What's your most embarrassing moment in Elden Ring?

What's your most embarrassing moment in Elden Ring?

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>that grab window
Bravo Miyazaki

Installing the game

>fingerprint shield poker
>bloodhound step
that IS quite embarrassing.

The boss that killed me the most was the rotted avatar spirit in caelid

>digs into your torso and tears your bosy apart

> Me, a landscape enjoyer
> Standing at the top of some cliffs while mounted
> Pull out binoculars
> Checking out the distant lands and what not
> Cool shit.
> Get invaded
> Press B to put down binoculars
> Torrent ZOOMS forwards to our demise

>depleted health
>that hitbox

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>retarded friend couldn't do more than 8 damage

I killed all the late game bosses so quickly with mimic tear I never saw any of their moves. kinda lame miyazaki
>inb4 don't use that then

Same thing happened to me with Fire Giant except he 1shot me from full hp with his fire breath at around 45 vig with no damage-increasing talismans

I think he got too cocky and tried finishing him off with just fists.

>accidentally press B to close a message

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Why is the retard host doing an attack that does 8 damage, instead of finishing him off asap?

>full health
>boss almost dead
He got too cocky and tried impressing his friends I guess.

God I hated this fucking boss. His first phase is nothing but a constant barrage of AoE attacks and in the second he's constantly on your ass and often doing grab attacks. You are bound to fuck up one of your dodges at some point.

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That parry buff is useless

>Duelling outside the academy
>Vs same dude for the last 5 minutes, always come out on top and they back up to heal
>Do their last heal, suddenly weapon swaps, RofB from 20 feet away, die instantly from full health

Fuck rivers of blood such a piece of shit crutch for faggots.

You can punish aoe's with jump attacks bro.


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Buying it

>seppuku 2kat nigger
>points down

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yeah bro it's all so easy bro
you can kill malenia if you just dodge her waterfowl and phantom bombs bro

Just fucking kill yourself

>whopping 10 vitality

He is the best boss in the game.

Yeah the dude is severely underleveled, he's been summoning for a while now and me and the other coops gets oneshotted constantly.

Trying to parry online is total ass. Fucking latency screws me over every time.

>Auriza Hero Grave
>expertly navigate the chariot slip & slide, the dungeons of death braps, and the fucking rafters with bomb-throwing skeleton
>slip off the lift near the end as it goes up and die
>there was no reason, I just hit b like a spastic and backstepped into my grave

I died to Malenia when her health bar was basically completely drained. I was running and jumping at her for the last hit but her next attack came out too quick and knocked me on my ass. Then she did a waterfowl and I was too close to dodge it completely.

He had a WA that lets him float his weapon in the air and spin it like how Renalla does, however he was out of MP so it did fuckall damage

kek, what a retard.

Complete fucking faggot, I would love to know what kind of person actually plays like this

For some reason I also find it impossible to parry 2kat. Everything else is fine, but it's like you can't parry the 2nd hit of it, which would be much easier to do.

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it's pretty clearly latency since he's not the host.

buying the crafting kit 30-40 hours into the game

Killing milicent by dropping on top of her at the end of her quest

But apparantly I was far from the only one so I don't feel so bad about it now.

Why do gank teams always have the tranny malina cosplayer and lusat moron

I died to one of these multi-armed poison spitters for a similar reason. Wanted to finish it off with a jumping attack and somehow managed to jump and glide over it.

This is why the big flashy shit is useless and why retarded simple shit like rivers of meme and moonmeme beam spam is effective. Why use cool dragonclaw shit when you can be a katana nigger dealing quadrillion colossal weapon-tier damage by using a special move that comes out quick.

Playing it.

is this dude running like 2 or 3 three minus absorption talismans?

In co-op, I forgot I just switched to using staff on left hand and casted Ranni's Moon right in front of the boss.


that attack doesn't do 1.7k damage with just light armor

It's just a rule
>Radahn password phantoms will always be based retards using STR or FAI weapons who blindly rush in and die to the dumbest shit
>Melania password phantoms will always be using her iconic katana, Rivers of Blood, or something that bleeds you to death in two hits
I'd gladly take a Radahn phantom over a Melania one any day of the week, they're just so fucking dumb

>> Get invaded
>> Press B to put down binoculars
>> Torrent ZOOMS forwards to our demise
Never happened, because you dismount before an invasion

Probably landing a parry on a blue twink with ~1,500 health in Stormveil invading at level 20, teabagging because I knew that the damage I'd dealt to the Chinese host literally 30 seconds ago had finally went through and the invasion was over, and then dying because it wasn't the host, it was a phantom.

He was disguised as a suit of armor and straight up didn't move for the entire time I was hitting him because he was so laggy, so I couldn't see his name or co-operator aura.

Buying and installing it.

I killed her on my first blind attempt faggot. Try not being a shitter

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I hate this fucker's grabs so bad. Partly because he delays them by literally stopping in midair but also because the animations are so long and they fucking REMOVE LOCK ON

What did (You) die to then? Let's hear it.

How did the other guy not get that 1 HP?

>pull level in dungeon
>fucking popup message prevents me from attacking
>die before even realizing why the fuck none of my inputs work
thanks from, god forbid anyone misses the message that notifies them that they did in fact just pull a fucking lever

nothing i've done will ever come close to this choke on a level 1 hitless run

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>game has lock on
Too bad there isn't anything to counter this.
>game also has tank summons
>game has iframes
>game has range attacks
Yep, no counters at all.

see , when keeping it real goes wrong.

Once to fire giant. That's the only endgame boss that killed me. Some deathrite birds, the bell bearing hunter in caelid. Other than those my only boss deaths were in the first few days of my first playthrough.

Trying to assist someone with Astel only to get oneshot by his tailwhip seconds after entering the arena

I'm retarded. I was never invaded, I just put the binoculars down. Getting memories mixed lol

>names his character gigachad
>is a whopping 10 VIG caster faggot that dies to a stiff breeze and summons for bosses

i dont trust you. you lied once already.