microtransactions from it, it is going to be shit. Friendly remidner that this game died in fucking China of all places thanks to how predatory it was and that is one of the main reasons why it has taken them this fucking long since their unveild it to "port" it over to the western world.

>Our best program is to get into a hot tub with whiskey and play vidya.
Oh shit I had never considered this before. I need to ask my wife if she wants to do this, might be fun.

>first opening line is "everyone has a phone now.."

>implying it's wrong

I'm just gonna play Diablo 1 again instead

No the chinese company netease is making it

This sounds like a job
As someone who played way more MMOs than he should have and recently managed to quit for good do you still have fun doing it or just do it because it's something to do and life almost feels empty without it(my personal experience with mmos)?

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>shouldnt terms like STRENGTH/DEX/CRIT/LIFE/MANA ETC just be pulled from an index that all items would use
yes. if they didn't do it like that, it would make localization a much bigger pain in the ass than it needs to be.
but yeah, this user is probably right. which is just fucking sad.

Honestly, it's not so bad. I don't participate in every single league so I have plenty of time to do other things. I still enjoy poe a lot although I haven't played it in a year now (due to other games mostly).
The game itself is fun, the hype before a new league is announced is fun, looking at the changes is fun, I enjoy build theorycrafting and I have a couple of friends I often discuss this stuff with. We share ideas, trade items, work together to come up with interesting broken mechanics, etc. That's most of the fun for me, almost more fun than the actual game itself.
Then before the league start I take a few days off work (past the weekend anyway since league starts on Saturday), tell my partner I'll be unavailable for a few days (she knows anyway, she's used to it), and then I just mindlessly play until I get bored.
The initial rush is really enjoyable, then it slowly wanes over the first couple of weeks, until I decide I want to play something else and I have no hard feelings cause I know the devs themselves even acknowledge that's how most people play this game. They expect waves of players coming and going and that's totally normal.
If I have other things to do or going on in my life, I will simply skip it.

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whatever happened to the mobile game that sank them on blizzcon?


confirmed available on PC too
june 2nd

Wasn't PC already confirmed?

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we won pcbros

>The biggest question will be: why PC? why are we bringing diablo immortal to PC?

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>this game died in fucking China of all places thanks to how predatory it was
did it really die for being too predatory? I assumed the following would happen.
>the game is just a mediocre clone of already existing mobile diablo-likes
>blizzard assumes everyone will play it because of the Blizzard branding
>chinks don't give a fuck about blizzard branding so none of them play it

he said the thing HE SAID THE THING

lol they dont talk anything about monetization

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does anyone actually care about this game?

i missed it what did he say

bruh are you me, this is scary and 100% accurate

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>I only hope they can add controller support because touchscreen controls are fucking cancer

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Diablo 1 has the best atmosphere by far. Diablo 2 has the second best atmosphere and the best gameplay. Diablo 3 is shit. Diablo Immortal is chinese shit. Diablo 4 will likely be shit.
Resurrected is actually fine, shitty character models aside, and the devs are surprisingly respectful of the original.

>Now that its on PC you can play even if you don't have a phone
something like that

This game still isn't out? And people expect D4 this decade?

Poe and LA andys shidding n pissing.

>Biggest Diablo game to date
>Mobile game
I fucking hate China and Jews

>already over

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>Diablo Immortal on PC
>Diablo IV still on the way

I fully agree with everything you've posted, user.
Wish there were more games like D1.

>have an announcement stream at 7 in the morning
>all to announce a release date
this company is retarded

PC too


I'm unironically hyped, all shitposting aside the game might be fun

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>coming to pc
>wasd support
Who knows maybe this game will end up being not bad.

its evening in china

>Play a phone game on your computer
For what purpose

Now that the stream is over let's talk about an actual good game releasing next week instead

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I don't think they actually want US players to see it. It's not advertised on my bnet launcher anywhere and I didn't know it was happening until I saw this thread.

You can't be serious man. Listen i've become a lot less of a jaded cunt over the years and think its fine that people are into what they're into, but why are you actually excited for a watered down, worse diablo 3 when you can just play diablo 3?

>massive backlash when game was announced 3-4 years ago
>blizzard under very hot fire in the last year over big allocations
Is this enough for the game to not be so p2w? Maybe the game will be pay to not grind? I was this game to not suck but I'm cautiously optimistic at best.

>Try to sneak during American sleepy times

I played a lot of Diablo 3 already and honestly the game doesn't excite me as much. I played some Diablo Immortal on my phone and aside from the shitty touch interface it looked interesting. Now that they added PC cross play and controller support I'm definitely willing to give it a go more seriously and who knows, maybe it will be fun.

Not that user but I'd be fucked to pay blizzard any kind of money for fucking modern Diablo.