Remember Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1?

Remember Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 1?
What is the lore reason behind his 400% weight gain and 200% height gain?

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imagine the mating press

I know i speak for a majority of the board that we'd like to see those two bone each other.

Plox post the leon and ashley where ashley is like two heads shorter.

do you think they're into pegging?

Judy Hopps if she real

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u madden?

Stars steroids and HGH

there are 9 unique ips

Play Code Veronica and find out.

Yes, there literally is a lore reason that all meme spouting secondary normalfags never knew about. His height did not change.

standing blowjob

I didn't call them samefag, redditor.

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It is legitimately more dangerous to be a police officer if you are a woman. Let alone that small of a woman. Hopefully it is just some backwoods town and not a major city.

On his wiki they literally give two heights, 5’11 and 6’1.

These "le reddit" posts are pretty embarrassing sometimes.

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Greetings from Kazakhstan.

Ridiculous sexual dimorphism, hate when video games do that with races.

Nips randomly change character bios every game. It's all meaningless numbers anyway

to answer your question, the japs are perverts. kojima wanted old snake and cunny meryl back in MGS1, no kidding.

I'm personally into naizuri

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now imagine if he was black

my dick is throbbing at this thought btw

Why do jews think about this all the time and feel the need to brodcast it?


Leon should be having sex with Chris's sister

I love OG Claire and Sherry!

So he did double in height

most RE characters have had some minor retcons over the years, like him being a jet pilot or jill being a vet too

Probably a chink because they have small penis

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Chris was on gear. Only way he could gain that kind of mass while also squaring his jaw. Probably also explains his bouts of rage and depression.

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>t.chris redfield


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Imagine getting a call to a domestic dispute and your only immediate backup against a 6'7 belligerent giganigger high out of his fucking mind on crack is a 5'1 50kg woman.


Now they just send social workers to deal with them.


I actually live in the city in queensland where these guys are stationed, they don't work together but it's always funny seeing that giant fucking monster of a cop in town

Not only is she not sufficient backup but I honestly believe she is a liability. There are some people who would see her as a weakness. Especially if those people hate the police and like you said are on drugs or just don't care if they get shot. Somebody would test her BECAUSE she is so tiny. I wonder how quick she goes to her firearm in tense situations compared to other officers. She has to understand that she is at an extreme disadvantage. It honestly seems pretty selfish. Women shouldn't be soldiers and they shouldn't be police. Maybe police if it is a quite area or if they mostly stay in office but some 250lb man on PCP could take a couple bullets to the chest and easily snap her in half if she let him get close enough.

>if it is a quite area

Welcome to clown world user where the ride never ends.

This picture makes my pp throb

Biological reality must fall to the wayside in the face of establishment ideology, and establishment ideology dictates that the physical and mental differences in men and women are superficial at most.


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almost as epic as the american female police
except those kill you the second you resist because they have pistols and they have literally no chance against a male midget let alone a grown man