Castlevania dump

>Castlevania dump
post img/gif/webms/whatever of castlevania shit

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best game in series btw

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Best Trevor coming through!

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I still wonder why Ayami Kojima almost never draws the chain whip. Is it really that hard?

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your right, looked at all her art i have, none are chain whips

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woahhh crazy how much a diff CRT makes

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It's especially noticeable with Richter, Juste, and Julius. They don't even have a leather whip in gameplay.

Ayami Kojima was a mistake.

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The only thing wrong with this is his head

the 1999 fan game had a trailer not too long ago.
dumb fucks are probably wishing for a cease and desist.. just so they could asset flip and charge a price

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What's wrong with it?

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just the size. And in the first image his face looks very out of place

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Maybe that artwork was just bad. He looks better in-game.

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Almost on par with the infamous "What Michael Jackson will look like in 30 years!" magazine page.

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Threadly reminder to play this game

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My oppai wife!

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This Simon gets too much hate. I'd love to see this design used in something, but it doesn't have to replace his iconic look.

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You filthy fucking fujos.


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What is this?

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I just think he looks cool. Maybe they can give him his full coat if they bring this design back. I think that would fix some complaints.

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Serio's Castlevania fighter, it's more like a boss rush on crack than an actual fighting game though so it feels like the games except very fast paced. It's not being worked on anymore and their forums died, you can get it here

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blonde hair version could be normal Simon from C1
blood-red hair version could be for when he's cursed in C2
this isn't based on anything but i think it would be a cool way to have both

also i miss his plate armor

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I got you, bud.



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This tread is a little too quite for my liking

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>Legendary tier
>Castlevania 3
>Ehh tier
>Castlevania 3 (JP)

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disturbing lack of skeletons

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is it me or the west likes castlevania more than japan?


which castlevania are these girls from?

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Rondo of Blood and 64
Carrie and Maria

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Based as fuck, that first fight is amazing
>That track that plays when you fight him
>Your damage is almost null against him

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Looks good to me, when is it out?

That looks amazing where is this from?

You did donwload the 4k pack, right anons?

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Good idea. Also, yeah, wish they would use CV2 Simon more. At least let him be a skin for that mobile game they have.

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>tfw you get the worst ending and have Maxim and Lydie die